7 tips to find new job during Corona times

Most countries in the world are under lockdown since March or April. There are concerns about sustainability for many business and so fear of loss of jobs across many business. Here are few tips to find a new job during corona crisis:

  • Start looking for jobs in different industry which have less negative impact

While most business or industry are suffering, there are still few industries which has either no or less impact these industries are:

  • Pharma and health care
  • Digital technology
  • Education tech
  • Essential commodities : FMCG companies
  • Food processing
  • Supply chain and transportation of essentials
  • Media and entertainment

Analyse where you can use your skills and knowledge in these industries and start searching for these jobs along with jobs in your current industry.

  • Online networking:

Search for professional groups on social media sites like likedin or facebook which you can join. Try and be more active in these groups to get noticed. While you want to be active on social media, be sure to post professional content only. Search for other professional with profile similar to you but form different industry and add them in your network.

  • Seek help from your existing professional contacts:

If there are open new about possible job loss from your company already out, you may seek help from professional who are already in your existing network. They may be your existing vendors or service providers or clients. Advantage here is they have already seen you working and will be able to relate to your key skills immediately. It is advisable to seek their help in private and not through open post on social media platform. 

  • Do not stop trying your traditional channel to find job:

While you try searching through new ways, do not stop trying through your traditional ways of job search : Job search website, social media, job classified, HR consultancy firm. You should try searching in all possible ways to land a job faster.

  • Consider freelancing or temporary job projects:

While you continue to search for full time opportunity, taking up freelancing or temporary projects comes with dual benefit. First it ensures cash inflow and second it helps you to increase your network which may be helpful to search full time job.

  • Practice online interview:

If you come across a job opening, there are high chances that your interview can happen through online video call. Many people find it difficult face interview on camera. Before you actually start your online interview through Video call, try and practice the same. Take help of your friends or family members to play dummy interview through video call and take their feedback on improvement if any.  

Along with job search here are few tips to manage your personal finance with reduced income for the temporary period of loss of income.

  • Stay positive:

While you try above tips to keep looking for the new job, most important thing is to always stay positive throughout the process. Remember, availability of new jobs may reduce during tough times but it doesn’t matter. You are looking for only one and with right approach sooner or later you will get one.

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