60+ MS Excel Shortcuts: Increase your speed to work on MS Excel

We all are using excel daily for our office work. Knowing few shorts can really increase our speed to complete our MS Excel related task faster and save lots of time to improve our productivity.

These shortcuts can be largely divided in to 4 categories as below :

General Shortcuts

Moving around in a worksheet

 Selecting and Editing Cells

Formatting Cells

  • General Shortcuts for MS Excel

These are 2 types of general shortcuts.

Below are few common shortcuts across all MS office software like MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint:

Ctrl + N = Create new excel file.

Ctrl + O = Open existing excel file.

Ctrl + S = Save current excel file.

Ctrl + W = Close current excel file.

Ctrl + Z = Undo previous action.

Ctrl + Y = Redo an action (if you already did undo).

Ctrl + F = Find or search in active excel worksheet.

Ctrl + F4 = Close MS Excel completely.

Ctrl + F2 = Switch to print preview.

Ctrl + F1 = Show or hide Ribbon (Menu command options).

Ctrl + F9 = Minimise the excel file window.

Ctrl + Tab = switch between open excel files.

Alt +F, A or F12 = Open Save As dialog box to save current excel file with new name.

F1 = Open Help.

F7 = check spelling.

Alt + F = Open File menu tab.

Alt + H = Go to Home tab.

Alt + N = Go to Insert tab.

Alt + P = Go to Page layout tab.

Alt + R = Go to Review tab.

Alt + W = Go to View tab.

Below general shortcuts are specific to MS Excel:

Alt + M = Go to Formula tab.

Alt + A = Go to Data tab.

F4 = Repeat the last command or action.

F11 = Create a bar chart in a separate worksheet for selected data.

Shift + F11 = Insert a new worksheet in current excel file.

Ctrl + Shift + U = Expand or collapse the formula bar.

  • Excel Shortcuts for moving around in a worksheet

Below are few keyboard shortcuts which can help you to move around in a worksheet

Left/Right/Up/Down Arrow button = Move one cell in respective direction.

Ctrl + (Left/Right/Up/Down)= Move to the farthest cell in respective direction.

pg up / pg dn = move to one screen up or down.

Alt + (pg up / pg dn) = move to one screen left or right.

Ctrl + (pg up / pg dn) = move to next or previous worksheet.

Tab = Go to the next cell.

Shift + Tab = Go to previous cell.

Ctrl + End = Go to the most bottom right used cell.

F5 = Open Go To dialog box.

Home = Go to Left most cell in the current raw.

Ctrl + Home = Go to the beginning of the worksheet.

  • Excel shortcuts for Selecting or Editing cells

These shorts for selecting or editing cells can cut short your working time on excel largly.

Shift + Left/Right arrow = Extend the cell selection to left or right respectively.

Shift + Space = Select the entire raw.

Ctrl + Space = select the entire column.

Ctrl + Shift + Space = select the entire worksheet.

F2 = Edit the cell.

Shift + F2 = Add or Edit comment to the cell.

Ctrl+ C =  Copy the data from selected cell rang and keep in clipbox.

Ctrl + X = Cut the data from selected cell rang and keep in clipbox.

Ctrl + V = Paste the data previously cut or copied.

Ctrl + Alt + V = Open the paste special dialog box.

Alt + Enter = Insert new line within the same cell.

Alt + H + D + C = Delete column.

  • Excel  shortcuts for formatting cells.

Ctrl + B = Make or remove Bold style from selected Cell.

Ctrl + I = Make or remove Italic style from selected Cell.

Ctrl + U = Add or remove underline from selected Cell.

Alt + H + H = Open “Fill color” dialog.

Alt + H + B = Add a border.

Ctrl + Shift + & = Apply only outline border to selected cell range.

Ctrl + Shift + _ = Remove outline border from selected cell range.

Ctrl + 9 = Hide the selected raws.

Ctrl + 0 = Hide the selected columns.

Ctrl + 1 = Open “Format Cell” Dialog box.

Ctrl + 5 = Make or remove “Strikethrough”

Ctrl + Shift + $ = Change cell format to currency.

Ctrl + Shift + % = Change cell format to percentage.

These all shortcuts might look difficult to remember. More you use them more you will be able to remember and improve your speed while working on MS Excel.

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