Basic MS excel terms for first time MS Excel users

If you are using MS excel for the first time, this small guide will make you familiar with few terms which you will be using frequently while working with MS excel or while learning MS excel :

  • Workbook: Each excel file is called a workbook. When you open a new excel file, it opens up with default name “Book 1”. You can have multiple worksheets within single workbook.  
  • Worksheet: Single pager sheet inside workbook is called worksheet. Note that single pager is actually a screen page and it scrolls to n number of raw and column. New workbook is by default made of 3 worksheets. You can add or delete more worksheets.
  • Cell: Cell is a basic rectangular blocks inside worksheet. Each cell holds your data
  • Raw: Horizontal selection of Cell is called Raw. Raw headers are assigned numbers.
  • Column: Vertical selection of Cell is called Column. Column headers are assigned alphabet
  • Cell Reference: Cell reference is alphanumeric address of the cell inside worksheet. Cell reference starts with alphabet which indicates column in which the cell is present and followed by a number which indicates raw in which the cell is present.
  • Function: Excel comes with pre-written set of formulas which is called function. Each function performs calculation as per formula pre-assigned to them
  • Formula: You can also calculate mathematical formula in each cell. You can combine one or more functions inside your mathematical formula.
  • Data: Content written inside the Cell is called data.
  • Ribbon: Ribbon is group of commands shown on top of the worksheet and below Menu tabs. Each Menu tab has its own separate ribbon which is visible when we click on the menu tab.

Once you are familiar with above basic terms used in MS excel, you can move to learn about Basics of MS Excel for Beginners.

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