15 Top skills in Demand in 2020 after Corona Pandemic

Year 2020 is certainly going to be the year that will bring lots of changes in humanity. With Corona pandemic has forced major parts of the world to undergo lock-down and many business are facing challenges and complexities which they have faced never before. While the situation and problems are novel to all business, impact is directly on sales, profitability and cash-flow. With this, year 2020 is going to be rewarding skills which can help business come out of this crisis. Along with Soft skills and hard skills which can be broadly applied to any industry, below list also include top 5 technical skills which are in trend and corona crisis could not take them out of demand.

Below are details about of soft skills and hard skills which are going to be in demand in 2020 across major business and industries. Also listing various recourses to help you learn these skills online from your home. Not covering IT specific skills in below details since its applicability is limited to specific industry.

Skills in demand in 2020 after corona crisis


1) Complex problem solving:

Complex problem solving is a collection of self regulated psychological processes and activities required in changing environment to achieve goals which are otherwise difficult to achieve by regular actions. This skill is in high demand specially in leadership and management roles.

How to learn complex problem solving skills online from home?

Coursera = Solving complex problem specialization.

2)  Creativity:

Creativity is not only the art of imagining new things and ways but it is also skill of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Good news is creativity can be learned

How to learn creativity skills online from home?

Udemy.com = Acumen Presents or 365 days of creativity

Coursera = Ignite your everyday creativity or creativity, innovation and change

3) Persuasion:

Persuasion is act of influencing people to believe or to do something. This soft skills is important to get things done and to align team and all stakeholders.

How to learn persuasion skills online from home?

Skill share = Psychology of Persuasion: How to Convince People Easily

Coursera = Reason and persuasion:

4) Collaboration:

As we know team can achieve more compared to individual. Collaboration is an important skill while working in a team. Collaboration is two or more people or organizations working together for a common objective.

How to learn collaboration skills online from home?

Coursera = high performance collaboration: Leadership, Teamwork and Negotiation.

Udemy = Mastering Collaboration: work together for the best results.

5) Adaptability:

Adaptability in a work place is when an employee can be flexible and have the ability to adapt to the changing environment and work conditions. Organisation prefers adaptable employees as they can work well with any team and also can work with organization in changing times.   

How to learn collaboration skills online from home?

Udemy = Improve team adaptability to maximize work performance.

6) Emotional intelligence:

Emotional intelligence also known as EQ is refers to the ability to identify and manage one’s own as well as others emotions. EQ is also one’s ability to understand other people, what motivates other people and how to work cooperatively with others.

You can test your EQ in few minutes online test. Take any of below test now to check your EQ

Emotional Intelligent test by Psychology Today

Emotional Intelligent test by Global Leadership Foundation

How to learn collaboration skills online from home?

Udemy = Master your Emotions and revolutionise your social skills.

Coursera = Inspiring leadership through Emotional Intelligence.

7) Negotiation:

Negotiation has larger applicability than just buying or selling role. Negotiation is a process by which people settle differences and finding acceptable solution. This skills are important not only for business process but also for individual progress within any organization.

How to learn negotiation skills online from home?

Harvard Business School online = Secure maximum value for your organization through a mastery of negotiation techniques.

Coursera = Successful Negotiation: essential strategies and skills

Udmey = Successful Negotiation: Master your negotiating skills.


1) Business Analytics:

Business analytics is the process of collating, sorting, processing and studying business data and using statistical models to convert data into business insights. Business analytics is largely used by companies that are committed to making data driven decisions. Many companies use popular software like Tableau or python.

How to learn negotiation skills online from home?

Harvard Business School online = Develop the Data Mindset and Analytical Skills to Make Informed Decisions

Coursera = Business analytics specialization

2) Analytical reasoning:

Analytical reason is different from Business Analytics. Analytical reasoning is individual’s ability to study information and apply logic to find patterns or make inferences. Analytical reasoning is identifying how key element within any information (like documents, data, communication from others) relates with one another and making pattern or finding crucial insights.

3) Video Making or Video production:

Video production is a process of making video content. This is same like film making but the difference is making video with images recorded digitally instead of video film stock. This skill is gaining importance like never before. Mainly because of high use of social media and people are spending more time online through their phone or tablet. People can also earn money from youtube by making and posting their video.

How to learn video making skills online from home?

Udemy: Compete filmmaker guide Become an incredible video creator.

Skillshare : Video production – The complete course.

Videomaker.com – offers various course based on starter, basics, creative and professional courses.

Learning these skills will certainly help you to pivot your working and help you to get more opportunities.

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