6 tips to find first job during corona for freshers in 2020

Completing a graduation and getting ready to enter the work world is an important life event. While this might be an exciting experience for many every year, for those graduating or graduated in year 2020 this is going to be challenging. By now impact of corona virus are visible in most industries with historical lockdown due to Coronavirus pandemic. So the challenge for freshers is how to find the first job during Coronavirus crisis and when the major part of the world is under lock-down.

First and obvious option is to delay job search process and wait till lockdown is over or things get normal. And the bad news is we don’t know by when things will get normalise. Even if lockdown gets over as scheduled, many companies are expected to “wait and watch” for demand to get their sales to normal or sustainable level before they actually start hiring. Further, We have already been hearing about job cuts in few companies which is adding experienced people to your competition to land a new job. Objective here is not to afraid you but to give a message that waiting till things gets regular is not a good choice.

Second choice is to be proactive and stand out to enhance your chance to start your career. Below are few tips which might help you.

1) The world is online. Start networking online.
With physical world is under lockdown, virtual world is most active. As per a study, at least 70% of the jobs never gets listed or never comes to placement consultants. To get these jobs, you need to network. Good news is, another study shows only 7% candidates get access to such jobs. So with networking you enhance your chance of landing a job.

2) Pitch for internship.
Pitching for internship is another way to increase your network and get noticed. There are plenty of online sites with internship opportunities. Further during this times companies will be looking for new ideas and ways to improve and do business. Follow below steps if you want to create and pitch for your own internship:

Start with your skills: It is important to do self research to know what are your skills and how can you value add. List down your strengths and weaknesses in terms of soft and hard skills. How can you use your key strength skills during an internship. Being honest to yourself at this stage is one of your key success factor.

Identity prospect companies to pitch for: one you know how can you value add by knowing your strength, search which companies are looking for services and skills you have to offer. You can find such companies with some basic research from business news, social media sites, your existing networks. Once you identify the company, try to make online networking with its employees or clients or vendors to know more about the company. Key at this stage is to find out how will the skills you offer, benefit the company. You are good to move ahead If you are able to clearly define value add your skills can bring to the company.

Start your pitch: Once you are able to define your skills and value add you can bring, start pitching to prospect companies. Ideal way to start with HR department. Communicate directly with HR and they will be happy to guide you to respective function team if they are able to see benefit.

Last words if you want to create your own internship, remember you might get gew rejections during current time of crisis. You will win to secure one with persistence and patience.

3) Look for Industries or companies which are doing well.
While many companies or industry are facing tough times due to the lockdown, you can still find companies which are less or not impacted with people staying home. Few of such industries are below:

  • Pharma and healthcare
  • Digital technology
  • Education tech
  • Essential commodities : FMCG companies
  • Food processing
  • Supply chain and transportation of essentials
  • Media and entertainment

4) Broaden your choice.
During times when over all jobs availability is already low, let’s not narrow our options with limit of choice for specific industry or company. The more you broaden your choice or more you are flexible to find job opportunities, you will have larger choice.

5) Practice online interview.
If you come across a job opening, there are high chances that your interview can happen through online video call. Many people find it difficult face interview on camera. Before you actually start your online interview through Video call, try and practice the same. Take help of your friends or family members to play dummy interview through video call and take their feedback on improvement if any.  

6) Stay positive and have patients.
Last but the golden tip is to stay positive throughout the process and have patients. It might take some time before you get that letter of offer you are looking for. There are surely news of less new job opportunities but remember that you need only one. If you are persistently working towards this, you will surely get one soon.

Finally, Keep your eyes open for those opportunities coming around. It might help you to know top skills in demand in 2020 during corona times and you can even learn them online from home while continuing your first job search.

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