Things to do during lockdown: Step back, prepare & leap!

The world is under historic event with one third of the human population across the globe is under Corona virus lockdown. Countries like India, China, France, Italy, New Zealand, Poland and UK have implemented the world’s largest quarantines and moment restrictions. First few days of the lockdown looks to be good with practicing work from home and more family time. With extended lockdown, if you are finding it difficult to get enough motivation to stay at home, below are few tips on things to do during lockdown.

You will find stories of many people getting time to pursue their hobbies while seating at home and are happy about it. There is no doubt pursuing hobby is one of the good thing to do while you are home. It will surely be a helpful recreation activity. Let’s go beyond hobbies to find answer to the question, how do we best utilize the time of lockdown while seating at home. Coronavirus lockdown is certainly a life changing event for the entire humanity. Ask yourself, “What can I do now to change or improve my life after the lockdown?” With this question, the first thing came to my mind is below quote: 

“Sometimes you have to take a step back in order to leap forward”

This quote helped to set the agenda: Step back, prepare and leap. Lockdown is already our major step back. Below are few options which can help to prepare ourselves now to leap forward:

1) Learn a language: You can use lockdown timing to learn any regional or even foreign language online. This will improve your ability to communicate with more people. Learning language has many benefits beyond one’s imagination. People who speak more languages have improved memory, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, enhanced concentration, ability to multitask, and better listening skills.

2) Develop soft skills through online courses and practice: There are many soft skills or interpersonal skills important for success. We can either practice at home or learn from online courses for many soft skills like communication, emotional intelligence or negotiation. To know more details about soft skills, refer below links:  

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3) Start online networking: Networking is an important tools in which people share their knowledge and build professional relationships. While you are at home, utilize social media networks or professional networking sites to build your online network.

4) Volunteer: Challenging times like we are in now demands we think about “We” and not just “Me.” You can volunteer to help society by joining some local volunteer group that are active in helping the needy people around you.  

5) Read books: Reading develops our thought and gives us endless knowledge while keeping our minds active. We can develop our thinking skills and expand our vocabulary. More importantly it helps our mind busy prevent it from becoming devil’s workshop.  

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6) Try a fitness challenge: If you are spending your time seating at a desk or in front of a TV during lockdown, think twice about your routine. As the saying goes “Seating is the new smoking”. Try and take a fitness challenge from home. There are various apps and youtube video helping us to know how to stay fit from home with basic workouts.  

While above will help you to prepare to take leap forward, try few of below recreational things:

7) Have a Karaoke Night (virtually): There are few apps which help us to take our friends online, converts our smart phone into mic and we can start singing our favorite hits with our usual gang. Try Apps like AirConsole.   

8) Virtual house party: How about organizing a virtual house party with friends? Select any video calling App, fix a time with all friends to come on line so that no one is busy with other things during a call. Too add more fun, decide your dinner time. Let all friends be ready with their own food at home and then get online on a video call to have dinner together (virtually) while sharing your favorite topics of discussion with friends. I am sure you won’t miss going to restaurant after doing virtual house party.   

9) Cook something new: While at home try and cook some new recipe. There are many recipes available online to learn from. Apart from improving your cooking skills or keeping you busy while at home, Cooking also has many other benefits. Cooking is an art and the creativity while cooking will make you feel good. It helps you to keep your brain active and healthy.   

10) De-clutter your home: De-cluttering or organizing home has many benefits. While being under lock down at home, we can spend quality time in organizing and de-cluttering our home. You can also think on how much of your stuff you really need. You can decide what to donate and what to throw out and get ready for complete clean out after the lockdown is lifted.

Do you also have better ideas about things to do during lockdown, please write a comment below to share your ideas with others.

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