Ali Hafed story: Where are your diamonds of success?

Dr Russell H Conwell told the story of Ali Hafed more than 6,000 times during 18th century and earned millions of dollars telling this story to different groups gathering.

Story of Ali Hafed

Once there was a Persian farmer Ali Hafed, who owned a large farm and lived there with his family.  One day an old priest who was on pilgrimage came wandering by and started talking to Ali. While discussing about his travel with Ali, the priest started talking about areas of the world where one could find diamond. Priest then told Ali about the value of diamond and it can make anyone wealthy. So Ali Hafed asked where can he find such diamonds? The Priest further told him you can find diamonds in rivers between high mountains. It runs over white or silver sand. In that sand you can get diamonds.

In the desire to get diamonds and become wealthy, Ali sold his farm. He took all money with him and also left his family and went on the search for diamonds. He then travelled through many lands across Asia, Europe and Africa in the search of diamonds. Unfortunately he could not find any diamonds. Finally his money was all spent and he died searching for diamonds.

Back to the farm, new owner of the farm who bought it from Ali was in the backyard garden area one day. They were looking up at the mountains which were behind the farm. There was a river that flown back through the garden area and his camel went to drink the water through the river. As the camel started drinking water, the farmer saw a flash of light from the sand. So he pulled out the stone and it was a diamond. He reached down to pick another and it was another diamond. It further turned out that the man had discovered the largest diamond mine the world had ever known.

Understanding the story

We are our own backyard. Instead of searching our success with reference to what others have, let’s look into our diamonds:

  1. Our Values
  2. Our Skills and capabilities
  3. Accumulated experiences throughout our life

By knowing our above diamonds we will be able to define our own success and work towards it.

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