Habits of successful startup founders (& these are not the 7 habits)

We have seen a decade of booming startup economy. With government creating startups eco system and promoting startup culture, more and more people are being encouraged to found a startup. To understand how do startups get ideas and convert them in to business opportunity, let’s understand the startup founder mindset.

While each individual founder is different and comes from different culture and background, study of successful founders revel few common traits. Below are 5 common qualities which make a successful startup founder.

Acknowledge dissatisfaction: Whatever may be the industry, if we look at any startups doing better, we will easily find one common link i.e. “offering solutions to make things better.” Many founders shares this similar euphoria moment out of discomfort or dissatisfaction. When they are not satisfied with the way things are, they try to discover new ways to make them better to satisfaction level. When they are not happy with status quo, they create the urgency of making a change to move in better direction.

It is important to recognize and acknowledge our dissatisfaction when it occurs. Out of those dissatisfied moments and emotions, we begin to think, how can I fix it? How can I bring a change that promise to be better? And thus, new actions or concepts begin to get conceived. Listening to those dissatisfaction moments is important source of motivation for a good startup founder.

See bigger picture: In simple words, being visionary. Successful startup founders have ability to see a larger picture from a small idea before others do. They set a vision based on a clear idea about which way the startup can evolve and disrupt. They will not only see the bigger picture themselves but also will remind everyone involved of the bigger picture.  

Curious forever: Successful founders are always looking forward to learn and implement new ways to better things. Their curiosity helps them to learn from many non traditional ways. When you make a complete new idea as core of your business model, you must also be ready to expect the unexpected. Being curious to learn new things and find better ways are key to implement any new idea. This also allows lots of flexibility and adaptability while implementing the idea.   

Networking and Collaboration: Most new age funders believe in building and nurturing relationships. They are good at networking and collaborations to form partnerships as well as creating a positive working environment. They have the ability to communicate effectively with various individuals. They love sharing ideas and are good at building a community. They are good at capturing feedback and working over it.   

Resilient: This is last but most powerful quality of successful startup founders. When you are working with a new idea or a new way of business model, sometimes things might not go as plan. Resilience is being able to bounce back from setbacks. As said by Jack ma:

“Today is difficult, tomorrow is much more difficult, but the day after tomorrow is beautiful. Most people die tomorrow evening.”

– Jack Ma

Resilient quality gives power to face difficult times and work towards beautiful tomorrow. Keeping yourself focused towards the goal during difficult times is true resilience which will give power to you and your team.  

Above 5 qualities are common in various successful startup founders. Good part about these qualities is they can be learned and developed with practice and persistence. One can look for many online sources or self improvement books to know these traits. However just knowing is not enough you can learn them only by practicing them and adopting them.

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