4 Unique lessons to learn from Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata, the name behind taking Tata group from Indian company to global giant. During his leadership as chairman of Tata group for just above 2 decades Tata group’s revenue grew above 40 times and profit grew above 50 times. He is man of ethics and values. While that are few qualities of Ratan Tata which may be similar to few other leaders like being visionary, Motivate team, Have faith, Be creative in solutions, or being open to feedback. Below are 4 unique qualities of Ratan Tata we need to take lesion from:

1) Have bigger, larger purpose: As quoted by Ratan Tata himself :

Business need to go beyond the interest of their companies to the communities they serve

– Ratan Tata

A leader need to have that larger purpose for the organization and ot should reflect in their actions. Leaders reflecting this larger purpose develop loyalty, sense of pride and high satisfaction among its team.

2) Never give up on values: Ratan Tata is really a role model when it comes to practicing values. Ratan Tata has always ensured that his all companies and employee follow core values of Tata group. He is known for promoting financial transparency, public safety and welfare. He puts very high focus on integrity and is the most trusted leader in Indian corporate world.  

3) People first: He is known to put people interest first. During 26/11 attack, He rushed to the Taj within few minutes of getting the news and was present there without any security. He personally got in touch with all families of 80 people of Taj who were affected by the attacks and asked personally if he could do anything for them.  

4) Come out of comfort zone: When Ratan Tata took over as chairman of Tata group it was already a leading Indian corporate group. He could have easily lead the company in that comfort zone. Instead he choose to take the company to global level. Today around two third of Tata group’s revenue comes from across 100 countries. Under his leadership tata group also did few global acquisitions like Tetley tea, Jaguar Land Rover and Corus steel. He was also that man behind giving India’s first truly Indian car, Tata Indica and also India’s first middle man car Tata Nano.

We might learn many common qualities form many famous leaders. Above qualities are very rare to find and are much larger than other individual qualities. That’s what make Ratan Tata a truly one and only leader of his style.

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