Sundar Pichai’s plan about slow and incremental reopening of offices

More than 50 countries of the world have been under COVID 19 lockdown since past few weeks. Most organizations in these countries have asked its employees to work from home. Now with few countries starting to lift lockdown restrictions, organizations are preparing plan on reopening office. Here are few points about how Sundar Pichai planning to reopen Google offices and also keeping people’s safety as priority.

Current scenario at Google: Google had extended its “Work from Home” till Jun 1. Currently above 95% of Google employees are working from home. Employees in data centers and other essential profiles (who are below 5% of the total employee) are working form office premises.

First phase of reopening: As per Sundar Pichai, Google’s offices will open as soon as Jun but with only 10% to 15% of its employees in office at any point of time with enhanced safety measures.

“First employees to return to office will be those who need to access specialized equipment and whose jobs require it.”

Reimaging the way people work: Pichai asked Google’s team to utilize and integrate what we learned from the period of “work from home” and continue to search for innovative ways to hold events, engage with customers and collaborate across distributed teams.

“Majority of people who are working from home would continue to do so till the end of the year.”

Day off to address employee burnout: Pichai also announced May 22nd as an official day off for all employees to address issue of employee burnout due to running non-stop work from home for few weeks.

No one-size-fits-all approach: As per Sundar Pichai, Google’s ramp back to the office will be slow, deliberate and incremental. There will be no one-size-fits-all approach to open offices across various geography. So the specific guidance will vary from location to location.

Follow local authority guidelines: Finally, Sundar Pichai also instructed that return to offices will be primarily governed by instructions from local authorities and will vary depending upon locations.

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