18th May: What happened on this day in History

India became a nuclear power

A team of 75 scientists and engineers had worked on operation “Smiling Buddha from 1967 to 1974.

First Indian film released

“Shree Pundalik” was first indian film to release on 18th May, 1912 produced & directed by Dadasaheb Torne. This was a silent film and was release almost one year before Phalke’s “Raja Harishchandra” which was released in May 1913.

Facebook IPO

Facebook held its Initial Public Offer (IPO) on 18th May, 2012. At that time it was largest technology IPO in US history.

Napoleonic war

The Napoleonic Wars are considered to have started on 18 May 1803 when Britain declared war on France, ending the short-lived Treaty of Amiens (which had brought a year of peace to Europe)

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