How to achieve goals

How to achieve goals?

Achievement of goals is the third step in achieving your personal success. This comes after setting your vision and breaking it into goals. In fact the real action towards your success starts in this step. It is how we execute and turn our goals into reality, decides achievement of our vision for personal success. Below are a few tips to ensure how to achieve goals:

4 tips on how to achieve goals?

1) Put your goal into routine:

Working towards achieving your goal requires continuous efforts and time. And the best way to ensure we keep working towards our goal is to put them into routine. Once you put efforts in building a daily routine and schedule a daily time to work on your goals, you will automatically see the progress by sticking to your schedule.  Another advantage of putting your goal into your routine is it becomes your habit. Once you develop the habit, it will ensure daily efforts without much deviation.

“Habits are safer than rules. You don’t have to watch them and you don’t have to keep them either. They keep you.”

– Frank Hall Crane

2) Track your performance:

Once you start working towards your goal, keeping track of your performance will help you to know how much progress you have made. You can do this by various ways like keeping a log, using any app, notes in your schedule planner or also a simple desk calendar. It will also help you to stay motivated by highlighting smaller mid way success.

3) Be consistent in your efforts:  

If you ask me to choose only single point to ensure we achieve our goals, then it will be being consistence in efforts. As per the study, 92% people fail to maintain consistency in their efforts and so they never achieve their goals. Many people do a good start out of excitement but after making initial progress they lose out their consistency of efforts towards goal achievement.

“It is not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.”

– Tony Robbins

4) Be SMARTER to achieve your SMART goals:

We all know about setting SMART goals. However, at the execution stage it is important to add “E” & “R” to become SMARTER. It will help us to achieve goals in a quicker and a better way:

E = Evaluate your progress: Evaluating your progress is more like tracking your performance what we already saw above. In other words, we must be aware about how far we have reached in our journey and how much is left.

R = Re-adjust your approach: During evaluation process if you realize your efforts are not paying off well as expected, it is better to re adjust your approach to achieve the goal. This is like either improving your plan A or deciding plan B. Timely readjusting your approach will also save you from unnecessary burnout of efforts which are not worth doing.

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Finally, goals can be achieved by putting a lot of time and hard work consistently. You can also prefer to start slow and celebrate early success by smaller win. Celebrating smaller wins early will further fuel you desire to keep going towards larger goal.

To summaries in single sentence “The secret of success is found in your daily routine, done consistently.”

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Book reference for How to achieve goals:

Know more about how to achieve goals from below book: The most powerful goal achievement system in the world.

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