Staying committed to your goals

Staying committed to your goals

While below is the basics process of How to achieve your goals:

  1. Put your goal in to routine (Allocate specific time daily).
  2. Track your performance.
  3. Be consistent in your efforts.
  4. Be SMARTER to achieve your SMART goals.

Key for achieving any goal is to stay committed to your goal consistently. During early stage when we set our goals and are ready to start the action, we are excited (and so are self-motivated) enough to put efforts. Many people start to lose their consistency at later stage. Here are few tips which will help you to stay committed to your goals and continue the journey of achieving your goals:

1) Seek Knowledge: Abraham Lincoln once quoted

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax”

In the above quote, an Ax is the symbol of increasing your strength. It can be physical strength or mental strength. On your journey to achieve your goal, seeking knowledge can be referred as the same. Think about ways to achieve your goal. Assess what skills or knowledge you will require and start working to seek that required knowledge first. This will save your hard work and time you would be otherwise doing without proper knowledge and will save you from unnecessary burnout.

2) Avoid Distractions: Human life is full of distractions. Right from TV, Internet, to cell phone games there is long list of distractions. Every time we get involved in any such distractions, we move away from what we want to accomplish. Having focus on our goals is more about avoiding such distractions. This might look much smaller tip when we are discussing about achieving larger goals but by simply cutting out these small distractions will give you extra hours every day which can be used productively to work towards your goal. This will enable you to put your focus towards things which actually matters to you. These smaller efforts will make tremendous difference by helping you to accomplish things faster. Faster you achieve your smaller goals, more you will be motivated to stay on track for a larger vision.

3) Set up triggers for positive behavior: Many times we come across a situation which triggers positive or negative reaction. Art of knowing our positive triggers and manipulating or creating situation to trigger our positive behavior is very useful tool to achieve your goal. You can use positive triggers to improve your emotions or even to kick start positive actions. Below are some examples of setting up goal based positive triggers:

  • Want to stay in positive mood each time you step out? Put a smiling poster near your door so whenever you are leaving, you see the smiling face and it will trigger you to smile and get your mood positive.
  • Is your goal reducing your weight? Put a scale next to your bed so each morning when you wake up, you have to weigh yourself and it will trigger planning your day towards weight management.
  • Want to reduce your working time on laptop? Do not put your power plug on while working. It will automatically trigger you to get up within few hours onee the battery is drying out.

Know more about: Using positive triggers to achieve your goals.

4) Avoid burnout: It is important to focus on one or maximum two task (or goals) at a time. If you try to multitask with more goals at a time you will unnecessary burnout yourself with extra burden. Even while working on one or two goals, do not overwork. Schedule a time for recreational activities which you like. It will help you t gain energy you require to carry your task on time. You can even try smaller activities daily like mediation or just take deep breath for few minutes while working. It is important to observe any signals of stress or tiredness and rest your mind and body when you feel such signals.   

Finally, in the journey of achieving your goals it is very easy to slip out if we don’t keep track of where we are and where are we going? Using above tips will surely help you to stay on track.

Taking smaller actions consistently will help us to achieve our goals instead of taking big actions occasionally.

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