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How to apply the law of attraction for success

Law of attraction is the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experience into a person’s life. Unfortunately, there is no scientific basis of this law. Still there are many books (like The Secret or The Power) suggesting this law works by giving examples of successful people and how that thought about being successful from the beginning and finally achieved it. There are many believers to this law with the theory of channelling cosmic energy towards what we strongly want to achieve. While I do not want to upset those strong believers of the law of attraction. But achieving anything by just believing in it or just visualising it is only half truth. So we will see how to apply the law of attraction for success and if it really works.

Before we see how to apply the law of attraction, I have a few questions for you. Do you think we would have ever got iPhones if Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak would have just believed in the law of attraction to make them rich or famous and waited for the so called pure cosmic energy to give them their success? Think about Mark Zuckerberg visualizing his success and leaving it on the law of attraction without working on Facebook. How about Larry Page and Sergey Brin trusting the secret power of law of attraction to gift them their success instead of founding Google.

Does law of attraction works ?

As I said earlier, I do not want to disappoint the believers of the law. I also do not want to claim that Steve or Mark or Larry did not visualize their success because I don’t know about that. The only point I want to make here is, there is something between visualizing our success and achieving it and that part will answer us, how to apply the law of attraction. Since the law does not mention anything about working on your dreams, most believers of the law also (unfortunately) ignore the execution part.

Yes, the law of attraction does work !

Now let’s not get confused with this statement. Law of attraction surely works but not by being ideal and just visualizing or believing that I am successful. It works only if we know how to apply the law of attraction. The correct way it works is by motivating us to take action to achieve our success. It keep us focused towards our goals through visualisation. More we visualize what we want to achieve and the more we think about it, the more we get motivated to work towards it. So the only way the law of attraction works is by ensuring we work towards “Execution”. If you ignore this part, according to me, there is no way the law of attraction can help you.

So let’s see how to apply the law of attraction in the correct way to achieve success?

1) Use the law of attraction to build your courage:

To start walking the path of our success, requires courage. Many of us need courage to fight various fears inside us before even we begin the journey. Few of these fears are: fear of failure, fear of unknown, fear of rejection, fear of self capabilities or even social fear. Using the law of attraction you visualize your success. This will give you courage not only to begin your journey by keeping behind all fear, it will also give you strength to face difficult tasks. When you have already visualized the scenario, the real situation feels familiar. You get to find possible solutions to face your fears and face difficult tasks proactively inside your brain by visualizing it.

2) Start building positivity with the law of attraction:

Visualising your success starts building moments of positivity within you. You get to live the moment of accomplishment of your dreams. If you want to fight with negativity which may arise due to thoughts like how am I going to do this, use this technique to stop negative thoughts and start positivity inside.

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3) Stay committed to execution with the law of attraction:

As we already know, execution of a plan is key to achieve any success. Only visualizing at the beginning stage without initiating action will not take you anywhere. Once you start your action staying committed to your plan consistently is necessary. Visualising your success and living the moments of achievement will encourage you to keep working towards your goal. This will build your internal motivation which lasts much longer than external motivation. Once you are motivated from within, it will be much easier for you to stay committed towards execution.

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Finally, the law of attraction is based on the principle of energy which is not scientifically proven. However, you can still use it to motivate yourself to work on your goals every day with consistency. I strongly believe, if you don’t act on your goal; no energy is going to help you. The law will work best when you use it to optimize your performance by building positivity and inner motivation.

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