Positive attitude at work

Positive Attitude at work to get positive outcomes & success

A positive attitude at work is not just about smiling at work. 36% of professionals voted on LinkedIn poll that Positive Attitude is the most important quality that employers look for candidates and team members. So why is this so important? And how can we maintain positive attitude daily at work place?

Why is positive attitude at work is important for success?

Positive attitude is part of your soft skills. So keeping positive attitude at work place might not improve your technical skills required to perform. But it still makes lot more positive impact by how people around you see you.

“Positive attitude is infectious.”

That’s right. Positive attitude is infectious and it will spread to your team members soon. Your positive attitude will make other members of the team also feel positive about the work and goals. It will eventually create a full team of professionals with positive attitude. Positive attitude at work will inspire employees to perform at their best together and contribute to success.

Personal Benefits: Apart from having benefits to your organization, positive attitude also has its own personal benefits. Most important benefit of positive attitude is on your health. Negativity also comes with stress and it will impact your overall health. Daily stress starts to affect your overall immune system. Only way to stop this is to face your every day with positive attitude.

How can we maintain positive attitude at work?

1) Surround yourself with people who has positive attitude at work:

“People in a group become the same over time.” Surrounding yourself with other people with positive attitude will also have rub off of their positivity on you. People who are positive at work always have new ideas to make workplace better. They will also help you remain positive. This is easiest way to ensure we remain positive.

You can’t choose your co-workers or team mates always. But you can surely choose how much time you spend with them and in what settings. It is always good to have positive team mates. If you are unfortunately stuck with negative people as co workers, be careful not to participate in their negativity.

2) Use positive language:

The language you use affects how the message is perceived. Using positive language can help reduce conflicts, further increase optimism in self and others and can portray you as credible and respectable person. Using positive language can be done through practice. Let’s see the small example of practicing positive language. What do you generally answer to the basic question: “How are you?” Let’s evaluate below 3 answers:

“I am fine.” This is the most common answer we all get and give to the question. Doesn’t it sound too robotic?

“Not so good” or “Not too bad” These 2 are dramatically negative answers. Sounds like the person is eagerly waiting to download all his negativity to the one asking him question. Unfortunately the one asking the question might not feel like continuing the conversation further after getting such answers.

“I am always fantastic” or “I am super happy” Did you liked these answer. How would be your perception about the person answering these. Or even consider what would be your mood after getting these answers. That’s how simply we can carry positive attitude always.

Using positive language is not just about greeting. To practice this you must be conscious about words you use while speaking. By simply being aware about how you choose to speak and finding positive way, you will be able to use positive language frequently and always. Positive language is about asking how something can be done rather than saying it can’t be done.

  • Tell what can be done (Instead what can’t be done).
  • Suggest alternative and choices.
  • Use encouraging words.
  • Show optimism in your language.

3) Find your positivity within :

Best way to carry positive attitude at work is to find your positivity within. You can train your mind to stay in positive state. It is believed that humans can have from 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts every day. So how many of these thoughts can be positive?

Our brain is evolved to promote survival. It saves the happy chemicals for opportunities to meet a survival need.

Loretta Breuning, Ph.D, Author of “The Science of Positivity and Habits of a Happy Brain”

Going back to our evolution, our survival depended on being able to detect and avoid dangerous situation. Due to this, your brain is evolved to think continuously about dangerous situation. Likewise, you are tend to feel negative or bad if you follow your survival brain wherever it leads.

You can train your mind to come out of this survival thinking habit and become positive with few techniques as below:

Observe your thoughts:

This is the first step to start with. Moment you start feeling negative, do not get carried away with the felling and start seeing negativity everywhere else. Instead observe your thoughts. Identity which though is bothering you and start working on a solution.

Say STOP to negative thoughts:

Our brain’s ability to detect and avoid dangerous during evolution comes with the side affect of easily slipping into negative thoughts. Further, it can easily create big terrifying mountain out of molehill if we don’t stop it. While practicing to observe your thoughts if you observe negative thoughts next step is to say STOP to your brain. You can shout “stop” inside your mind, take a breath and instruct that we are not going that way again.

Tip: 3 daily positives before you sleep:

It is said that you can train your brain easily just before you sleep. Reflect your day every night just before you go to sleep and identify 3 positive things happened today. It can be accomplishment of any task or as small as meeting an old friend or getting a compliment. Check whatever 3 things happened during the day which are enough to make you happy and be positive.

Express Gratitude: Gratitude is a feeling of appreciation to someone or something for what a person has done to help you. Expressing gratitude to others will not only make them feel better it will also benefit yourself. Research has found that just showing gratitude can make you more optimistic and positive person. You can start with smaller things like thanking your team members for helping you. Or simply start by sending “Thank you” email.

“Its is not happiness that brings us gratitude. Instead It’s gratitude that brings us happiness.”

4) Be in routine or break the monotony, as per your choice:

There are two separate views about having a routine. Many people feels getting in to routine improves efficiency which also helps to keep positive attitude at work. While there are few who can’t remain positive with repetitive tasks. So decide what suits you best. Observe if getting in to routine task improves your positivity along with efficiency or see if you get more positive by breaking the monotony. Finally, do what works best for you. If you decide to break the monotony, there are few smaller ways to do it easily without asking to change your work profile. Below are few ways to do it:

  1. Go to a different place for lunch once a week.
  2. walk to a nearest coffee shop once a while during your coffee break.
  3. Using an alternate route to go to work in the morning.
  4. Simply reach your office early some day.
  5. Change your seating place for a day (if you have that liberty in your office).

5) Stop complaining:

This sounds very easy to follow but unfortunately is as difficult. According to a psychologist Scott Bea, “Rate of complaints in American conversations ranges from 70% to 84%, yet none of us likes to hang out with a complainer.” Complaints are like viruses and the first thing they attack is your positive attitude. So it is important to stop complaining in order practice and retain your positive attitude at work.

Instead of complaining how difficult your situation is, start asking how can this be changed or improved?

6) In difficult situation, think long term:

We all come across difficult situation while working on our goals. Our response in such situation is the most important thing. We are free to choose our response towards difficult situation. So do you choose to panic and leave it on hope or do you choose to deal with it with patience and positive mind. One of the way to deal with any difficult situation is to think long term. Think about your long term goals and how does your response to current situation impact your long term goals. or also think about the impact current difficult situation has on your long term goals. This will give you totally new perspective to deal with and remain positive during any difficult situation.

Remember, a positive attitude at work gives you the power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances overpowering you. So positive attitude becomes the most important quality for success not only at work place but also in life. As mentioned in the beginning, your positive attitude at work might not improve your skills required to perform but it will surely lead your way to learn the required skills and perform best.

A positive attitude will make all the difference and it will further lead to positive outcomes. You can also learn more about positive attitude at work form the book: Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude.

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