Will I be successful?

Will I be successful ?

Will I be successful?

“If you want the answer, ask the question”

– Lorii Myers

Have you ever asked yourself “Will I be successful?” And if I am right, the answer to this question was much longer than just a one word like “Yes” or “No”. This question generally starts the process called “introspection”. And believe me, you can surely find your way to success from this introspection. Doesn’t matter if your answer starts from affirmative or negative but by just going a few layers down in your own mind, you will get your way to be successful.

If you are wondering how this works? Thanks to your inner data-bank, your subconscious mind, your brain knows a lot more than you realise. By just asking questions you will start becoming more aware about yourself, your goals, ways to achieve them, your own strength or weakness and how to work on it. Further, knowing yourself better with this process will result in a clear sense of purpose and a higher level of self acceptance.

Move from “introspection” to “insights” to be successful

Many times we feel stuck in our daily routine and we feel we are just running like a machine doing the same things at almost the same time every day and not knowing where we are heading. Increasing self awareness through introspection is the first step to get rid of this “stuck in the routine” feeling. The next and the last step is to come up with “Insights”. The Insights are the specific and actionable answers which you can work upon. So lets start this process today by asking yourself “Will I be successful?” and note down whatever comes to your mind. Follow below 2 guidelines to help you reach from “introspection” to “insights”.

  1. Ask right questions (solution centric questions like What & How)
  2. Challenge your immediate answers and get the right answers.

1) Ask solution centric questions (What & How questions) and not problem centric (why questions):

Asking right types of questions plays a key role in ensuring you move towards “Insights” and avoid an unhappier experience at the end of the process. For example, Why am I feeling bad? is a problem centric question and will mostly lead to negative answers. Instead ask “What will make me feel better?” Another example is asking “How do I get this right?” instead of asking “Why am I not getting this right?”

General rule is to avoid “Why” questions as there are mostly problem centric questions and instead start asking “What” and “How” questions which are more towards finding solutions.  

2) Challenge your immediate answers to go deeper and get right answers. 

The Best way to challenge your immediate answers is to slow down your thinking. This is explained in much detail by Daniel Kahneman in his book: “Thinking, fast and slow” As said by the author, Daniel Kahneman:

“If a satisfactory answer to a hard question is not found quickly, System 1 will find a related question that is easier and will answer it. I call the operation of answering one question in place of another substitution.”

– Daniel Kahneman, Thinking, Fast and Slow

Whenever we get a question, we get the first answer from system 1 in our brain which is a fast thinking system. These quick answers, sometimes make us jump to conclusions too quickly which might not be true and takes us to the complete wrong direction. Thankfully, we can avoid this and get to the right direction by challenging our  immediate and quick answers. Taking time to relax and think to activate the slow thinking system. Below is how you can challenge your immediate answers to go more deeper in finding correct answers.

How to challenge your immediate answers:

  1. Think about what factors are currently influencing your thinking.
  2. What are some factors you have missed ?
  3. Are you giving too much weightage to certain factors ?
  4. The most common error people make is, ignoring relevant information because it does not support your view.

Once you start challenging your immediate answers with the above, you activate your slow thinking system. This is when you start getting better answers to know or design your way to success. 

Many times you might not get all the answers from within and you might require external knowledge or research to get to your success. However this process will at least help you to get a clear understanding of what knowledge or skills you require and how to work on them. These can also be one of your actionable insights to start with.  

So next time whenever you feel like asking yourself “Will I be successful?” Just go ahead and follow the above steps to start your introspection process and conclude it with meaning full “Insights” Once you get to the “Insights”, the next step is to act upon these insights to be successful.

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