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How to Achieve Success in Life?

The biggest dream that kindles aspiration in any person is ‘success’. Yet success is like a mirage to many; seems so close, but easily slipping out of sight! For most others, who have had the taste of success, it seems hard to define it! So, what is success and how to achieve success in life?

Defining success

Defining success has always been a tricky affair. The reason being, as most of us would assume, ‘success’ is not a single word! Puzzled? Let me use an analogy to explain.

Imagine a simple suspension bridge with load-bearing cables. If ‘success’ were to be the bridge, the ‘load-bearing cables’ holding the bridge in place against all odds would be a myriad of virtues that range from confidence to hard work, practice to passion, self-motivation to creativity, focus to perseverance and what not! The more the virtues, the stronger the bridge! 

So, you can now see that the sum total of all these virtues would define success!

Know what is success in life

To achieve success in life, How do we get set to move on the road to success?

Let us systematically build our route map to lead ourselves to success!  Before we do that, let us clear some popular misconception surrounding success.

Misconception about Success in life

Is fame synonymous with success?

Not necessarily, because fame is about being well-known among people for your achievements. However, success does not always mean being popular. It is about accomplishing tasks that bring contentment in you. One may sit back and enjoy ‘fame’, but ‘success’ is progressive, as every accomplishment leads to new goals being set. 

Can success always be measured in terms of money?

The answer again is a ‘no’. The priceless contributions to oneself and society that emerge out of success stories, can never always be measured in terms of money. Conversely, surveys depict that not everyone who is wealthy feels successful!

Can age be a barrier to success?

Age has never been a deciding factor for success. Anyone, be it a teen or an octogenarian could emerge successful, so do not sit back and wait for that perfect age to arrive and neither lean back and give in, thinking that your age to achieve has passed!

Now that we have steered clear of hassles blocking our way, we will gradually build our route to success using the right tools.

How to achieve success in life?

Dream, Believe & Execute are three key ingredients to achieve success in life.

While listing them is easy, we need to do this in the right way. Mainly the execution part is the most important part to achieve success in life. Below are Building Blocks to achieve Success in Life

Have dreams

Dreams empower you with a purpose in life. Having a dream is like laying the foundation to build success. They give ‘life’ direction and meaning. Further, dreams are fuelled by desire to make them come true.

However, beware of deceptive strategies that come in disguise of ‘dreams’. They may be:

  • ‘Daydreaming’, that distracts you from productive work, or dreams that have no reality or base to them.
  • ‘Nightmares’ that often come with a fear of failure and hinder your objectives. 

Believe you can

A strong self-belief is the next building block. Never let the world around you decide if your dreams are achievable. For instance, man’s dream to fly would have sounded illogical until the Wright brothers made it possible with their successful invention of the first motor operated airplane!

Know that you are unique. When you are at your best you can carve your own distinctive niche. Observe and imbibe from the world around you, but never compare yourself to another. Find your diamonds of success. A strong self-belief will help you sail through failures and reach your goals.

Get your priorities right

Priorities are those areas of life that are important to us. Not everything could be important at the same time in a particular phase of your life. List out the top priorities first and fulfil them while the rest can wait.

For example, if you aspire to be in the field of research, your education would be on top priority.  For a woman who has young kids, motherhood would be on top of her priority list. If one is recovering from an illness, health would be on top priority, and so on. When you get your priorities right, there will be fewer compromises and no regrets.

Follow your passion

When there is passion at work, the results are great! With passion comes enthusiasm and determination in work. On the other hand, if merely making a living becomes the goal, one settles with just average performance, because there may be passion lacking. If your passion cannot help you earn enough, manage your time to include your passion along with your routine job. But if you cannot identify your passion, then observe yourself while trying on new things until at one point you arrive at it. An important feature of passion is that it always comes with a strong desire to give back or serve to the society what’s unique in us.

Stay dedicated

Let us now pick up the next essential building block- that’s ‘dedication’! Stay dedicated to your passion. Observe how success stories are seen just about in every field, say sports, academics, industries, agriculture, performance arts or just about anywhere. This is proof enough that there is ample room at the top for your unique passion, and your dedication can take you there!


Consistency follows dedication. Since success is progressive, consistency becomes a necessary ingredient. Consistency is a ‘habit’ worthy of cultivation. If you wait to look back at successful endeavours of your past and relax, you lose out on consistency! The habit of consistency can easily be made part of your routine by setting yourself small but frequent achievable goals. This way you enjoy your journey to success while keeping it simple.

Complete your task

Start small and go on building.

Completing one task motivates you to do the next. For example, you may start with something as basic as making you bed!

The U.S. Navy Admiral SEAL William H. McCraven had shared how the habit of making the bed was one important lesson he had learned. He had stated in his speech at the University of Texas, in 2014 how surprisingly productive your day would turn out, as every productive task attracts the next one. This way, good tasks line up to form a chain of positive chores, giving you a sense of accomplishment. Gradually they take us to the next level! We only need to make sure never to leave any task incomplete.

Hard work has no alternatives

Once you recognize your passion and set yourself frequent goals, the next brick that goes into the wall of success is hard work. Though we frequently hear how some people stumble on success with mere ‘luck’, it is not true. It is just that we may not see the hard work put in because of our limited perception. So, don’t retreat by blaming your luck. Start working hard for it’s never too late to begin.  

Grab every opportunity

People whom we consider lucky have actually developed the attitude of converting any situation into an opportunity. Sharpen existing skill sets and acquire newer ones to match changing trends and utilize the smallest of opportunities to grow. Once we come to realize the strength of our pursuit, we will learn to ignore all insecurities and march ahead.

Never stop learning

Learning is a great experience! It helps us acquire new skills and knowledge while keeping alive the curiosity in us. Learning; be it languages, art or computing / coding, is a great way to stay young at thoughts, and be confident. Confidence helps reach success with ease.

Concentrate on quality

In this fast-paced world, while there is always a rush to gather ‘more’, there is a need to slow down and concentrate on the quality of work rather than the quantity. You are not appreciated at the workplace or otherwise by the sheer number of projects or chores you complete, rather, by how many of them were actually useful. But again, if quality and quantity can go hand in hand, then the outcome would be extraordinary!  

Take risks

If things do not work your way, try doing something different because following the same routine leads to the same result. Take risks and never play safe all the time, because at one point of time, when it is too late to take risks, the compromises to be made become manifold! Risks come with rewards in the long run.

Do not fear failures

Scientist Thomas Edison’s famous quote where he did not claim he failed 10,000 times, but discovered 10,000 ways that did not work (while he worked with the battery), actually highlights how failures are stepping stones to success! There is actually a story of failure behind every success story. Never quit with failure. Instead introspect and adopt better techniques to move on. Rise again and start from the scratch. In other words, ‘perseverance’ is the key.

Quit playing blame game

Focus on fixing problems that come in your way to achieve success in life rather than playing the blame game. Self-pity and blaming the situation for failures leads to no-where. Focus on genuine reasons for failures and work on them in order to succeed. Being responsible for the commitments and tasks we undertake brings out the mature outlook in us.

Fitness and self-discipline

Though ‘fitness’ is often side-lined, it is the most fundamental requirement. Without fitness, efficiency suffers. Slowly problems start to creep. Lack of concentration, anxiety, inability to focus, and many others finally take a toll on ‘confidence levels. When confidence gets disturbed, the foundation to success weakens.

Let us take a quick glance at the fitness recipe:

  • Eat healthy.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Include regular walks, yoga, dancing, or recreational games like badminton, cricket, table tennis, cycling, or skipping in your routine to energize you.
  • Meditation goes a long way in strengthening your mental calm and ability to handle pressure situations.
  • Nurture your hobbies

With fitness, self-discipline becomes attainable. Self-discipline is the ability to stay motivated and take the right action. It is also about mastering self-control by being able to judge your own actions without bias and without being swayed by the praises or criticisms that come your way. Self-discipline leads to consistency in efforts and draws you closer to success.

Share Your Success Story

Who does not like to hear success stories! Each success story has the powerful ability to motivate a whole lot of others too to emerge out successful. The bottom-line is that success is contagious! Not just that, out of success stories flow out so many inspirational quotes! Spread your success to many others by sharing with them your invaluable experiences or get infected yourself with success by listening to the success mantra of many others’! Make it a routine to listen to motivational talks to keep you going.

We just discussed the pointers that can be considered as only some of the rungs of the ladder leading to success. It is easier to get to the top by stepping on the rungs. So, you see that there is no single formula to success. Think of adding more such qualities and see how effortless your journey will be. You need to work it out the way that best works for you.

Summing it all up, success is not all about scoring on ‘As’. When you master the art of rising through failures and setbacks, there is no stopping you from success! We may say that true productivity helps in achieving success.

The thirst to succeed can only be quenched by the hunger for learning, achieving, and contributing!

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Article Credit

This article is contributed by Ms Preeti Tambraparni, post graduate in microbiology with a certification in clinical research. Her expertise are writing personal blog in life science related topics and health blog.

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