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Importance of team work

Losing hope on forming a good team? This article is just for you to realize what is team work and the importance of team work.

Working as a team brings fresh ideas to your table, do you know why?

There is a saying “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”, this is so true when it comes to an organization. When you are alone your perspective is just one way but when you form a team and have a group of people, there are multiple perspectives and different viewpoints.

The team that you form will have diverse members such as age, gender, background. This will tend to look at your subject from various aspects and thus creative ideas will fall into place.

A problem shared is a problem halved.

A team helps to look into an issue from different angles and thus solving the same becomes easier. A quick and valuable solution is often assured when you have a good team. A lone individual is said to take a long time when it comes to resolving an issue. Many studies suggest that forming a team helps in breaking the problems.

Team helps to overcome stress

Your team is the best medicine in reducing your stress. When you work as a team you can share the work load. Being a part of the team helps in motivating and inspiring each other. This connectivity with a fellow member can broadly impact on your stress levels. This is because employees work better by uniting with co-workers who can share their difficulties and offer solutions.

Team helps in breaking your barrier

Connecting with your peer group makes you take that extra mile. The support and encouragement from the team members makes you break the barrier and brings you out from your comfort zone.

When you work alone you stick to a single concept and might fear to try out innovative ideas and concepts, However when you are in a good team, you will be more confident and also you will be ready to explore things.

Better progress

Individual skill set will have less impact over a project. Whereas when you work as a team the efficiency is better and also you can derive the best out of each member. Splitting up of a complex task among the team lessens the burden and enables a quality output.  

Learn from your co-worker

This is another blessing when you are in a team. Working together allows you to learn a lot of things. When things go wrong, you can sort it out quickly and also learn what not to do next time. This learning helps you gain knowledge and practicing the same, will help you to complete the task much more effectively.

Seeing the success and failure of others is also a good learning experience.

A good team boosts positivity.

Did you know, working as a team makes you much happier?

This is true; being in a team enhances positivity and also creates a happy atmosphere. You have the scope to exchange honest feedback, mutual respect and constant support from your team members. Therefore a good team is a happy team and hence it promotes the growth of the individual and the company.

So above 7 importance of team work shows that working in a team is not just important to complete the task in hand. The importance of team work can also be seen through personal benefit. Personal benefits we saw above like making your happier and reducing stress also have long term positive effects on your health.

How do you build a strong team?

After seeing the importance of team work, let us also understand how do you build a strong team.

Selecting your Team

Creating your team is a great task and once that is done you have your 80% work done. Create a team with diverse people and that will lead to success. This process is quiet tedious but when you focus and choose the right people you are just one step away from success.

Know your team

You have to know your team members very well. Each one has a special talent and that has to be valued and supported. Communication plays a major role in building your team, the information has to be shared and let there be transparency among the employees. This will help the team to come out openly and share their thoughts.

Set Goals  

Set your short term and long term goals. Educate them the importance of doing each task with full potential. Celebrate the effort of each member; this will give the team confidence and will make them come out with innovative ideas.

Good Leadership

A good leader is essential to direct and guide the team. He must allow his team members to showcase their talents. Controlling the team will cause confusion and they might not come out openly to express their ideas this however, will make the team inhibited.

 Give and take respect

Treat everyone equally with respect. Being bossy and ordering things might not work at times. Get your work done by being polite and firm with your team members.

Create an environment of fun and enjoyment. 

Everyone performs better when they can relax and are having a good time.  Fun is the element that allows people to make it through the difficult tasks and overwhelming deadlines, and the best leaders know how to make it work without compromising the team’s work ethic or commitment to excellence.

Grow as a team

Analyze your strength and weakness among each other and work on building your strength. Build plenty of opportunities for your team members to learn and grow whether it’s a class, a conference, or even a reading group or lunchtime seminar series.

Gratitude and Trust

Trust is one thing that comes over time. When you can trust your team, start showing your gratitude by rewarding them. If you are able to reward them financially then it’s a great way to show your appreciation. If you are a start up find other ways to reward your team.

Self development

Although it’s teamwork we’re talking about, the individual must not lose their authentic voice throughout the collaboration.

Clarity enables quality

Never fail to communicate with your fellow members. Keep them informed about every single move that you decide to make. Maintain record and encourage the team to do the same.  

Form a system

Last but not the least; teach your team to abide to the rules. When you create a system, it has to be maintained and followed throughout the process. Teamwork is not about individual achievements; it’s about what the group accomplishes together. Your objectives, vision and progress are based on a great team work. So what are you waiting for? Start building your team right away.

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This article is contributed by Ms Sudha Suganthi. A travelling storyteller, turned to a writer. She enjoys doing both. Sudha’s therapy: travelling and meeting more people gives you more knowledge with fun.

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