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Personality development skills

Personality seems to be a big word but to simplify personality is combination of your mind and body. Your mind contributes to the personality through “CONFIDENCE and THOUGHTS”. Your confidence and thoughts are largely shaped by your soft skills. On the other hand, body contributes to the personality through healthy and presentable appearance. Below you will see what are key personality development skills we need.

Personality does not mean only about your physical appearances. It is also linked with your emotional self being, your social life, your professional and personal life. Though everyone has their own unique personality which we have to adjust as per the present scenario.

Personality plays a great role in one’s life, whether you are a student, you are in jobs or you are at home. In each and every stage of life you need to have positive personality so that you can climb ladder of success and be a successful man in what so ever field you choose.

Personality development is not just about learning skills; it is about changing your concept for things or change in your life style or the way of thinking by implementing the personality development skills you learn.

Different Types of Personality:

  • Self-personality
  • Social personality
  • Extrovert and Introvert personality


It is one’s own personality that he or she is already used to it. This is more about how you see your self. What are your thoughts and actions when you are alone defines your self personality. Many believes, how do I think doesn’t add to my personality. But it is a myth.

What we think, we become – Buddha

So if we want to see development in our social personality, start with developing self personality.

Social personality

Social personality is directly linked with your Behavioral attitude towards your family, friends, peers and your near by surrounding people. If you work well with your feelings, emotions and closeness you will surely rock and you will be at your 100%. Social personality is the type of behavior you have with your family members too. The way you have repo with them, the way you talk with them and the way you convince them for particular job. It is also good for your personal growth and wellbeing. If you have a friendly behavior and positive attitude you will be always happy with things or situation going around you.

Extroverts and Introverts personality

Extrovert personality

Extrovert people are those type of people who are always vocal and are able to speak what is in their mind. These types of people are considered to be fun loving and cheerful people. Since they speaks what they think, they are able to handle the situation in their way. They are also perceived to have better Leadership Qualities in them. They are also compatible in team work. Down side is extrovert people may sometimes end up speaking what is not required to speak.

Introvert personality

Introverts people are considered as very conserve people and don’t like to talk much. They always like to live alone and find it difficult to perform in a team. Introverts people confident enough to work alone and don’t like anybody interference. They are not vocal enough and don’t like to share their thoughts with anyone. As a result, they don’t have good leadership Quality and always have to compromise with the situation and due to this they personally struggle a lot in their life to achieve a great success or for any small thing in day-to-day work. So, if one has this personality, they can try to change their way of living and be vocal and confident enough to speak the things.

Why to learn personality development skills

There can be many a time when we have to change our path or you can say destination, in that case many a times we lose our self-confidence, our self-esteem etc and then at a certain age you realize that you are not what you where or you are lacking back.

For example, suppose you were a professional working woman who have quit job for the upbringing of her kids, sometimes may find lack of confidence to go back to work or to have a professional chat with peers.

Another example if you have changed your current job and switched to some new area job.

In both the case you may not feel good and feel low or psychologically disturbed. This will directly reflect on your through, your personality or your appearance. So, lets go through some tips on how to improve your personality.

List of Personality development skills


  • Presentation
  • collaboration
  • Conflict resolution
  • Business writing.

Individual effectiveness

  • Time management
  • critical thinking
  • self awareness
  • Adaptability
  • Creativity

Physical appearance

From the above personality development skills, Communication and Individual effectiveness are already discussed here. So we will not be repetitive. We will go in more details about the Physical appearance.

Physical appearance

Physical appearance is the first thing people notice and they try to identify your personality according to your looks, so always keep your physical appearance perfect and up to the mark. Let’s read about what you should do have an attractive positive personality:

Choose Outfits as per occasion

 Always have a well-defined Dress for a particular occasion. Dress according to the demand of situation. If you are on a professional meeting, tours, interviews try to keep it formal from head to toe, with properly trimmed hair and beard, Properly ironed clothes. But if you are on a casual meeting, outings with your family and friends try to keep them casuals with jeans, tops, dresses, tunics, religious outfits etc. So be very picky while choosing your outfits.

Always have Good Posture and Gestures

One should always stand straight while standing or sitting and having a talk. With such posture the one with whom you are talking(audience) will always think that you are attentive and you are interested in the topic. This also says you want to have a good positive talk with them. On the other hand, if you are standing with you your hunk back like a camel it is no longer considered as a positive response. Your audience will also not like to be engaged with you for the future talk. They may also try to get away or stop by making some excuses.

Same goes with the Gestures, always shake your hand or Namaste whenever you are in the meeting with the addressing line “Good to See You” or “Nice Meeting You” with a beautiful smile on your face. Your Beautiful Smile will take it all positive on you. Our grandpa and Grandma still say that

Smile is the best ornament one should wear

and that is very true, just wear your smile and see the magic.

Hands and Eyes Movement

Have a firm Handshake with the audience for whom you are presenting. But you have to remember that your touch should be very generous, affectionate and gives a belief of safety but not inappropriate handshake.

While you have started with the presentation your hands should be in a position such that it does not look offensive to someone. Best position is either your hand should be directed towards on your presentation or folded in front over your abdomen. This two are the best option to compliment your posture rather than waving your hands towards your audience and leading your hand as an interference towards your presentation.

Similarly, your eye contact matters a lot when you are having a close distance presentation with the audience. The simple and most expectable eye position is direct eye contact with the audience. It is not at all appropriate to roam your eyes in all over directions and that may lead to negative remark.

Don’t go unprepared/without practice

Whether you are a student, interviewer, officers etc never be over confident for any presentation, always be prepared for the same. Prepare yourself before presenting yourself. Preparation can be regarding anything it can be about what you are going to wear, how you are going to execute the presentation, how you are going to start, how you will conclude or how you will end etc. etc. be prepared for each and minute details. once you are prepared you will be confident enough to face the situation which will reflect your body in the presentable form.

In the beginning, we have discussed about “CONFIDENCE AND THOUGHTS” so this is the time you have to use both the key words hand in hand and you will be a successful presenter with a great personality.

Good command on your Language

Be sure that you use the words or speech that your audience can understand and respond back to you. It should not be one-way traffic and only you are speaking and audience is not able to cope up with your speech, if that is the case than they will not connect with you and won’t be able to have dual conversation. Though the words can be as simple as it is but your audience should be fully involved in you when you are speaking that is the point where you will get your confidence that yes, I am doing great and everyone is involved.

Secondly you should have command on your language. Your pronunciation and vocabulary should be very clear and not offensive. Though different country or region have different pronunciation for the same words but you have to learn about your audience and be prepared of the ascent you will use for the presentation and give your best.

Maintain your health and body

Last but not the least maintain your good health and physique. Do regular exercises, yoga, meditation, cycling, swimming or any sort of exercise that you are comfortable. Maintaining body will not only be useful for your appearance but also for the positive thinking, peaceful mind and soul. Because phycological health also matters a lot for your personality upbringing. Your mind, soul and your body all should go hand in hand to make your personality look great. Always start your day with physical exercise to make your body, soul and mind fresh and healthy.

Conclusion: Personality development skills

We know that each and every individual have their own unique personality and there are no short cuts or leaning method to make your personality look great, just the things you should remember is work on your own self. You know yourself better then any one else. So, start working on your low side and boost up your personality as per you. All you need is courage, confidence and positive thoughts and with all this thing you are not far away from your target. As you all know a very popular phrase “Practice makes one Perfect” so keep on practicing for your better side and don’t loose hope.


Article Credit

This article is contributed by Ms. Pragya Delhiwala. Experienced as a quality engineer after completing her education: 2nd rank BE in Electronics & Communications; 1st rank MBA in TQM. She is passionate about management, writing and painting.

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