How to leave in presence, mindfulness

How to live in present? Art of mindfulness

Most human being has a physiological tendency of believing that our past was so nice and cheerful. Although we don’t remember the struggle, that we have faced during that period too. Many of us may not feel happy with the present scenario and have some negative points with the present. Few of is also get over worried about the future that they forget about their present. To live in present is the key to happiness. It is called the art of mindfulness. Lets see how to live in present.

To live in present is the key to happiness.

Mindfulness is the art that each one and everyone should practice in their lives. In simple words you can explain Mindfulness as self satisfaction. If you are mentally satisfied with present scenario you will be the most cheerful, happy person on this earth. To enjoy and cherish each and every moment you live, you need to live in present. So, lets learn some tips on how to improve our way of living in the present.

Tips on how to live in present?

Stop thinking about future to great extend

Human mentality is such that they always think about future. What so ever steps they are taking in present they will always think twice about future. We have to think about our secure future to some extend, which is no harm. But there need to be a limit on how much to think about future.

“If you overthink of tomorrow, you will be unhappy today.”

If you can understand this saying properly you will automatically relate to it for sure. So, think of your future to the limit so that it doesn’t hinder your present.

Get Updated

In this section I would really like to appreciate elderly people who are getting updated with the present technology. As we see that our world has grown up so technically that if we lack behind then it would be very hard for us to get with it.  Some examples are Ordering online grocery, cabs facility, online banking, high technology mobile phones etc etc the list won’t end. But if we don’t learn those then can we able to live peacefully without struggle?? The answer is a big “NO”. so, we have to be updated according to the present demand. Learn new things, get to know more about different topics, take interest, watch news channels, read books or newspapers, articles.

Open up

We always lack behind because we don’t speak out mind and our thoughts. Once we are able to convey our message or be vocal then we are directly living in the present. Have a chat or a talk with any one you meet about the present topic. Discuss about kids about life and you will see how much difference it will get to your mind. Things will make you happy and you will enjoy. But always have a positive thought and a positive speech. Otherwise, you will not live happily in the present and you will be unhappy. So always have positive approach for all you do in your lives.


This is the most difficult task one should practice in their lives. Happy moments or changes are easily acceptable. But we know it is way too difficult to accept some negative or unhappy changes in our lives. For that we need immense courage and accept the situation. We should always think that God has plans for us. There will be always rays of good hope coming nearby. After every darkness of night there is bright rays coming from sun. So have faith and try to accept the things and go with the flow. But we should always except things that are good or in positive manner and does not harm anyone nor one’s own self. Never except what is wrong or can harm anyone but instead try to change the scenario in such situations.

Remember good memories

Sometimes, if our present is not happy enough, It is good idea to take the road of memories. So, you can think of your happy memories which can make your mind happy and help you to face the present unpleasant scenario. May be good memories help you think positively and make you ready to face the present situation with positivity.

Live for your self

We always live for others, we live for our parents, for our partners, for our kids and we always forget ourself. We never try to do what we want, whether it’s going to window shopping, or beauty parlour or just having a hot sip of coffee etc, all these things are quite small enough but the happiness it bring to us is magical.  All such small things can help you deal your present with positivity, happiness and cheerfulness.

Learn to change

Our present situation is not always same all the time. Just like our age, present time will also be different every time. So, learn to accept the changes and don’t always stick to particular things and don’t show rigid behaviour all the time. Change for the better, that is good for you and for the others surrounded by you. Change yourself and go with the flow naturally.

Bringing change in one’s life can be difficult but you can always work on priority bases. Always choose the top most priority work and you will easily except the change. If you are confused in many tasks you have and which one to choose then accordingly, we have to give priority and work for the changes.

Pull ourselves to the present

We know time waits for no one, so try to get the most form the present scenario. We are human being and have many different stages of life, born as a baby, then toddler, then a teenage, then a married person, then kids, and finally getting old.  In the whole journey present didn’t remain the same it changed with time and we have enjoyed and struggled in our whole journey.

But if, we are running towards something, or trying to fetching somethings which is not possible in the present scenario or which is not compatible in the present and we are not giving our best to the present and running behind the things will make us do mistakes. Those mistakes will definitely affect our actions and speech and the way of living in the present. There is a beautiful saying “PAST IS GONE, PRESENT IS TRUTH”, this line tells us all. We would always like to live with the truth and we don’t know if our future or what we think will be true or no. so better to live happily with the present truth of our lives.

Appreciate small things

Appreciate and thank God for the present. Always thank God for the Beautiful and happy moments of your life and always ask for God help when you are in some trouble condition. Praying to God in some extent will give you belief that good will happen soon and you will be adjusted soon.

Other than God always appreciate and be vocal for those well-wishers of yours who always stood by your side and always gave you a positive attitude to approach any unhappy situation in your life. Always appreciate them in front of everyone for their good deeds, never try to hide their goodness from others. Anyone can be your well-wisher Whether they are your friends, family, peers etc show your gratitude and thanks towards them. Don’t forget them after your things are settled and you don’t need them anymore.

Get involved in surrounding

Involvement also is key towards your presence in the present. Always get involved with what so ever is going on surrounding you, either it is fun, party, mourn, etc. Act according to the situation and get involved with everyone and have self-confidence. Be vocal with your thoughts and try to share them with everyone have conversation with no matter what is the age of the audience. Trust me you will always learn something new from each one if you have positive thoughts. And that’s the way you will learn about the present scenario and you will live accordingly.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and mediation are both interlinked, because both make your mind peaceful and happy and you live a good stressful life. So, for Mindfulness, mediation can play a great role.

Practice Mediation technique and yoga every day early in the morning for as minimum as for 20 minutes in the clean fresh air, followed with some breathing exercises too. Meditation will make your heart and soul calm and make you fresh and capable enough to think positive. Once you have positive thinking you are all set to enjoy your present life and live it to the full.

Meditation can help you in managing your stress, increases your positivity with the thoughts and actions, increase your imagination and the way of thinking, and the most Important is that it will help you to focus on the present.

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Benefits of mindfulness (to live in present)

Stress free life

Everyone wants to leave a stress-free life as stress causes many health issues now a days. For every health-related problem first step or advice doctor gives us is to live a stressful life. Though we except that we cannot leave 100% stress free life but to some extent we can reduce it through various practices in our lives and make our life happy and cheerful.

Compassionate attitude

Satisfaction leads to compassionate attitude. Once you are satisfied within your life and surroundings you will be compassionate enough to do something for your own self. You would like to progress in your life and live for yourself. Maybe you would like to follow your dreams, or hobby which will in turn make you happy and peaceful. It will affect both your mental and physical health, make you self-focused and gives you social connections and secure your mental, emotional and social sentiments.

Mindfulness will give you a way to enjoy your life

Once you are satisfied mentally, emotionally, and physically with the present situation you are going to definitely live a very happy life and you will be enjoying each and every moment of your life. You will always live happily in whatever your present situation is and you will always be able to tackle the situation and get the solution of any problem peacefully and with courage.

Living in present is the art of Mindfulness

Always live with your beautiful smile on your face. Your smile is the best anti stress mechanism. Live and enjoy your life for yourself. When you are happy and satisfied it will reflect positivity in your mind and in turn you will give positive thoughts and positive speech as an output.

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Conclusion about how to live in present

We conclude that in simple words, to live in the present all you need to follow is to have self-confidence, courage and be vocal with everyone about your thoughts. Have a good positive thought. Stop thinking much about future and try to think about all the positive memories you had so that it will boost you up to live happily in the present scene.


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