How to Focus on Work

How to focus on work

Technological advancements are nothing new and have been constantly on a rise from a long time back. How do these advancements affect us and most importantly our abilities? The most obvious effect of Technology has been seen on our concentration. With passing time we have developed our brain into an organ having troubles to focus. With lack of concentration we can not focus on work. So, how to focus on work?

Down side of technological advancements is Distraction.

A decode is necessary for our brain to understand the importance of focus. Below, we will walk us through a journey of enlightenment to focus on work. 

What do we understand by focus?

Focus can simply be described as the ability to concentrate on a particular task. A focused person usually has all the concentration on a particular task at hand allowing maximum productivity. In other words, to focus is to avoid distractions. When it comes to focus at work, it is basically an employee being focused at the targeted goal. Focus accurately helps in personal as well as communal growth.

How do you know you are not focused?

It is very tough for people to actually find out they lack concentration. To make work easier here are a few points or symptoms that you might come across:

  • You experience trouble remembering things from an hour before or even a shorter period of time.
  • Experiencing trouble in sitting still.
  • Not being able to keep track of things.
  • Your recently found inability in decision making.
  • Being more careless than your usual self.

How to focus on work?

Most commonly put forth and of an undermine questions of all is, “How to focus on work?”. It is high time the question needs to be addressed. Below are 12 proven ways that will help you focus on work:

  1. Maintaining an even flow
  2. Planning Ahead in time
  3. Plan the next hour you spend
  4. A well organised to-do list matters!
  5. Inspirational Deadlines, Seriously?
  6. Set yourself a work environment
  7. Divide tasks into achievable goals
  8. Include incentives and breaks into your schedule
  9. Stop the addiction to notifications
  10. Distance yourself from unwanted noise
  11. Comfort lies in the furniture
  12. Health should be prioritised

Maintaining an even flow

It’s easy and convenient to hold someone else responsible for your drawbacks. Are you one of those people? If so, then, remember “It is very important for you and your work being productive that you go on a scavenger hunt for your drawbacks. one of the very important aspects of staying focused at work is an even flow.

No matter the hard work you put in, not having a proper streamlined flow into your work makes you lose focus.

Our focus on work can be made more efficient by possessing an evened out flow at work. And even flow facilitates effortless working and helps you perform at the peak of your performance graph.

– Researchers from University of Chicago

Maintaining a flow will help you grow, your focus at work.

Planning Ahead in time

Planning ahead in time is a very cherished tactic by people who are maintaining great focus at their work. When you plan ahead of time you give your subconscious time to process the important tasks throughout the day. The subconscious helps a great deal in helping you be focused.  Always make sure to note down about three to four important tasks you have to complete in the day. This will help you gain a kick start to the day. The schedules can be based according to individuals and preferences. You can carve out a weekly to-do list for yourself, a daily to-do list or even an monthly to-do list.

It is very good to make out the best of the day but make sure to give your brain proper rest. This can be done by keeping small breaks in the middle of your work hours. The breaks can be as small as 15 minutes to as lavish as one hour depending on individuals.

Plan the next hour you spend

Might sound a little tightened and not feasible, this is one of the most adopted methods to maintain focus at work. Planning the next hour you spend will help you keep your focus on a single thing thus making you more productive. You will start being more realistic with what you can achieve during the day by planning out your next hour.

This will help you gain a good perspective of keeping a balance between smart work and hard work. A planned next hour will push you towards focusing on setting your priorities straight. Not only will you be more focused at work but, you will work towards a greater growth of self. You not being overwhelmed with work will help you brainstorm new and creative ideas.

A well organised to-do list matters!

Yes! Making a to do list is the first step to being focused at work. But what needs more importance is how organised your to-do list is. Stuffing your list with the tasks that are overwhelming and nearly impossible to be accomplished within a day, leaves you with negativity.

This can impart a very unnecessary negative impact on your productivity. A to-do list not well organised might be playing a great role in losing focus at work. Therefore plan out a list well organised with plans that are arranged in a fashion that can be easily tackled with. A well organised to do list matters because it helps prioritising things. Well prioritised things gives a way out for success in the field of being productive and focused towards work.

Inspirational Deadlines

Yeah quite out of the topics, right? No! Deadlines matter. They inspire you to work hard as well as smart. Question that may come out is; Seriously? Deadlines and inspiration?

Yes! Deadlines and inspiration make out a killer combo to increase focus at work. Being a student everyone has gone through that last day before the exam. Do you know what inspires every student to accomplish the target syllabus throughout the year to be completed in that single day? Yes, the exam date acts as the inspirational deadline for a student to accomplish and focus on the work, i.e., Studying.

Similar happens with people at work and their focus. When one has a deadline set they are inspired to give out the best in the set time period. Thus making them focused as well as efficient.

Set yourself a work environment

To many people, it might sound unnecessary. But think again, would you prefer working in your kitchen? Well, why not? Thinking of working in an environment specified for a certain task is difficult. For example the kitchen, kitchen is for cooking. So why not set yourself a specified work environment?

Organise everything that inspires and helps you concentrate your focus on work. Organise your desk, start by cleaning it. Next comes the alignment of different products of importance for example your laptop, your desktop and so on. This clarity of necessity for a work environment will help you focus and not get distracted.

A few quotes that boost your energy levels won’t mind being on your work desk! And avoiding those peek-a-boo at other employees can also be facilitated, all helping you focus.

Divide tasks into achievable goals

Everyone is met with a certain task which is immensely huge as well as time consuming. This can very easily lead a person to threshold thus creating more stress and less productivity. This situation can be avoided by breaking down the task.

For example if you have an article to complete. You can maybe start by breaking it down into a format. And take each subheading as one task. Therefore on completion of a single subheading you will have a sense of achievement. This sense of achievements inspires you to keep working and stay focused.

Start dividing tasks into achievable goals and see your focus and productivity immensely increasing at work.

Learn more about how to achieve goals?

Include incentives and breaks into your schedule

No one can argue the fact that we need inspiration to be dedicated to something like work. And working has a tendency to start breaking down the enthusiasm of a person. It is all because of the regular and similar nature of the work. This enthusiasm and inspiration to work can be rejuvenated, giving yourself small incentives and breaks during work.

The incentives for example can range from a quick snack you love or it can also go up to a movie you’ve always wanted to watch! These incentives can be benefitted from during the break time which can vary from 15 minutes to 1 hour or may be more depending on you and your priorities.

Stop the addiction to notifications

Do not try and deny it! 95 out of 100 people today are addicted to notifications. Studies have shown that notifications can be addictive. Researchers tend to show that the nature of notifications has been designed to trigger the release of dopamine.

Therefore notifications can act a great deal in us, losing focus. These notifications are designed to grasp your immediate attention. Thus, the notifications are very capable in getting your focus from your work to something that might prove fatal to you being productive at work.

To maintain your focus you can always prompt, turning off the notifications to distracting messages from Facebook or any other social media app of less relevance and priority. For someone who wants to prosper in life, you are potentially wasting a thousand dollars an hour just browsing through social media, as stated by Technori. Make wise choices.

Keep a set time period for you to go through your phone and fish out relevant information or messages. This will help you focus at work as well as use your phone for greater benefit.

Distance yourself from unwanted noise

Working in an office environment and seeking utter silence is just like finding heaven while alive! Not possible. Then how can you distance yourself from the noise you so do not want?

There is a very easy solution into being focused without background noises distracting you. You can just go on to your phone, pick up the playlist with natural sounds and go on with your work. This will help you focus at work and be more efficient.

Many people find songs relaxing and a great help in maintaining focus. If you are one of those people then definitely go for the song! But remember, your headphones should facilitate noise cancellation. You do not want a mixture of the noises from the surrounding and the sounds playing in your headphones. Thus, Perfection needs Focus and Focus needs perfection.

Comfort lies in the furniture

Furniture is supposed to provide us comfort. So why hold back on gaining the utmost comfort from your furniture at work? It is almost the second home for you and it needs to be comfy.

Therefore make sure to get yourself the best work desk and chair combination. A comfortable chair will help you maintain proper posture. This results in losing back pain and neck pain. This will help you focus on work instead of your aching back. And being focused increases? Productivity!

Health should be prioritised

Focus and health go hand in hand. This Mantra needs to be remembered by everyone, no matter the field you’re working in. Do not sacrifice your health in any case. Health can be defined as the condition where the physiological, psychological, physical, emotional and social aspects of your life are all balanced.

Having such a state of health, helps individuals to focus with a healthy and refreshed mind as well as body. This results in them being able to put in greater energy into the work thus being productive.

Keep a check of your diet. Do not consume unnecessary caffeine instead prefer water over coffee. Too much caffeine has its adverse effects like dizziness as well as insomnia. These are no factors that facilitate focus. When you replace a cup of coffee with the cup of water you will find your body more hydrated and energetic. This helps you focus on your work. Consuming proteins can also benefit your health resulting in greater focus.

What will be the benefits of focusing on work?

As mentioned earlier we need incentives in any form to keep ourselves focused. Similar role is played by the benefits that come with focusing on work. Below are some of the benefits of focusing on work,

  • Being focused helps you develop efficiency and motivates you to complete a task and move on to the other. This helps build a beautiful momentum for an individual at work.
  • Being focused will help you be more productive at your work. Being productive will lead to greater accomplishments and growth.
  • Your stress levels in men’s lead decrease over with you having an increased focus. This is because you have less time to procrastinate and thus no time to stress on things.
  • The elevation in focus at work will help you deliver quality work. Therefore an appreciation from people around you is incoming!

Conclusion: How to focus on work

Focus determines the ascend or descend of your qualitative as well as quantitative aspects at the work. Focus on work, make a big difference to achieve success at work. Adopting above 12 ways will surely help you increase your focus on work. Any feedback? feel free to add your comments below.

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