How to chase your dream

How to chase your dream

Chasing dream does not mean that you are dreaming of something non realistic and you are behind that dream to make it real. But real chasing dreams are those which we are thinking for the entire time to make it come true. And trying hard to get it fulfilled. If you are thinking of doing something in your life and you are dreaming about the same then that is what your mind, soul and brain is corelated and want you to work on it. Lets see how to chase your dream.

Everyone dreams something big that can make them feel happy for achieving it. But only some people can have that courage and will power to fulfil their dreams. So, be prepared to fetch your dream that you really need to live.

Chase dreams not people !

How to chase your dream ?

Be Courageous

The important role is to have courage. Our dreams are not so easily achievable and that why they are in the sleep. To achieve them be courageous enough to face any situation you come across. Courage and confidence with utmost concentrated target will take you to the destination. Follow your dreams and let them become true for you. Think positively and have a firm decision that you really want to fulfil your dreams. That faith and the courage you will get out of it can never stop you from the success.

Take Risk

There will always be a risk factor to achieve something in life. Specially if we are thinking to achieve something big to chase your dream, it might have a load of hurdles and risks. But we have to be prepared to face some risk and challenges on our way to success. Taking risk and defeating the failure will increase your confidence and courage. It will further will give you more motivation to work toward fulfilling your dreams.

Everyone has to take risk in their life at every level. So, never get afraid of the risk and think calmly on how to handle the situation if things go in the wrong direction. Think of the solution too beforehand and don’t loose your hope for fulfilling your dreams.

Learn about the gaps and try to complete it

Your present situation and your dream both will be different. So, you have to learn about the gaps that you have to cover to reach your destinations. Try to work on the gaps and identify the changes you will need to fulfil your dreams.

Make a list of the things you have to change or work on it and according to your dream requirements try to get things settled down by working on them efficiently and perfectly. Once you know in which area you have to push yourself, you will automatically get your path to success.

Convert Thoughts into Actions

Once you have enough time to prepare for yourself mentally and if you think you are ready, then it is the time to execute the process. Put your thoughts in the actions and start working towards it. Take things step by step and now its time to show your efforts and work on it. Make list of tasks you have to complete and divide them into different time slots and days, accordingly take actions and try to complete the task at the assigned time and day. Slowly and steadily, you will reach near your destination with great confidence.

Start to work step by step

It takes time to achieve anything in life. We have to struggle, we have to work, we have to give our best at every step, so don’t try to take things fast, take your time and be prepared step by step so it can give you time to think and move as per the requirement and give you 100% accurate result and at every step you will be confident and happy and there will be no reason to look back to your failures. 

Be consistent in your efforts:  

If you ask me to choose only single point about how to chase your dream, then it will be being consistence in efforts. As per the study, 92% people fail to maintain consistency in their efforts and so they never achieve their goals. Many people do a good start out of excitement but after making initial progress they lose out their consistency of efforts towards goal achievement.

“It is not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.”

– Tony Robbins

Don’t shy away from taking help

Be vocal of your thoughts and have a discussion. May be others can help you with the process. Do not hesitate to take somebody’s help. Anyone can be the source to show you path towards your success. So talk with others and share your doubts with them. A single ray of hope can enlighten your way to chase your dream. Appreciate your well-wishers at every step for their help. Show them your gratitude towards their help offered to you, maybe they will be with you for the entire journey of yours and give you strength.

Get Ideas

Try to get and find ideas in all you do in your day-to-day life. You can get ideas through discussions, through reading books, newspapers, articles etc. Have a curiosity to learn new things, knowledge is never wasted. The more you get knowledge the more you will be brightening like a star. Read books related to chasing your dreams, maybe you can get the steps or a way on how to fulfil your dreams and you will be somewhat mentality prepared for the challenges that you will be facing during the way, so you can think of the solutions calmly and peacefully. This will give you immense confidence to deal with the problem you may face in the future.

Always be ready with the second plan (backup plan)

Always try to enjoy in what ever you are doing. You are fulfilling your dreams which will surely give you pleasure once completed, so be happy while you are on the path to fulfil it. Always make a second plan, if by any chance you are not able to complete the first plan then don’t loose hope and don’t panic, think calmly and start to execute the backup plan. Through this practice you will not waste your time to get back again from your failure, rethink and start again.

Belief that dreams will be present

Have a firm decision and courage to think that one day your dream will surely come to be true. Don’t think that it will be a dream for ever but have a self-belief that you have to convert your dreams in your present. And think of how beautiful your life will be once you turn your dream to the present scenario. All that you wanted as a dream is right in front of you, the happiness and goosebumps you get only with the thoughts of making your dream come true is magical. Isn’t it? So, always believe in you and your dreams and try to transfer it into reality.

Believe in you

Chasing your dream need a great courage and self-confidence. It is very difficult to learn that your dream is your destiny and to fulfil that destiny you might have to go through a lot of struggles.

We see the examples of industrialists or you can take an example of an actors. They dream to become a big personality and do you know the struggle they go through. We exactly don’t know how much they struggle; we just see their brightening makeup and on-screen life. But we can learn from them about how to believe in one own self, they go through a lot of criticism and lot of trolls but they only filter the positivity and learn to move forward. Remember one thing in mind that your “HARDWORK” will never get wasted. You will get the result according to the hard work you put in. so don’t be afraid from doing hard work, just give your 100% and your best in making your dream come true.

Reward yourself

Motivate yourself by rewarding your own self. Reward’s always boost you and give you self-belief that you have done a great job and you will continue to perform in the same respective manner. Once you are motivated you will perform with more efforts than the previous task and you will hope for the best results. So, try to give your best and always self-motivate yourself. Rewarding is one of the most successful technique for the motivation, so believe it and try it.

Things you should not do while chasing your dream

Don’t think too much about future

There is a rare saying “IF YOU THINK OF TOMMOROW, YOU WILL BE UNHAPPY TODAY”.  These lines give you a great understanding of focussing at the present and work on it today. If you think of tomorrow you will not be giving 100%to your present. Once you are loaded with the future burden it is way to difficult for you to think calmly about present. So, think about the future to a limit so that it doesn’t hinder your present, if your present is spoiled your way to chasing your dream can suffer.

Never let negative thoughts over whelmed you

You will have a lot of discouragement on your way to chase your dream through thoughts, actions, may be people can discourage with their words. But you should be focused on what you want. Don’t pay attentions to any discouragement and work hard for the goals. There will be discouragement all around as human tendency is that they are happy at somebody failure but always sad at somebody’s success. So, you will have to be strong enough and be sure that you are on the right path to success and you are doing well.

Never think anything negative. If you are thinking negative, the negativity will be reflected to all your deeds, thoughts and actions. And you will be doing many mistakes on your path to chase your dream. So, always have positive thoughts and positive actions.

Don’t stop chasing your dream, because dreams do come true. – Sachin Tendulkar

Never compare yourself to others

Each and every human being has different capabilities and abilities. So never try to compare yourself to other or others to you. Everyone is doing their best as per their capabilities. Everyone is fighting their own battle to survive in the world and to make their dreams come true, but instead of comparing try to learn some good points from them and try to practice them in your life. Always see others not as a competitor but see them as a learner and surely you will always get something to learn from them. So, never compare yourself with others but instead compare yourself with the previous you and try to get the best version of you.

Conclusion: How to chase your dream

We can conclude that to chase/ follow your dream you have to be Courageous, Self-confident and Self-motivated. These three features you have to bring them in your life to make your dream come true. Never get demoralise from the failure or discouragements, you will only learn and become perfect from the failures and mistakes. So never get upset or stop performing, but instead learn a lesson form your failures and try to get the best out of it.

Always think big and positive which can make your life cheerful and always think your cherished moment.

Always try and try. Never be afraid from trying after failure. Failures will come but you have to try and don’t give up. You have already gone through our child hood poem “The Incy wincy Spider”, there he keeps on trying to climb the spout but rain wash him away every time, but one fine sunny day there was no rain and he finally climbed the spout with a success. Similarly, we have to keep on giving our efforts and 100% against our failure and one day we will defeat the failure and our dream will come true. “HELP YOURSELF AND GIVE YOUR BEST, NO ONE CAN STOP YOU FROM FULFILLING YOUR DREAMS”

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