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Ethics at work

Every experience during the year 2020, has made us realise the importance of various undermined qualities in people at work. One of the example is the good ethics at work. Often overlooked, this quality in an employee as well as employer provides an organisation the best results in the most efficient manner.

  1. What importance do the good ethics at work hold?
  2. What are good ethics at work?
  3. How to maintain good ethics at work?
  4. Benefits in your daily life from good work ethics?
  5. How will your professional life be benefitted from good ethics at work?

What importance do the good ethics at work hold?

Good ethics at work hold a certain importance in the workplace. The points marking out the importance held by a good ethics at work are below:

  • An individual is more certain to gain confidence among colleagues as well as seniors by maintaining strong and good work ethics.
  • It will make you trustworthy and reliable. This will further help you grow your personal network in the workplace.
  • Good work ethics are also a symbol for being dedicated as well as committed towards the organisation.
  • Your determination can be evaluated on the basis of the balance of the work ethics you possess as an individual.
  • Working in an environment with a strong and good work ethic elevates the two characteristics important for growth, dependability as well as accountability.
  • Good work ethics promote healthy competition among the employees. This leads to the betterment of an organisation.

What are good ethics at work?

Everyone today needs the best for their organisation. Hiring process has turned into an underlying competition between different organisations and employers. While the process might seem tiring, it surely benefits the future of an organisation.

So why leave this process untouched by the most important criteria in an employee? That criteria is none other than good work ethics. Why not fish out people who are reliable and beneficial for the business in the long run? So it is very important for us to give good work ethics the credit it deserves. Some of the good work ethics include,


Integrity is choosing your actions based on value rather than personal gain.

Integrity is actually a character trait. At the same time it becomes the integral part of ethics at work. So, integrity combines honesty, loyalty and trustworthiness. This is also about individual’s commitment to organisation values. Employee with integrity are more reliable for any employer.


Do what is right, not what is easy.

Dedication is about doing right things, consistently. Making choice between what is right to do against what is easy to do is an important ethic. Success requires you to be consistent and self disciplined to fight off every obstacle that comes your way. The lack of resilience or dedication will cost you high in the long run.


Many people are found saying, “It is just work nothing to be so serious about”. The very sentence makes one sound unprofessional and thus lowers you down in the preference levels. One should keep in mind that word is about being professional.

You will be judged on your seriousness towards work. No one wants their hard work to be taken lightly. The hiring managers make sure to access you on the basis of professionalism. You being professional towards your work not only encourages self but people around you too.

Adaptability in the workplace

Have you ever seen stagnant water? It is a source for development of unwanted flies spreading diseases and pollution. Similar happens when you get to the point of stagnation in your career. This can only be avoided by keeping a scope for adaptability in the workplace and improvement in yourself. Therefore another appreciated good work ethic is being flexible to improvement. So the desire to improve and learn should always be on the check-list of hiring managers.

Taking initiatives

The employees are most of the times provided with a clear cut idea of what is expected from them. But at times your higher-ups and employers might want you to take the initiative. This can be a secret campaign to judge you on the basis of individuality and independence of thought as well as execution.

Through assessing your ability to take initiative different soft skills at work are also put into evaluation. One of the soft skills being tested in this is teamwork as well as confidence in self. Therefore having the independence to take initiative is one good work ethic.


At the end what matters? Is it how talented you are? How hard working you are? Or is it how punctual you are? Is it how consistent you are? Though very important aspects of good work ethic, none of the above matters when it comes to productivity or the results. Therefore, productivity levels by the certain individual at work decides the end game and the winner takes over everything.

Productivity or result is your certification for presenting when undergoing a hiring process. Therefore maintaining good result quality is also very necessary for the required icing on your good work ethics of a cake.

Being Punctual

Being punctual is one of the necessary weapon an employee can possess. One should never forget, “Success not only lies in trying but having the decency to show up at the right time“. And true it stands. Any individual maintaining punctuality at the workplace not only showcases commitment but also is a very symbolic example of the company’s Morales.

Many researchers have pointed out people having different perceptions of time. Which can be reasoned with. But laziness should not be promoted by the company, the employer or the employees. At the end of the day, it is the most punctual individual who is most relied upon. So, being punctual and committed are like two parallel lines. Never cross each other but are moving ahead together with the possibility of meeting at some point at infinity.

Maintaining Focus

Our brain needs about 20 minutes to get back into focus after reverting an email.

– A study by UC Irvine

Keeping in mind to hire people who are focused should be on the checklist of hiring managers. People who are extremely talented but if they lack the talent of being able to concentrate may turn them in to a bad performer. Focus on work is a part of good work ethics.

How to maintain good ethics at work?

If ethics are poor at the top, the behaviour is copied down through the organisation.

– Robert Noyce

Leadership team of any organisation plays important role to maintain good ethics at work. Some of the highlights can be as below.

Employees being provided a clear goal or objective

It is sometimes difficult for the employees to decipher the exact wants of the employer. This can lead to misconceptions and therefore the employees are not able to deliver what the employer seeks.

Thus, providing a clear goal or objective to the employee as well as conveying it to your colleagues is very necessary. This helps strengthen the good work ethics in the work environment, not only for employees but the employers as well.

Facilitating needful mentorship

Facilitating needful mentorship to the employees is very necessary. Mentorship does not mean carving out another you but it means giving an individual the flexibility to grow into their best, under your guidance. This is again a factor that polishes both, the work ethics in the employee as well as employer.

Maintaining a feedback culture

This point sounds very easy and might not be appealing. But, as rightly been pointed out by Elon Musk himself, ” I think it’s very important to have a feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better”. This very statement enlightens hours on the importance of maintaining a feedback culture among employees and employers. Constructive criticism has always been a method of growth in an individual. Similarly feedback culture helps you grow and learn while polishing your work ethics.

Maintaining Discipline

As Albert Einstein rightly mentioned, “Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.” This culture being appreciated in your work environment will help employees be boosted with enthusiasm. Self Discipline definitely plays the greatest role when it comes to achieving higher goals and objectives. Remember employees discipline is directly proportional to company’s growth and gain.

Benefits in your daily life from good work ethics

Good work ethics include; being punctual, being focused, and being able to manage time. All these characteristics in an individual are not only appreciated at the workplace but they also mark a great deal on your daily life.

As an individual on this earth many people suffer a great deal when it comes to developing habits like punctuality, focus etc. And having good work ethics benefit your daily life with you growing as an individual. Not only are you good at work but you are good at maintaining your personal equations as well as life.

How will your professional life be benefitted from good work ethics?

Professional life can benefit loads when it comes to working on good work ethics. Some very common benefits to the professional life that come with good work ethics are,

  • People at work start being dependable on you. Which puts you on a hotspot. You are more likely to climb the ladder of competition at a much faster rate than any other colleague.
  • You will be one of the preferences when it comes to representing your company or organisation. This will give you a wide reach. You can choose to benefit individually from this reach or grow with your respective company.
  • Good work ethics can benefit your professional life by laying opportunities in your way. Now, who doesn’t want that?


An individual with a perfectly balanced variety of work ethic characteristics is preferred by any organisation. This preference will ensure success in the near future without comparing the talent levels.

This is just metaphorical to the story of the Hare and the Tortoise. The Hare might turn out overconfident but the Tortoise will sooner or later persistently reach the set target for success.

An individual possessing good work ethics will put forth flexibility thus the scope of improvement. Just like clay that can be moulded into the perfect sculpture. Therefore, what are good work ethics at work? They are the ladder to consistency and success. Good work ethics in the workplace are characteristics that should be nurtured in individuals.

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