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Personal Growth

Each and every human being have their own sets of personal growth. Personal growth criteria can vary from person to person. As each one is different and each one has their own choices. Personal Growth is the important part of person emotional, social and phycological wellbeing.

The more you are growing yourself and getting updated the more you will enjoy in the world. As with the time span, we are growing in age similarly we have to grow personally too. We need to be compatible with the surrounding. Personal growth can be of any types, for example, social growth, phycological growth, financial growth, hobby growth, organisational personal growth.

Personal growth can be learned through teachers, professors, our seniors, juniors’ peers etc. At some level everyone teaches us or motivate us to grow.

Types of personal growth

  • Professional Growth
  • Personal Growth
  • Health growth
  • Respect in the society

All these four growths together make your personal growth.

Professional Growth

Growth in professional life means that you are doing job in the field you like, you are happy with the present work. You are working hard to get financial stability and trying to achieve the finance that you think is worth for you. You are doing good in your work and you are happy with the current scenario. So, growing in the professional field is to get what you want whether it is financially, positional or mental peace. You are working on them and growing yourself to have all these things while you are not compromising with anything, will be considered as your professional growth.

Personal Growth

Personal growth is for an individual personal life. After all we are struggling hard to live a happy and caring personal life. As from a child we are studying, getting degrees and working hard in jobs to earn good money etc. All this we are doing just to have good personal life. So, personal growth matters a lot. Growth in personal life is like you are working hard and earning good. Or you are married and you have a beautiful married life and kids. You have a supportive family who is always at your support and are your back pillars. That personal life with satisfaction and happiness is your personal growth.

Health Growth

Our eating habits and lifestyle contributes a lot to our health. For example moving in cars have reduced our walking. We have stopped working hard and have electronics machine to work for us. We have T.V, music systems etc that keep us entertain and make us sit at one place. All these things have negative affect on our body. These all may create health problems like Hypertension, Migraine, Diabetes, and the list does not end. So, we have to grow in our health condition too.

Health growth means that you are fit, free from any diseases and problems. To achieve that, you have to do regular exercises, change your lifestyles and eating habits. For example stop eating junk foods, eat fresh homemade food and seasonal food. Also last but not the least have spiritual Growth. Learn to thank God at least once a day. Read spiritual books, listen to spiritual music that will help you make your mind calm and peaceful. All this thing will make you understand things on higher level with utmost maturity. Once you are free from all the problem and you are growing healthy you are enjoying all that you want, because it can be said as “HEALTHY YOU, HEALTHY ALL”

Respect in the society

This topic can be considered as your social growth. Socially you are respected and admire by everyone means that you have done a good job in social growing. Do social work, which does not mean to do NGO related work. But you can get involved in any small things around you. Volunteer in your society functions, organise small party for your kid and their friends and make them learn how to be socially connected.

Learn to do ethical work, don’t do anything wrong that can make you and other suffer.  Try to help others and do work with some moral values. This will give you; mental peace and you will not be committing any crime which in turn will give you happy life.

4 simple rules for Personal Growth

Be confident

First and the most important rule of growing is self-confidence. One should have confidence in what ever they are doing. If you are not confident enough then you are not giving your 100% in achieving what you want and you will be always be in the discouragement. If you are confident enough your actions will give the best shot and you will easily handle whatsoever the situation you are in. So, never loose hope and be confident enough while doing anything in your life. This is the most important personal growth point that one has to keep in mind and should work on it.

Be Vocal

Be vocal and talk about your thoughts and your mind. Have a conversation with the audience so that you come to know that your thinking is going in the right growing direction or you are thinking something useless and meaningless. Try to make your thinking meaningful so that everyone like talking with you and everyone will appreciate your imagination and your thinking level instead of going away from you thinking that you are wasting time in the meaningless topics.

Learn new things

Always get updated with the present scenario. Try to learn or go through any new thing that you are not aware of, subscribe newspaper’s, magazine articles etc and read. We know our mobiles get updated every few months and they are launched with new applications every month; do you know why they are doing so? Because our technology is changing with high speed and we don’t want people to lack behind from learning new applications and growing and getting updated. Similarly, it is not only with the gadget’s, same rule applies for us too. Always get updated with the present conditions and always be aware of what is going on in the world through reading, writing or listening.

Live limitless to chase your dreams

Personal growth is not just about learning new information but also about unlearning old limits.

Chasing your dreams is the most important things one need in the personal growth criteria. You are achieving what you really want is the best example of one’s personal growth. Think big, dream big and put your thoughts into actions and try to make your dreams come true.

The best project you will ever work on is YOU.

Once you know the above 4 rules, next thing is to start working on it. Execution or getting thins done is an art. Learn more about how to get things done.

Why you need Personal Growth

Change is inevitable but personal growth is a choice – Bob proctor

Increase productivity

Personal growth is required to make sure that you are a multitasking person. You can perform on too many areas at the same time with great efforts and confidence and you should achieve the best out of it. You are proving that you are doing and capable enough to handle too many situations at the same time with immense courage and intelligence. For example, you can handle professional, personal and social life smoothly and you are giving equal time to all the important thing’s required for you to be happy and live a joyful life.

Bring you Success

Personal growth makes you self-reliant and self-confident enough that you handle the situations with utmost courage and understanding. Whether it is your personal life or professional life in both the case you will be successful and happy person.

Develop your own identity

Personal growth gives you the believe that you can do something for yourself or you have to do something for your own self. You will try to make your own identity in every possible way. We all like to get addressed by our own talent, by our own identity.  Personally, growing can be in any area not only professionally but also you can have your own identity in your school, college. If you are elder people you can grow too by manging religious gatherings singing beautiful bhajans, narrating spiritual or religious stories, through this too you can have your own identity and people will remember you through your work.

Benefits of personal Growth

Boost your self-confidence

Personally, growing will always make you believe that you are living in the present scenario and you are not lacking. You are living a compatible life as per the present scenario and you are easily involved in all the things.  All this positive feedback will lead to the path of confidence, and you will be at the highest level of your confidence. But never be over confident or else you will be on the wrong path and it will not be considered as personal growth.

You have a leadership quality

People believe that you are a leader, your approaching skills towards certain things, your way of handling with confidence and courage, your outcome from the struggle all help you to lead. People think you are responsible enough to take the responsibility and you will give your best for the same.

Good parenting skills

Parenting is the most difficult job everyone faces once in their life, although we love our kids beyond anything but to bring them up is the far most difficult challenge one face in their life. Our knowledge and the new things we learn and our tendency to grow will help us up-bring our children with great love, affection and we will be able to make them learn good values too.

Conclusion: Personal growth

We have read so many types of growth and all this type of growth works hand in hand. If one is missing than we will not be 100% growing. So, give your best to all the types of growth and try to work on your weak point and give your best.   Learn new things and get updated technologically, except the changes easily and get the best out of you.

Behavioural changes also play a great role in the personal growth. Always have broadness in your thoughts, if your thoughts are narrow you are considered as in the shell and you are not growing, you are creating problem to yourself and people surrounding you by your narrow mindset which is not acceptable now a days, and that is the reason everyone should get updated and stop their narrow mindset thoughts which makes unpleasant scene.

Improve your sense of humour so that you are involve in the present. Have a positive, sense full conversation with the people surrounding you. take positive advice and give others positive advices too. Make positivity flow through your mind, soul, deeds and actions.


Recommended books for personal growth

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