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Creative thinking skills

What are creative thinking skills?

Creative thinking is just finding new way for the problem solving that make your work simple and effortless. Skills to come up with the new way are called creative thinking skills. It is just doing the things in your own unique way that brings benefit to you or the organization you are working with. If you are giving your best then Creativity will always lead to appreciation and excepted by everyone.

Creative thinking is all about finding your own way to make task easy and effortless.

One should always have the curiosity to learn new things. All our scientist had invented and discovered so many things just not because they wanted to but because they were curious about things. As we know our famous Newton law of gravity. As we all know, it was the result of his curiosity about how did apple fall down from a tree.

Curiosity leads to creativity

Tips to develop your creative thinking skills

Think for the easiest way

Thinking of the easiest way to do work also need a lot of imagination and efforts. But we should never stop thinking of the easiest way. Out subconscious mind is designed to think quick as it is considered as lazy. So, we are easily capable enough to find and think of the easiest way to do our work.  There is no harm in finding out the easiest way and finding the easy solution for our tough jobs. By doing this we are saving time, money and our efforts. Not willing to work hard can also lead to creative ideas at some level.


Have open discussion with all. Talk with others regarding any topic maybe you may find a key or a link to find any innovative ideas. Sometimes you see people struggle and you think of doing something for them. May be this can lead to sow a seed of innovation. You may also come up with something innovative just to help them. Take break and talk to juniors, youngster, as they seem to be more creative. They can also help you with fresh new ideas and technologies which we are not aware of.

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Get updated

Try to learn new things and get inspired by the new things or technology coming up in the market. We have brought so much change and innovation in each and every area which is unbelievable. That means that we are still showing our creative thinking skills and world is excepting it. So, don’t think that all the innovations are completed and you have nothing to do. Keep on thinking, learning and getting updated. Always get updated with the present conditions. Be aware of what is going on in the world through reading, writing or listening.

Self Confidence

Have confidence in you that you can achieve all your thoughts and have faith in you. For that you have to work hard and do efforts.  First and the most important rule of growing is self-confidence. One should have confidence in whatever they are doing. If you are not confident enough then you are not giving your 100% in achieving what you want and you will be always be in the discouragement. If you are confident enough your actions will give the best shot. It will also help you to easily handle whatsoever the situation you are in. So, never loose hope and be confident enough while doing anything in your life. This is the most important point that one has to keep in mind and should work on it.

Our efforts are never wasted, It always pays us back.

Go around or wander

One should understand that everything has importance in life and you should do it to some extent. For example, wandering around. Although it may not sound fruitful and we all have gone through it when specially our parents are always against our wandering habits. Sometimes, we see new things when we move freely without any stress. Roam around in the fresh air, try to feel and sense the things going around you, may be any of your imagination can make you motivated to do something in your life.

Use social media platform

As we know, now a day’s social media have a lot of power. They can make anyone celebrity and they can make anyone ruin their life. We have to choose such platform wisely whether we need to use it for constructive thoughts or for destructive thoughts. Try to learn positive and constructive things. Use them to get some ideas. Learn how to start, how to end, what you should think about and get motivated by successful people videos. Go through newspaper’s, books, Articles and magazines etc for sure you will get inspired.

Choose your friends wisely

Our Friend circle matters a lot in our life. Because they are the one who stays with us for the whole time throughout our journey and they know us better than any one else. They know our strength and our weaknesses too. Our friend’s opinion will always be involved in our life decisions. But what matters is that friends should be guiding us to correct path and to save us from the wrong path. So, make friendship with creative people, encouraging people, who are always for you with genuine opinion. This can help you to progress and always avoid discouraging friends.

Talk to people from different field

People from different area have their own different thinking. Everyone has best and experience thinking in the field they are working. They have expertise in that platform so try to gain knowledge from people from different areas. Maybe you can get some ideas or tips to start with the creativity. Talking to people from different field can give us certain creative thinking which we cannot foresee with our current technology and limitation.

Methods to discover your creative thinking skills

Rethink or Reapply

It is a very common practice that we always follow the routine which we have already learned. If someone or any circumstances are changing our way we are upset and consider it as a failure. Just to elaborate this in simple words like if I am making Curry in a particular style in my kitchen. My entire life I would prefer to make and eat it in the same way. If someone try to get me with new idea for how to make it tastier, I will just not accept it and consider it as a failure. So, we should always welcome rethinking and reapplying process in our life which can lead to some new method or new process. It will make you from better to best.

Always try to do things differently

If we are doing same thing again and again, we are surely getting bored. So, always try to do something new. Try to do things with different aspects and see the results. You will face failures when you are trying to do something different but you should never get demotivated by the failures.

Failures are the initial steps to success.

Try to combine “2” ideas

New ideas are always born from combining “2” ideas together. Think of a creative idea by using similar ideas and take the best out of two. You will surely be able to invent something new. Now a days you can see so many food dishes have been launched which are finally combinations of two famous dishes and they are appreciated by the audience too. This is just an example to make you understand that you can get 3rd idea by the combination of two creative ideas.

Problem solving skills

Problem solving skills will always lead you to bring new solution and unique way to deal with the situation. It is basically finding the solution that didn’t exist. So problem solving will always lead to a creativity and new ideas. Always try to think in a new way to handle the problem. Use your senses, thoughts and mind, to bring the best solution out.  Make problems description clear, this will help you to achieve the correct root cause analysis and you can also know the impact of the problem. Try to learn the problem and the cause once both are clear try to find out some solution. This brainstorming can also be the cause of creative solution.

Components of creative thinking skills


God have made us to think, human being has the power to think for present, past and future too. But it is our responsibility to think positive. Our thoughts play the important role in our actions. Because we are reflecting our thoughts into actions. So always think positive, big and creative. Keep all the negative thoughts aside and work on the positivity.

Creative thoughts are linked with the positive thoughts too. Think about every small scenario and how you can bring creativity or how you can change the thing’s for the benefit.


We all need motivation at some point of life.  We often feel low when we face our failure or discouragements. But we have to look for the motivation our self. Two ways to find motivation are: Self-motivation and get motivated by others. Motivation will help you think efficiently and accurately. Motivation always boost energy source and you will try to give your best in whatever field you are trying.

There will be many disappointments, discouragement and failures in everyone life, no one life is working smoothly but only the difference is about the handling. Some people get failure too seriously and no motivation help them to come out of the failure, some people always seek for the motivation and those people are always doing there best and getting success in their life.


Strategic management is important and it is required not only in the workplace but also in day-to-day work. Strategic management is working on your time and work simultaneously.  Your creative thinking skills with strategic planning will surely give you the best outcome. So always use your time, skills, thoughts etc strategically.

Where you can use creative thinking skills

“Creativity is an art”. Creative thinking skills can be used by any one irrespective of caste, creed or age. There is no place where creativity cannot be used, whether you are cooking at home or you are a CEO of a company, each and every where creative is used. E.g., mothers are using creativity in their food to make their kids eat vegetables, company are using creativity in their advertisement to sell their products, schools are using creative skills to make children learn big values practically. So, there are “n” number of areas where creativity can be used.

There is no stop to Creativity.

Conclusion for Creative thinking skills

Everyone is creative, just trust yourself.

In such a competitive world, everyone is working hard to do there best and be a lead, everyone needs a creative mind to think uniquely and in different way to gain success. In any simple work, you have to use creativity in your work to bring the best out of it. One should believe that each everyone has their own unique thinking capabilities and they are giving their best in the talent.

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This article is contributed by Ms. Pragya Delhiwala. Experienced as a quality engineer after completing her education: 2nd rank BE in Electronics & Communications; 1st rank MBA in TQM. She is passionate about management, writing and painting.

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