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Self belief

We all are grown up with certain belief systems. These belief are about everything including our surroundings, environment, objects, people we meet and also our self. Our belief about our self is called self belief.

What is Self Belief

Self Belief is your ability to understand and believe in yourself. Sounds very easy but sometimes this may be challenging. Self belief requires skills like clarity of thoughts, introspection, understanding of things about you. All these together creates your own perceptions about yourself. Most of our decisions are driven by this perception or in other words, self belief. Our self belief plays key role in what do we achieve in our life or how successful we are.


How to self-Belief in you

Self confidence

Self- Confidence is the road to self-belief. When you are confident enough on your words, thoughts and action you will automatically be led to a path of self-belief. Self-confidence is having faith in you and your action’s ability to handle certain situations.

First and the most important rule of growing is self-confidence. One should have confidence in whatever they are doing, if you are not confident enough then you are not giving your 100% in achieving what you want and you will always be in the discouragement. If you are confident enough your actions will give the best shot and you will easily handle whatsoever the situation you are in. So, never loose hope and be confident enough while doing anything in your life. This is the most important personal growth point that one has to keep in mind and should work on it

Self awareness

Self-awareness is your continuous concern about your ability to handle situations. Sometimes, it can also be learned from your failures. Learn to be more self-confident and self-conscious and try to give your best.

We should be aware about our own capability to do the best for us. You have to know yourself, what are your weakness and also what are your strength. Work on your weakness and try to shine in those area. Working hard on yourself for your own personal development and growth means self-awareness for our self. Always give time to think about yourself. Think in which area you are lacking and in which area you are strong, try to work out your weak areas. Always try to learn new things and get updated. Never hesitate to learn new things and if you don’t want to learn at least try to gain some knowledge. Read books, newspapers, articles, magazines, etc, attend different pieces of training, webinars. Trust it your knowledge will never be wasted.



Self awareness and self-consciousness can be considered as same. Both are linked together in some way. Awareness in our precautionary attitude and self-consciousness is our belief that we are not doing wrong or we are doing what is good for us. There is very minute difference between both the words, but working on both of them will definitely take you to the road to success.

Don’t compare yourself to others

Sometimes, we become our own enemy in real expect. The main reason is because we may not feel happy with our present situations or what we have. We may become sad for what we don’t have and start running behind it. This is a result of the tendency to compare everything. We even compare our self to others. As we know we all are born with different ability and capability, but still, we are comparing and ruining our self. We should always have faith in our self, in whatever we are doing is good for us and same goes for others too. We should really stop this habit of comparing our self to others and we should stop demoralising our capabilities.

Communication skills

Your communication skills play a very important role in your self-belief. One should work on our way of delivering speech and listening. Both should go hand in hand when you are communicating. Communicate with both mouth and ears then only audience will be connected to you.  Learn to use proper pronunciation, grammatically correct and not in abusive manner.

Live for yourself

Everyone like their own personal space at some point. We like to relax, chill or enjoy some music. We should spare some time for us go for window shopping, or simply have a cup of coffee at coffee shop or do whatever you like or you are interested in. when you are living for yourself you will have time to understand yourself and the surrounding things related to you. And you will be able to work on yourself to complete the gap of success. Take time for friends and family and spend happy time with them.

How Self-belief will benefit you

You will be self-confident

Self-belief will boost up your confidence level as you will know yourself better and what you can do. You will be sure for the tasks you are performing with full confidence and positivity that you can achieve it.


You will take up responsibility

You know your strength and weakness well, so, you will be taking up responsibility in your strong areas. It will help you to give your best to reach that success and you will be capable enough to take a lead. Others will believe in you and your leadership quality. you can gain trust by taking up responsibility and trying to fulfil it with ease.

You will achieve your dream

Chasing your dream need a great courage and self-confidence. It is very difficult to learn that your dream is your destiny and to fulfil that destiny you have to go through a lot of struggles. But the believe and trust you have on yourself will give you positivity to complete and fulfil your dream and admire it and live it.

Help from parenting to workplace

Self -belief will help you in all the work you are doing. Parenting is another challenge in one’s life that everyone had to face, we have seen people saying that they are not yet ready to welcome parenthood because they are not self- confident about themselves, they don’t have self- belief whether they have the ability to upbring a child. Similarly, at workplace too we are not able to give our 100% in some areas because we belief that we are not good and we are giving our best at places where we have full confidence on us.

Better Health

When you are satisfied with the life and your capabilities and you are doing well in your career or in other things you will be self-satisfied, calm, happy and your mind will be in peace. Your happiness and satisfaction will keep you healthy.

Healthy Relationship

When we are living a peaceful life, with full joy and happiness we are mentally satisfied and our relationship with everyone is maintained. Whether it is with your partners, your friends or family etc we share a healthy relationship with each and everyone.

Self-belief and other components

Self-belief and success

To achieve success in your work you have to self believe in you. Have confidence in whatever you are doing. Your confidence will give you positivity and it will reflect in your thoughts and actions and you will be performing your best. Always learn new things and always work on your weaknesses. Self-belief and success go hand in hand so work hard on yourself and no one can stop you from your goals.

Self- belief and inspiration

Everyone needs motivation at some point. No one is perfect or no one have same happy time. Time changes for each one of us to judge our way of coping up. So, we all need motivation or inspiration to come out from our low days, or for our struggle days. Similarly, we can also be a role model for others so they can also achieve something in life. Always belief in you, work hard and achieve success and be an inspiration to others.

Self-belief and personality development

One should have self-belief in whatever they are doing, if you are not confident enough then you are not giving your 100% in achieving what you want and you will be always be in the discouragement. If you are confident enough your actions will give the best shot and you will easily handle whatsoever the situation you are in. So, never loose hope and be confident enough while doing anything in your life. This is the most important personal growth point that one has to keep in mind and should work on it.

Always get updated with the present scenario. Try to learn or go through any new thing that you are not aware of, subscribe newspaper’s, magazine articles etc and read. We know our mobiles get updated every few months and they are launched with new applications every month; do you know why they are doing so? Because our technology is changing with high speed and we don’t want people to lack behind from learning new applications and growing and getting updated. Similarly, it is not only with the gadget’s, same rule applies for us too. Always get updated with the present conditions and always be aware of what is going on in the world through reading, writing or listening.

Self-belief and Parenting

Never compare your kids or parenting style. We all are born different with various capabilities and abilities, if we all are born with same capabilities than there would be no growth. Similarly, our kids have different capabilities. So, never compare them to others and never demotivate their skills and talent. But understand your kids’ capabilities and try to bring them out. Likewise, never compare your way of parenting. Each and every parent think what is best for their kids so they are the one who are doing right. Listen to everyone, take advices from all but think from your heart and mind what is good for you and for your kids. Have confidence in your kids and your parenting techniques.


You should always have faith and confidence in your capabilities and abilities. First step is believing in yourself then other will believe in you and show their trust on you. You have to be sure that yes you can do it and if you have that belief then no one can stop you from doing what you want. There is no one who cannot do anything in life, each and every one has to believe in themselves and if they don’t believe they lose hope and successes in life.

Change the word “I CAN’T TO I CAN” and success will be yours.

Books recommended for Self Belief

Article Credit

This article is contributed by Ms. Pragya Delhiwala. Experienced as a quality engineer after completing her education: 2nd rank BE in Electronics & Communications; 1st rank MBA in TQM. She is passionate about management, writing and painting.

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