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Habits for success

Why that some people are more successful and some are not? Well, there are may be tons of reasons. However, the secret lies in their habits. Study habits of successful people and you will find the key to your success. Lets see below what are habits for success.

Break bad habits, build good habits and and you are on roads for success

Here are a few habits for success you need to develop.

Smallest thing like simply daily routine, has large compounding effect on your success.

There has to be a first time for everything, even our most basic habit. If you have been practicing it wrongly, do not worry. Start today, plan you’re routine. Trust me you will feel a lot better.

Habits for success: Wakeup & sleep cycles

Wake up before the sun

This is the stepping stone for good habit, get out of the house and get some fresh air. Early morning walking or jogging will sooth your soul. As you’re walking listen to your favourite music, this will set your mood for the rest of the day.

Regularize your sleeping pattern

If you want to wake up early, go to bed early. There are no two ways for this. Sleep well for at least 6 to 8 hours during the night. Research suggests that sleeping around 10pm and waking up before 6pm is an ideal time to get a good sleep. If you have other priorities, make sure you get adequate sleep.

Habits for success: Mind your health

Discipline your body

Schedule your workout pattern and involve yourself in a lot of physical activities. This will improve your physical and mental health. Healthy mind is a clear mind which in turn helps you to achieve your goals and opens your way to success.

There is a saying that goes, “without discipline there is no life” which no one can deny.

Eat healthy  

Eat a balanced food and eat only adequate most important is to eat on time. A nutritious food in the right proportion helps you stay fit; this enhances positivity and brings success.

Habits for Success: Be effective

Stay organized

Being organized is a key to success. Such organization includes planning and prioritizing things. Maintain a check list; it will be helpful to analyze things accordingly. Planning and organising skills gives you a sense of direction towards your success.

Continuous Reading

Keep reading as much as you can. Some read for leisure and some for gaining knowledge, In fact successful people do both. When you practice continuous reading, you become more powerful and authoritative and success is already in your hands.

Think ahead  

Always draw a big picture about your future. Set your goals high, when you exactly know what you want to achieve then there is no looking back. Plan ahead of time and always have a plan B.

Execute things

Planning and prioritizing is good but when it’s not done in action then what’s the point. Get in to action and start executing things as and when needed. Don’t wait for the right time, this is the time and you have to make it right. Executing doesn’t necessarily mean doing all things on your own. You need to master the art of how to get things done.

Be proactive

Proactive thinkers do not give up easily, they are the problem solvers. They take initiative to make things successful. To be more proactive, you need to stay with your word. Don’t make unnecessary promises which you cannot fulfil.

Habits for success: Limit your Gadget time

Do you even realize how much time is wasted on our gadgets? You might want to argue about this. If you say it is because of work, I will not agree. Think again. Recent study says an average adult will spend an equivalent of 34 years of their life staring at the screen. Surprised? Without you realizing you give too much attention to your gadgets, this will not just spoil your routine but will become a threat to your good habits.

Gadgets influences our habits, and also our success.

I’m not portraying gadgets as your enemies; but you should learn how to use, when to use and for what purpose.

Gadgets demand more attention

In today’s era Google has become your best friend, even for the simplest things you look up to Google. You think it saves your time, but in truth you end up wasting time searching for an answer that you already know.  You also tend to spend an additional time because you end up scrolling irrelevant stuff.

Is it necessary to spend hours on social media?

Mindlessly we keep scrolling the social media for hours and hours, this a first sign of addiction. When this happens you forget the rest, you forget the work, forget the sleep and forget you’re routine. These gadgets tire your eyes and body and thus you refrain from following your habits.

Stop being a couch potato

Your smart phones have endless features and apps; it would make you feel all comfortable on your couch throughout the day. At one point when you are bored or say when your phone runs out of battery you are forced to put your phone away, how do you feel? Yes, you might feel exhausted and dizzy, ever wondered what made you so tired without doing much, the reason is your smart phone.  It drains out your energy both physically and mentally and thus your normal functioning stops.

Digital detox

When you realize that your gadgets are refraining from following your schedule, that’s when you need a digital detox at least temporarily. Try out this phase and see the change. You will be more organized, you can manage your time more effectively also this will lead a way to success.

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