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Self Discipline

Everyone has a goal thought and set for themselves. Does it appear potentially difficult to achieve those goals? Ever wondered what could be some of the very commonly discarded yet important reasons behind these difficulties? If you think it is difficult to find the reason, then, maybe you need to change the direction of your thoughts! And if you are self aware, then you are bound to acknowledge the importance of self discipline. Yes, lack of self discipline can play a major role in holding you back from your targets. On the other hand, working on your self discipline will take you closer to achievement of your goals.

Being here, and following up on this article is definitely one step towards you trying. And trying finally makes the bridge between better and the best. Here is your path of embarking on a journey of,

  • What is Self discipline?
  • Importance of self discipline
  • How can you build your Self discipline?
  • What are various benefits of being Self disciplined?

What is Self discipline?

The terms self discipline can be defined technically as, “Self discipline is enabling our consciousness to keep in check hard work through strictly following a worked out plan, without any external pressure.” Self control involves all the words with self, except for selfish or even that at times! Making yourself equipped with enhanced willpower, determination and zeal to achieve can also be defined as Self discipline.

Self discipline brings you to the brim of success.

Yes, a little high maintenance, but self-discipline definitely is an aspect everyone needs to inculcate. One should keep in mind that there is a long way between, goals and accomplishing them. Goals can only be achieved through being persistent and constant with every daily life. Making use of every second in the right direction, through right push, will bring you to achieve your goals. This is all brought into reality by being self disciplined.

What is importance of self discipline?

Self Discipline for better quality of life is just as important as oxygen for life. In every field present, Health, Education, Sports, improving your soft skills and personality development, self discipline brings the life changing magic. Self discipline proves to be important in every aspect of life, to mention some are,

  • Process of Weight Loss
  • Increasing your rate of exercising per day.
  • Cutting off procrastination from your life
  • Achieve success at work.
  • Keep you away from overwhelming emotions.
  • Maintaining your relationships better, both at work and at home.

Many studies have shown limelight on the fact that, people laced with self control or discipline are more likely to evade situations like, eating abnormally and abusing alcohol.

Also these people manage to earn increased levels of self-esteem, better relationships as well as well balanced emotional states. It has also been pointed out that, people with Self discipline inculcated are usually found to be content and happy with their situation at hand.

How can you build your self discipline?

There are numerous ways to achieve a goal. This makes every other story a different one. Not only different but also inspiring and touching various unexplored domains.

Not only this but, the example of Dr. Rajendra Prasad, being able to solve each question in 5 different methods is also a very reasonable example.

Here discussed are a few strategic approaches to keep building your self-discipline,

Derive Motivation

Have you ever witnessed yourself working without being distracted? Work becoming your only distraction?

For instance if you are given back a drawing assignment as home work. What will you do? Your first reaction will be a big smile! And definitely not a big “NOOOOOO!” following the announcement of a math assignment.

Ever wondered why? Why is an assignment of drawing much more likely to be easier in comparison to the math assignment?

This is all because of your intent or motive to carry on the work. The motivation to draw and enjoy is all it takes for you to find discipline in the act. Therefore, it is very necessary to be motivated, in order to practice, Self-Discipline.

Thus, you have to make sure to derive your motivation in a certain task. This helps with continuation of that task in the best possible manner.

Scoop Out the Temptations

Temptations are never good. They take more away than they actually award. For example, How can we forget Eve and the results for her temptations towards an apple? This resulted in nothing but her being cursed.

Temptations make us blind and lead towards doom more than success. A very popular example can be of Duryodhana ( One of the 100 Kauravas from Mahabharata). Duryodhana, on being offered the first chance to choose between Shri Krishna and his army, got tempted. The idea of owning a great army had him take a rash decision and lose in the end.

Therefore to attain success what you need is, scooping out those temptations. Discarding temptations will help you be reasonable and thus discipline self towards the righteous path to your goals.

Planning Clearly

Another way to boost your self discipline is by planning. Planning keeps you on track and helps you report your steps. Thus making a better plan for yourself next time.

Planning can also include enhancing self discipline by setting a goal. The goals can be set according to an individual separately in four  to five different ways. Them being,

  • Hourly goals
  • Daily goals
  • Weekly goals
  • Monthly goals
  • Yearly goals

Planning can also help serve the purpose of enhancing self discipline by challenging oneself. This can be a very effective process. But one thing to be sure about is maintaining healthy competition.  Some challenges for example can be,

  • She completed 2 projects today, I’ll make sure to work efficiently and try my best to beat her to 3.
  • I will not intake sugar the whole day today.
  • I have to complete this chapter by 9pm today. No matter what the conditions.

These challenges or deadlines will compel you to prove yourself. This will lead in maintaining self-discipline.

Seek a friend for help

“What are friends for?” Has your friend ever popped up this question in front of you? Then it is the right time to withdraw this cash in deposit! Yes, maintaining self discipline can be very tough at times. In such times of stress, asking a friend to hold you accountable for tasks is very helpful.

Do not feel bad or hold back on seeking help. At the end of the day, everyone will appreciate your willingness to change for good. And the success at hand will give you hope for a bright future. Therefore, having yourself a friend to hold you accountable can help you maintain self discipline.

Baby Steps is the key

Many people today have come to develop a habit of wanting everything instantly. But, what people forget is, Not even instant noodles are instant enough! And this here is our future and accomplishment of goals. How can this be instantly achieved by performing out one big step?

Let’s understand through an example, Have you ever tried waking up at 4 am all of a sudden? Even though you usually have the waking up time set as 9am? What do you think with this determination? It is of course doomed at the very start!

You can’t just order your trained natural clock to adjust according to your wits. You can only wish for you to slowly and steadily get moulded into a sleep and awake cycle of your desire. Change is never easy and thus needs time. Therefore, you need to be both steady and slow. Because? Slow and steady always manages to win the race.

You can set your time of waking up to be 8:30 am first and then gradually move it to the time slot of 4am in a matter of weeks. Thus maintaining self discipline, being determined, but also reasonable. Thus, baby steps help discipline grow and retain. Don’t be very strict on yourself. Give time to adapt. You will see very optimistic results. But only if you are consistent. Slacking off won’t help in maintaining Self discipline!

Introduce Rewards and Punishments

We have learnt to walk, eat and many more basics all thanks to the reward and punishment method. If we can be us today, through this method. Why not apply it to maintain Self discipline?


They can be of great help if you are motivated by the thought of devouring a reward at the end of a task. For example,

You love chocolates and keep your favourite one as an incentive for completing an assignment for the day. Will you not work religiously to earn that sweet thing? Of course you will.

Thus, chocolate as a reward will bring the required self discipline in you. This will also help in completion of a task with motive being the chocolate!

Yes, at the very start of the incentive or reward method you can get greedy. So, why not ask your friend or colleague to keep your chocolate safe? Only till you are done with your task. This way the loophole in rewards method can be covered.


Well, for some people, gaining rewards isn’t happiness enough to be disciplined. But, an interesting factor is, they are terrified of punishments. So, what can be their way to maintain Self discipline? Deciding a punishment for every task that is not completed.

For example, if you do not prepare a layout today for the presentation on coming Monday. The punishment assigned will be, no social media for the rest of the day! Love social media? Well, then work your way out of the social media ban!

This method is more effective than the rewards method most of the time. Because the sense of gain is joyful but, the sense of loss is definitely something we evade as humans! Therefore, this punishment method maintains Self discipline in an individual.

What are various benefits of being self disciplined?

The article has managed to cover a wide range of benefactor aspects of self discipline. Some of the points to quickly check on benefits of being self disciplined will be,

  • You will nurture the habit of not being impulsive with decision making. Thus, balance out both even and odd aspects.
  • Self-discipline will help you live upto your promises, no matter to self or to others.
  • Effective and tough decisions related to better health will be very easy to implement.
  • You will be far away from procrastinating. This will help in increasing productivity and decreasing unnecessary stress levels.
  • You will be sure to maintain perseverance relating to mundane tasks, no matter their tendency to lack enthusiasm.
  • Self Discipline makes it a lot easier to follow your routine, without losing a breath.
  • Maintaining a proper diet plan is also made a lot easier by self discipline. Always remember,

Discipline enters, where temptations hide in fear!

Conclusion: Self Discipline

Self Discipline teaches, everything is within you. To you will bow, your ambitions and your goals, if only, you have the strength, most likely the inner strength. The inner strength will carve you into a Self-Disciplined human. And then, it’s you who has two options,

  • Do you want to be successful?
  • Do you not want to be successful?

Decide! What will be your choice? Your choice, the surety of making that choice, and the confidence on that choice is all determined by the level of self-discipline one has.

So, before the phrase, “Moving on” pops up in your head, Wait, Think, and Analyse the article and try to mark out the factors you need to inculcate in your life. Inculcate them to gain just the required success.

Everyone dreams of success, but very few are consistent enough!

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