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Motivating a team

As a leader, most important task you need to perform is motivating a team. Leader can not do things all along. You need to learn the art of how to get things done from your team. Your work becomes much easier when your team is motivated and inspired to achieve things.

Good team just don’t work together, they trust, respect and grow together

Your business is all set and you have selected your team, so what next?

In order to achieve your goal, your team needs to be motivated constantly, because unity is strength. Building a team is an important factor in any organization. As a leader you need to support and nurture your team. A happy team performs better and therefore the result is also better. So how can you make your team happy?

Effective ways for motivating a team

Set clear goals

As a leader it’s your responsibility to set clear goals, let them know the priorities.

In a study it is said that around 63% of the employees are not aware about the priorities and the waste a lot of time without doing anything.

Drive the team towards the goal and walk with them in the path of success.

Know your employees

Get to know your employees well and understand their skills. This takes time to listen and learn about each team member, but when you spend time with your employees, make it matter.  Don’t just expect your time and title to inspire them.

Allot specific roles

Delegating work to your team is a complicated task, know their strength and weaknesses and allot work accordingly. Make sure that nobody is over burdened or nobody is left without any work. In short learn to use your resources wisely.

Effective communication

Be transparent with your team and keep communicating with them as frequently as possible. If your team is facing the following issues such as missing deadlines, conflict between the team, endless email threads this is because of miscommunication, and it’s the right time to organize a team communication and bring everything to one place.

Here are few tips to follow effective communication

Be sure

Be sure of what you are communicating to your team do not confuse your team with dubious message. If you are doubtful, prepare yourself first and then take it forward to your team.

Clarity is important

When you give instructions make sure there is a lot of clarity. Repeat your lines and ask questions to understand if the team has got it right.  Use simple words so that everyone from top to bottom level has a clear picture.

Be precise

Don’t drag the conversation, keep it short and simple. Even when you conduct meetings, just come to the point directly.

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Keep it positive

Positivity increases our ability to think creatively, to progress in our careers, to cope with challenges, and to work with other people. It can reduce absenteeism and staff turnover, and lead to more satisfied and productive teams. In short, it’s an essential ingredient for success!

Research shows that positive team can make a real difference, its helps in increasing productivity and also brings success to the organization.

Few tips to create a positive work culture among team:

Make a pleasant entry

Let the mornings be blissful, greet everyone with a warm welcome. Smile and create a happy atmosphere, this will make the employee positive and enthusiastic throughout the day.              

Pay attention

Step in and check on your team members every now and then, show genuine interest in their growth, lifestyle and family.

Give positive feedback

Giving feedback is a form of motivation, keep it positive. Start with an appreciation; after all they need it much for all their efforts. This helps them to perform better and develop in their career. In case if you want them to improve or change their working style be firm and convey it to them in an encouraging manner.

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Create a good working space

Create a work space that is pleasant and vibrant so that the employees are always in high spirit. Research says that a working environment can greatly influence your job.

Get ideas/ suggestions

By constantly encouraging and motivating your employees to think creative you can obtain innovative ideas from your team.

Tips to make your team to think creative:

Welcome new ideas

Be ready for new ideas from all levels; don’t neglect suggestions from employees even when you’re busy. Ask them to email it to you. Or to make it fun, prepare an idea box and let them write their ideas and put it in the box. You can read it loud in your team meetings and discuss the pros & cons. Best ideas can be rewarded.

Don’t hesitate to take risk

Being adventurous is always fun, this might be favorable to you and your team. So try out new ideas even if it is risky.  

Consider the merits of new idea

Consider the possibility of new ideas, and discuss it openly. Let your employee know his/ her ideas are being valued.

Give them the freedom to work independently

Stop micro management, unless you let them work independently, you won’t get any ideas from the team. Give them the freedom to come out with innovative ideas.  

It’s ok to see failures  

Remember new ideas are implemented after a lot of discussion and consideration, in case it fails you cannot blame a single person. Instead learn from the mistake and try ways to improve on the idea as a team.

Create a progressive team

Conduct training and frequent workshops; bring resources that would influence the team in a positive way. With the help of team development training and interactive team building workshops, develop the skills required to maximize the performance of individual on your team.

Fun activities for team building

Fun activities for team building helps team members to come more closer to each other and are very useful in motivating a team. Below are few tips for the same.

Introductory activity

This is a good ice breaker; ask the team to introduce themselves in gibberish (a meaningless language)


Buildup a story related to work and enact with partners

Story telling

Start a story with a sentence and ask the team to continue, each person can narrate one line. Have a beginning, body and conclusion


Mime shows can be conducted by the team members, related to the latest issue that happened at work.

Be creative

Give various props (whatever is available pen, pencil, handkerchief etc) and ask them to create a logo.

Puzzle solving

Cut out the enlarged pictures of team-mates and ask the team to fix it within a limited time.

Memory Wall

This is a physical activity that establishes and re-lives the team’s shared memories. Teams sketch their shared memories with each other and place them on a wall. The wall remains up throughout the event.

Apart from these activities, you can build your own team building activities by giving responsibilities to your team. Team members can take turns and organize such activities.

Share your success

Celebrate your success and share it with the team. Just like the baby who gets claps and cheers for his/her tiny achievements you need to celebrate the successes even it’s a small one. Simple acknowledge will boost the entire team. Use verbal appreciation just by thanking them or write mails and show that you are pleased with his/her work.

Others ways to share your success

Reward them

Money matters a lot and it’s a great way to show your appreciation towards your team. Giving them a bonus or hiking their salary will make your team more loyal to the company and this will benefit both the organization and the individual.

Get together

Plan outings during weekend or a day when you don’t have much work at office. Lunch outing or dinner plan will be appreciated by the team.

Invite family

Invite the team’s family and show your gratitude. This will create a bond among the employees.   

Be the true leader

A true leader produces more leaders, be such a leader. Take personal interest in the development of each employee. Help them, guide them and protect them as a true leader. Share knowledge and train them to be good leaders, keep encouraging them to move on to the next level. Be an inspiring leader!

As the saying goes, coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success. Get ready go forth and motivate your team!

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