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What are Resilience Skills

Resilience skills are your mental capability and ability to come back strongly from a certain situation in your life. It is related with your psychological strength to deal with the grief.  To overcome the grief and adjust happily and get back to your normal routine is what resilience means. Everyone has to face troubles in their life at some point but we have to defeat them and that is the way of life. Resilience may occur in any type of grief, may be its financial, health, physical, social or physiological, etc…


Let’s learn some Resilience skills

Resilience skills are some techniques that one should follow to overcome the current bad situation going on in once life.


Adaptability is the most important resilience skills all should have. The benefits of this quality help you adjust in any situations. Everyone has to suffer in some or other way but we should try our best to overcome the situation and if we are not able to cope up then, we should except scenario to some extent. Adaptability resilience skills normally is used to deal with Health issues. We will read more about how it is related to health issues.

Backup plans

God has gifted us with the most powerful thing and that is brain. We are capable enough to always think what is good and what is bad. We always think and put our thoughts into actions. So, one should always have back up plans ready when there is sudden grief in our life. Whether it is financial losses, Health losses, job loss etc etc. Back up plans will always help you deal the situation and help you overcome it fast. So always think for your future and have your back up plans ready, whether it is through investments, insurance etc etc.


Positive thoughts

When someone is facing difficulties in their life it can be difficult for them to think with too much positivity as everything going around is negative. But we have to come out from that negative circle and gain our positive thoughts. We are always surrounded by negative thoughts around us but we have to push our self towards positivity which will help us to think wisely of how to overcome the bad situation and win. Positive thoughts will help your mind relax and think calmly, and once your thoughts are positive your actions are positive and you can easily defeat it.

Positive thoughts are the resilience skills that leads to the way of hope.   

Find new Way out

When we are not happy or in grief in such situations, we always try to find out whether there are some other ways out to get rid of the situation. When there are difficulties in our life we should always sit and think twice so that we can find the new way to adjust in the situations. For example: We need to reach at a certain place and it has 3ways to go but we always choose way 1 and that is close so we have to try way 2 and way 3 to reach our destinations successfully.  Similarly, in our life too we have to pick up other new way out to meet our goals.

Have faith

We should always have faith in God and ourselves. We should always wait patiently for the things to change. Have faith in yourself, believe in you and try to face the difficulty courageously and with strength. Do prayers, pray to God to give you immense power to face the situation bravely and win it. Prayers are the most powerful Resilience Skills and it will definitely give you strength to face the problem   


Mental health (Practice mindfulness)

Practice Mediation technique and yoga every day early in the morning for as minimum as for 20 minutes in the clean fresh air, followed with some breathing exercises too. Meditation will make your heart and soul calm and make you fresh and capable enough to think positive. Once you have positive thinking you are all set to enjoy your present life and live it to the full.

Meditation can help you in managing your stress, increases your positivity with the thoughts and actions, increase your imagination and the way of thinking, and the most Important is that it will help you to live in present.

Make connections, make friends

We as a human being sometimes feel low and don’t feel good about something, though we don’t have any problem and we are doing well but then too we are not giving our 100% and we are sad, during that scenario what we prefer is to go out have some chats with friends and enjoy and the very next moment we are doing well and happy. Such connections will always help you out form the bad situation. Always try to be socially active, so that whenever you are in problem you have too many by your side to help you, boost you, and encourage you to face the situation.

Economical and Financial backup

Problem can come your way in any form, whether it is job loss, health problem or you are going through some major surgery, big financial loss etc all these crises are related with money. If you have proper backup plans and you are wisely investing your funds throughout your life you can easily face such crises. Such backup plans will give you strength. Money is the most important topic in any difficult situations.

It is always recommended by big investors that you should Always have 6 months of your expenses saved as “EMERGENCY FUND”

Insurance Plan

There are many schemes going on now a day, you can have insurance for anything you want. So, always have your precious insured. Whether it is your life or home or properties, your companies, your vehicles etc etc. Choose an appropriate insurance amount for term plan considering inflation and increasing needs of family along with insurance for important assets you have. Always get insure what will cost you too much while facing sudden problems regarding them. It will go a long way to help building resilience in difficult time.

Health insurance

In today’s world we are all are facing health challenges and with this sudden deadly pandemic which we are facing right now it is very important to get medical health insurance. Medical systems, Hospitalization, operation etc etc simple health related checks have become so much expensive that they can take away all our investment in single day. So, it is highly advisable to always have medical insurance for yourself and your family members this will somewhat definitely help you during the time of crises.

Resilience skills in children’s

In so much competitive world, we are forcing our children to perform their best and be the lead. All such things are leading to stress and strain in children mind. Some children are easily coping up with the flow and for some children it can be difficult, obviously each and every one has their own speed and potential to complete the task. So, children’s have to also learns some resilience skills to compete in the world. Resilient children are always happy and joyful children as there are always copying up with the situations and giving their best.

How parents and teachers can help to build Resilience skills in children’s

Parents should try to make children independent, do not always try to solve their problems your ways, let them handle the situation and act according to their mind. Let them gain confidence in themselves. In any situation you can give them advice how to handle the situation rather directing them to the way. Such habit will give them self-confidence and self-belief to handle any situations.

Teachers play a great role in children’s life, they are the one who spend most of the time with children, and they are the one who make their future bight. Teachers always try to teach them good values, how to be self-confident, self-reliant and independent.

Resilience skills for Children’s

Let them learn and try new things

Children’s have too much curiosity to learn things and that the result they learn to walk, speak, write, read and understand to many things at very less time span. Let children be curious don’t try to stop their curiosity, always encourage and answer their questions out of curiosity.

Go outside

Let children play outside, make friends, deal with the fights. They will learn how to tackle the situation if something is going against their wants. They will learn to adjust or to overcome the situation. Both the things are equally important to be learned by the kids.

Benefits of Resilience skills

Importance of family support

Now a day’s people are connected through phones and not by heart, but that is not true, people are still connected but their way of showing their emotions have been change. In this fast-moving world, all are working hard to earn, they don’t have time for friends and family but when there is difficulty in the family, people will always be around you. They are the one who will always support you and show you correct direction and appreciate your resilience.

True friends

True friends will always be at your side to support you in your failure and crises. They are the one who will motivate you and help you come out of it. During our struggle time we can realise who are our best friends and who are friends for benefits. There is a very common saying about friends that


Emotional Intelligence

Handling a problematic situation and coming out of it is the hardest work one can do. Throughout this journey they are facing and going through a lot of hardships, and emotional break down. But resilient people cope up with the things and their emotional intelligence level increases.


Positive Attitude

Handling some not so common scenario can make us more mature. To overcome bad situation, we try to think positive so that we can handle the scenario with utmost positivity. This will always change our view to think positive in all the situation. We will learn that positivity can help us deal the situation with ease.  We learn to have positive view for ourselves, others and the situation.


We conclude from this topic that everyone should learn to be resilient. Positive point of view is very necessary to deal with any situation. Though it need too much courage to manage yourself and think wisely during our bad days, but that is life, sometime up sometime down and hence we have to always do preparations to deal with such conditions. Resilience is the phycological development that requires emotional, social, physical, soul and family support.


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