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Managing stress at workplace

Every workplace can be stressful at some level. Workplace stress can vary from time to time and excessive stress can lead to less productivity and can affect your mental and physical health too. So, Managing stress at workplace to overcome the stress and live a stress-free life is very important. Stress can change your behavioural attitude towards your peers, family and friends. Stress arrives when you are not able to cope with the demand or with the expectations one is expecting from you. To work in stressful situation will always help you learn new things and help to handle such situations calmly.

10 tips for managing stress at workplace

Delegate work to someone

Workplace can often be too much stressful and sometimes you find it hard to finish the work at allotted time. So, try to delegate your work to someone who can help you with the stress. If you are in no position to delegate yourself talk to your seniors or manager. Don’t shy to talk about your workloads, because if you are in stress you will not be able to give 100% in any task you perform. Remember, you need not be at senior level to delegate things. Learn more about the art of execution: How to get things done.

Define clear roles and responsibility to all

It is very important to delegate work to everyone with each and every one skill. Everyone has their own expertise hence plan accordingly and delegate work so that work can be finished at the allotted deadlines. Define clear roles and responsibilities to each one and have brainstorming session to understand the importance and delegation of work. If only one person is taking the responsibility than he will be always in stress.

Learn to say “NO”

We all know that it can be difficult to deny the work allotted by our seniors, but when we are really in stress and have too much to handle then be courageous and learn to say “NO”. Seniors know it too that if someone is saying “NO” it really means “NO” and they will understand the reason behind it and try to except it. But your “NO” should have value, it is not that always you are denying the work and be lazy, but your no should be only in stress stage.

Be clear in communication and provide justification

Whenever you are having some important controversial discussion that can lead to conflict always try to have clear communication. For example, when you are saying no for extra work, at that time you have to be clear with the communication and you should give the reason with necessary justifications. There should not be any communication gap between you and your seniors, talk with clarity and justifications. Do not bluff anything. Learn how to improve communication skills.

Do not over commit

We should always be self-confident about our capabilities and abilities, we should know what we can do and what we can do, but sometimes we are over confident about our self and try to take up more work in that over confidence which we are not able to give our 100%. So never be over confident and never over commit things. Over commitment can also lead you to stress.

Commit less but deliver more

This is the strategic plan one should be following in the workplace. Always commit less than what you can and try to give result with more outputs. This can be considered as mind play every employee should have. Following this technique, you will gradually increase your own benchmark of completing task, and you will really be able to commit more as you will be confident enough on yourself.

Make “TO DO” list

Always have a habit of making to do list in your day-to-day life. Whether it is professional or personal. To do list helps a lot to make us work according to the priorities. Once you are able to figure out the priority you will easily finish your work step by step and you don’t have to suffer. So, make the habit of making “TO DO” list and to follow it.

Plan important resources

Whenever you are in stress try to plan important resources like time management, people, material tools and appropriately try to manage everything. So that you are giving your best and managing properly. If you are able to divide your work properly in all the criteria you will easily finish your work with less stress. Planning and organising skills will come handy in managing stress at workplace.

Identify the root cause

Whenever we are in stress it means that we are not able to cope up with the present demand. So, give time to your brain relax and understand where is the problem. Try to identify the root cause of the problem and accordingly behave. Check and find out how to work on the root cause and try to figure it out.  Do the important and urgent task first.

Do regular exercise and follow proper schedule

Regular exercises are very important in once life. Exercise can make your brain, body relax and calm and it will help you to handle the situation with maturity and with less stress, try to follow your proper eating and sleep schedules as they can also be the cause to trigger more stresses in workplace.

Elements of workplace stress

  • Relationships with subordinates
  • Demand and supply
  • Roles and responsibility
  • Support

Relationships with Subordinates

Your relationships with everyone in the workplace play a very important role in the stress. Try to maintain healthy relationship with all, don’t get into any conflict with anyone.  Always have professional healthy relationship with seniors and managers so, that they know your strength and weakness and they can accordingly delegate you work as per your strength and also in stress time they will try to understand you.

Demand and supply

The chain of demand and supply is very very important in the workplace. Demand is what they need from us or what are their expectations from us and supply is that we have to provide it or fulfil their expectations. For example: we know that there is too much demand of Sanitizers and mask in this deadly pandemic but there is shortage of this because demand has increased and supply has decrease and the final result is conflict. So always try to cope up with the demand and complete it.

Roles and responsibly

It is the duty of seniors and manager to assign roles and responsibility to each and every one properly. With proper delegation of work there will be less conflict and less stress on any one. If someone is not clear about their roles and responsibility then it can lead to conflict and stress in the team and individual.


Always have the positive attitude towards your peers, always you should support each other when they are in need. As all are working together so support is very important in the workplace. But if there is no support from your peers then you can be in stress as they will not stand by your side to take away any responsibility from you.

Types of workplace stress

Below are 6 common types of workplace stress. Once you know and understand them managing stress at workplace will become a lot easier.

  1. Conflict in the company
  2. Job security
  3. Long working hours
  4. Different job roles
  5. Deadlines
  6. Dealing with rude/ impatient customers

Conflict in the Company

Conflict in the company can be of many types, may be between seniors, between company and clients etc etc. But all these things lead to work load. As workload increases stress level will automatically increase. Conflict in the company can lead to the communication gap which in turn can increase your work stress.

Job security

Sometimes there can be sudden rescissions or company layoff during that situation we worry for our job security which can definitely increase our stress level. So individual is always motivated to increase their job security level.

Long working hours

Long working hours can be really stress full as there is no time for friends and family. Family is important part of our life but sometimes working hours can increase so much that we are not able to spend our time with the family. And this is the highest rating stress in the whole world. Many countries have fixed the guidelines for 8hrs working 5days a week, because they have gone through the analysis and research from the output of employee working for the whole day and night and the one working for limited time.

Less working hours = More output; More working hours = Less output

Different Job roles

It is very important to assign job roles and responsibilities properly. It is not possible for one person to do all the work in the company. There are people with different expertise. So, we should assign roles properly. If we are not assigning roles properly then it can lead to stress to individual as they will struggle to learn and work on the assign job.


We have to complete task in assign time and deadlines. Which is really very important. Completing task on time can make you self-confident and it can lead you to appraisals. But if you are not competing your work until deadlines you are definitely going to get negative remarked and maybe it can affect you throughout your work life.

Dealing with rude /Impatient customers

Customers can be of any type but yes dealing with rude or impatient customer can always lead to stress. We have to work more patiently and with courage because after all “Customers are God” as the saying goes. So, we have to work politely, calmly and patiently with them.

Effects of Workplace stress on individual

Key reason why managing stress at workplace must not be ignored is it impacts individual in many ways. Below are 4 most common effects of workplace stress.

  1. Emotional
  2. Physical and Mental
  3. Social
  4. Intellectual


Stress can lead to the cause of too much depression in once life. They can be emotionally shattering or they can be filled with too much anxiety. Workplace stress can make emotionally weak and shattered.


Stress can affect individual routine or schedule. It can disturb the sleep cycle, and lead to Hypertension or diabetes, headaches or gastrointestinal upsets. Once we are physically weak then we are mentally weak.


Stress can interrupt our social life. We are not able to spend Our time with family and children’s. we are no more socially active, we are not talking or going out for a walk or for a long vacation. All this can lead to severe stress.


Stress can decrease individual lack of concentration, loss of memories, poor thinking and decision making capabilities.

Conclusion: Managing stress at workplace

We can conclude that workplace can sometime lead to a serious stress and challenging situation for workers and the organization. So, its Organization responsibility to adopt and approach some control tools to decrease such kind of damaging factors and try to reduce or prevent stress in the organization behavioural.  Organization should try to make stress free and friendly environment to obtain good result. Similarly, Employees should also learn tips regarding Management of stress at workplace and try to overcome them with a smile.


Recommended books for managing stress at workplace

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