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Leading teams at work

In any organization the work should be perform smoothly and efficiently, for these there are Managers and leaders who take the responsibility for the same. Leaders are allotted with the group of people as a team. And It is the duty of a leader to make them work accordingly and perform the task till the end. Team leader has the capabilities to drive the performance within the group and utilize each and everyone’s expertise, skills, and creativity. To do this effectively a leader need to learn and develop the art of leading teams at work. Since leading teams involves people management, it is more of an art. We can see how to develop this using 3 effective ways:

  • Skills for leading teams at work
  • Core responsibilities of a leader while leading teams at work
  • Skills to lead yourself before leading teams at work

Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people.

15 skills for leading teams at work

Delegation of Work

Leader should know how to get things done. It is very important to delegate work to everyone with each and every one skill. Everyone has their own expertise hence plan accordingly and delegate work so that work can be finished at the allotted deadlines. Define clear roles and responsibilities to each one and have brainstorming session to understand the importance and delegation of work. If only one person is taking the responsibility than he/she will be always in stress.

Be a good Facilitator

Manager’s or Team lead work is to make working smooth and stress free. Facilitator should have clear thinking and clear motto. A good Facilitator always think, plan, delegate, guide the process and take it the end. A Facilitator also should be good in communication. They should be good in speaking and in listening too. They should listen too new ideas delivered by the juniors too. Facilitator should organize brain storming sessions and accordingly manage the agenda.

Have personal connection with team members

This is the most important skill, seniors should try to understand juniors or subordinate personal matters, try to show cooperation in their personal matters example if someone is sick, or there is any emergency etc. Higher level should always be patient and give them time to cope up and handle the situation and get back to normal work routine.

Make friendly environment

It can be difficult to work in stress and negative environment with too much tension around us. We can always give our best at workplace when we feel free and are happy at the workplace. It is the duty of seniors to make workplace light, for 5min you can call up your team have a fun session, have informal talk, giggles etc. All this bring positivity and calmness in the mind and they can give their best for you.

Have Problem Solving Attitude

Team lead or managers should have courage and attitude to work on the problem. Try to understand the root cause of the problem and try to analyse the solution. Team lead or managers should have problem solving attitude and try to solve it as soon as possible with an ease and without creating any stress in the team.

Always Give Rewards

The way of appreciation in the workplace is by rewarding them. Write encouraging message to them with certificate of excellence or rewards them through incentives, Voucher etc there are many ways to show the appreciation. Always try to encourage their efforts and show your happiness towards them as a team lead or a Manager.

Do not overthink

Always give break to your thinking process when your thoughts are going out of the way and unnecessary. Because overthinking can make you tired, frustrated and irritated. And once you are in negative scenario you will act negatively and won’t be able to give your best. So, stop overthinking.

Motivate your Team.

Manager should always try to motivate the team so that they can perform better. Sometimes there can be mistake performed by the team but skill full manager will always take the responsibility of mistake and blame on themselves and always try to motivate team not to repeat the mistake again and how to work efficiently.


Always share and Teach

Manager or Team lead should always share their experiences and knowledge to make team more skilful. They should always teach and motivate them in life to do something. They should always appear as a role model for their juniors.


Have informal meetings

It is always good idea to have informal meetings with the team. Try to spend time in the restaurants or coffee shop and know your team people, their work etc. try to understand what is troubling them at work or any personal problem that can hinder work etc etc.

Make Employee feel Valued

Talk with the employee with the sense of responsibility, they should  know their importance in the task, when they know they are valued they will considered things seriously and with responsibility and try to give their best in completing any task.

Show How to work

Team leader should show the demo of how to work, Team leader should teach and show some demo regarding the work, so that the team can understand and clarify their doubts. Team lead should be able to handle the work at his own so that he can be self-confident to handle the team.


Be Available for the Team

Team leader should be always standing for the team. It is very important for a leader to always be available when team needs them. Team lead should take the responsibility of the team and always try to encourage the team.

Determine completion of Task

Team lead has to follow up with the team to see the progress of the task/ project and make sure that it is finished at a given time slot and deadlines.

Core Responsibilities while Leading Teams at Work

  • Manage Resources
  • Give appropriate working sources to team
  • Make clearly defined SOW (SCOPE OF WORK)
  • Identify Skills Set
  • Schedule trainings

Manage Resources

Managing resources is the most important work in an organization. Managing People resources that is basically looking after the Team strength and hire new staff or people to do the particular job. Woking employee should be not too limited and no one should have load or one is not able to take holidays. But resources should be plan appropriately such that if employee is on leave than there is always beck up and the work is never hinder.

It is the duty of the /manager to find the correct level or experienced resources for hiring job. So, that the work is done smoothly and there is no conflict in the organization. Suppose there is vacancy for higher level staff with good level of experience so it is the duty of Manager to find out the appropriate candidate for the same and do not compromise with less experience candidate.

Give Appropriate working Sources to team

Team members can need appropriate sources to work and perform. Like laboratories, Tools, Instruments, etc. It is the duty of Manager to provide them with the requirement so that they can perform properly and complete the tasks.

Make Clearly Defined SOW (Scope of Work)

Manager has to clearly define team roles and responsibility in the SOW before getting into any project. He should do brainstorming session and talk with the team about the roles and responsibility and clearly mention them so that there can be no future conflict.

Identify Skill Set

As per SOW (SCOPE OF WORK) it is the duty to identify the gap and understand if there is any requirement of certain resources. Before starting with the new project manager should have the set of skill team, for that he has to plan and hire more staff for the team and plan for more resources.

Schedule Trainings

Manager should plan Timely trainings for the team so that their work fluency increases. It is the duty of the manager to timely upskill his/her team as per the requirement and demand so that they give their best and do not lack behind.

Lead yourself before Leading Teams at Work

Start with Self confidence and Self Belief

Most important skills of leading team are that Team leaders and managers should have confidence and belief in themselves. They should have faith that they are able to handle the situation and easily help in problem solving. One should have confidence in whatever they are doing, if you are not confident enough then you are not giving your 100% in achieving what you want and you will always be in the discouragement. If you are confident enough your actions will give the best shot and you will easily handle whatsoever the situation you are in. So, never lose hope and be confident enough while doing anything in your life.

Have Positive Attitude at work

Managers or team lead should always show positivity in their speech, actions and deeds. They should always take things in a positive way, whether it is doing wok, having brain storming session or some conflict. If there is occurrence of conflict then to think in a positive way to resolve it, because if you are thinking negative then you will not be giving your best to solve any problem. So, it is very necessary to have positive attitude.

Be Creative

Be creative in your thoughts and try thinking of giving more output with minimum input. Another way of being creative is to think how to make work easy or how to easily solve the problem. Be curious about everything may be curiosity can lead to the new creation and it may help and benefit you, your team and the organization. Develop your creative thinking skills to be effective in leading teams at work.

Listen to Juniors

Juniors are always with some new ideas and thoughts, since they are from new generation, they are full with lot of new things and they can provide us with new ideas. So, it can be advisable to talk to juniors too and try to listen their creative thinking and execute it.

Don’t be Bias

It is very important skill for the leader to lead the team, that decision should not be biased. Decision handling and execution should not be bias but it should be advantageous and helpful to everyone. If we are bias then we are not thinking neutrally about all, we are thinking in the selfish way which is not appreciated in the workplace. Always stand for Right and the truth.

Conclusion: Leading teams at work

The role of leadership is to look after the growth of the organization and the growth of the team. Leadership is the ability to direct the organization towards growth and progress by the ways of strategic planning and resources. Leaders should have problem solving skills, Social judgement skills etc to approach particular growth. Leadership is the vital and most responsible part in an organisation and the leader is one whose main motto is to have positive progression in the organization and the employee


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