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Consistency in the workplace

Success at work is not about doing great things once. It is about having consistency in the workplace.

If you’re persistent you will get it, if you are consistent you will kept it

What does it imply to be consistent?

Being consistent means practicing a habit of continues efforts. To behave the same way and having the same attitude towards people or things also comes as consistency in the workplace. Consistency is a good attitude which helps you rise the ladder.

If you want to be taken seriously, be consistent

Consistency is an important habit, why?

Consistency is being definite of our goals; in order to achieve success you work hard but during the process you might sometimes want to give-up, sometimes you lose interest, sometimes you become tired and these are signs of failure so it is important for you to be consistent to attain success.

Benefits of showing consistency in the workplace

Consistency enhances your reputation

Be it family or business, reputation is everything and to bring that reputation you need to be consistent in whatever you do. Consistency builds your reputation and your reputation ultimately determines your future opportunities. When you show more consistency in your work you experience a high reputation.

Consistency develops discipline

The key to self-discipline is consistency; nothing will help you achieve your goals more than repeatedly doing the actions that lead to those goals, for example when you want to lose weight and you start working on it by doing your workouts in the morning, continue to work out with stopping. This brings discipline.

Consistency builds trust

When you are consistent and establish certain things as a norm, your costumer will trust you and stay loyal. When you keep up your word, people will start looking up to you and this is how a long term relationship is built. a relationship which is built based on trust is a never ending one. By staying consistent you tend to build a strong connect with people around you. Just by showing love and care constantly in some way will bring them closer to you. In case if they are your colleagues playing together or sharing knowledge about your work repeatedly will enhance your relationship.

It makes you noticeable

Being consistent is not an easy task. When you try to do that, you become an emergent person. You stand out from the crowd and become visibly noticeable. In that case it is also essential to maintain your consistency, because people are now looking up to you.

It helps you maintain a record

Consistency is the capacity to show up for something over and over, to produce results that are equivalent over time which helps you maintain a track of things that you do better that means you stay true to your word, that you can be counted on. Maintaining a record helps make staying consistent with your marketing easier. By being consistent you set your routine and thus maintaining a record becomes much easier.  

Consistency helps in following rules and regulations

When certain rules are set and when you abide to follow the rules, it helps in forming a system. A system without consistent practices can often be chaotic. However, creating an environment that welcomes uniform responses to behaviour choices will support each other’s understanding of expectations. Unchanging rules and regulations ensure that a system’s norms and know what to expect when those norms are not met.

Consistency improves your leadership skills

Companies that are inconsistent and have lot of fluctuations in decision-making are less successful. When problems arise, they are confident that not only will there be a solution, but a method to go about finding it.

Increases productivity

Environments that are often changing are difficult to work in. Employees end up spending more time trying to discover how to work through issues rather than solving them with a pre-defined set of steps to tackle the task at hand.

Better understanding

When there is consistency in the workplace there is a better understanding among employees hence the work flow is much quicker and easier.

Consistency is the key to success

Consistency is developing a habit, habit establishes our action and our action leads to success. When you are inconsistent then you lose interest and end up discontinuing the activity.

Being 100% consistent can be difficult, as human beings inconsistency can be normal but to which level makes a great difference. The best friend of inconsistency is procrastination i.e. delaying or postponing things. When your priorities change it causes inconsistency, which will end up badly.

Why do people struggle with consistency?

Being consistent is fine, but being consistently consistent is what makes it more difficult. So what is that? First you need to get this straight; consistency is not about being perfect. Consistency follows regularity. When you start certain things and when you keep following it with determination this shows consistency even if you take a break due to various reasons and restart things it doesn’t matter.

Honesty and consistency go hand in hand.

A dishonest person is likely to be an inconsistent person. When you lack honesty you cannot be consistent, even if you try harder it becomes complicated to follow the track. This is also one of the few reasons why you struggle to be consistent.

How can you be consistent?

Start slowly

Too much of anything is not good, especially in your initial stage. Practicing consistency is quite a task and be tiresome. So don’t make the process even more challenging by trying to do too much all at once.

Be patient

Things don’t change overnight; in fact research says that it takes a month to change your behaviour when focused properly. Be patient with yourself and keep practicing until it becomes a habit.

Focus on your emotions

This is where you have to invest numerous efforts, because when you practice something against your normal behaviour, your brain initially takes time to get adapted to your new challenge. Your brain gets tired and lazy, but do not give up yet.

It’s ok to take a break

When you can’t continue certain task and you wanted a break don’t feel bad about it. Start from where you left; get back on your track. Keep working on being consistent, which is the only thing that matters.

Enjoy the process

Don’t just focus on the end result, enjoy practicing consistency. Sometimes the process might look never ending but when you have some nice things to look up to then the whole perspective changes. You actually start developing a likeness towards your challenge of being consistent.

The negativity of consistency

Sometimes people blindly accept consistency as the road to their success. The thing is, if you’ve found the path that works for you go for it. However if you are unsure about your goal then consistency is impossible. In fact, if that’s the case, then consistency will do more harm than good.

Conclusion: Consistency in the work place

We can achieve anything we want in life if we follow the right procedure and take the right actions consistently. Practicing consistency in order to achieve a goal can be really beneficial for both the employee and the organization.

When you look at people who are successful, you will find that they aren’t people who are motivated, but have consistency in their motivation.

– Arsene Wenger

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