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How to improve public speaking skills

Most of the body hair gets straight up when someone is told to try public speaking. Public Speaking as a fear has always been up on the charts. People are at times ready to jump off a cliff than to try and address a large group of people. On the other hand we all know that effective public speaking skills helps in career advancement. So lets learn about how to improve public speaking skills.

Public Speaking skills are considered, at this very time, an attribute of great importance. Do we really get salvation running from it? Every individual, seeking to build their future, is today being assessed on the quirky qualities they possess. Public Speaking skills? Is definitely one of them.

Though important, it might be tricky to polish one’s public speaking skills. This article will highlight how to improve public speaking skills and their importance.

What are public speaking skills?

As is said, for every question there exists a befitting answer. As is for Public speaking skills. Public Speaking skills can be referred to as,

“A person’s ability to hold thyself in front of a mass and convey their piece of mind across. Both with confidence and presence of mind.”

Public speaking skills and your hold on them, is tested,

  • not only in front of your acquaintances,
  • but also in front of the people you are a complete stranger to

Public Speaking skills, do not fail to test your ability to communicate and put across -> What you think. This ability of being appreciated for your ability to communicate with a crowd is always appreciated in the corporate field. A person through being a public speaker, holds power to bring about great, necessary and extremely worthy changes.

How to improve public speaking skills?

All great speakers were bad speakers at first – Ralph Waldo Emerson

With Public Speaking skills being a matter of grave fear for people, there is a necessity to improve them. To gradually improve one’s public speaking skills, the points below are extremely fruitful:

Do not be afraid of being nervous, focus on preparation

As humans we have a natural tendency to be nervous about things. In some people it might come out as trembling of hands, feeling lightheaded, and  even higher and extremely increased heart palpitation. All these indicators are a result of anxiety or better yet, your nerves getting the best out of you.

Only the prepared speaker deserves to be confident – Dale Carnegie

These small and minimalistic experiences are things we need to overlook. The reason for preferring to not pay heed to them? They are a result of your extreme subconscious, thus, you cannot control them. And, getting disheartened over something you cannot control, is no way to success.

You need to instead focus on,

  • Your preparation
  • How confidently you speak
  • Check it in with your pals and
  • Keep motivating self

Understand your audience and make the speech accordingly

When you are out there, addressing a group of people, you need to have clarity on the relatability of the audience to your message. Always remember that the speech is supposed to be for your audience. Carve your speech out in a manner that your audience is bound to be appalled and moved. This will help improve your public speaking skills ten folds.  

Audio-visual aids should have a balanced use.

Audio visual aids, as the name suggests, is your supposed aid to put your point in an enhanced manner. Make sure that you use these as aids not let them govern your addressing. The audience needs to connect with you as an individual and not with the aids used by you.

Material well organised will make reaching targets easier

How will you like it if this article provided you with the confusion in the beginning and an introduction at the end? The point here is, a properly framed speech helps maintain your audience. Make sure to put your point across in a straight and well organised manner.

The haphazard manner of putting across your point is never going to leave a lasting impression on your audience. Therefore it is necessary to have material on your speed well organised. This will provide you easy access to reaching your goals. Keep your audience hooked by bringing in a material well cooked!

Analyse and implement the feedback for future growth

Be very receptive to feedback from your colleagues, audience members and friends. The feedback received will help you understand your audience. This helps improve your public speaking skills. Being open to feedback is also a symbol of flexibility. This flexibility provides you the freedom to bring across your points in the best way possible.

Make your personality surface through your communication 

Remember, the more you are relatable to the audience, the more you will grow as a public speaker. Do not forget your authentic self in addressing people. It is the tendency of a person to incline towards relatability. Audience trust in you will soar with your authenticity coming through. Learn more about how to improve communication skills.

Your speech is more relatable, with a hint of  humour and storytelling

They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel – Carl W Buechner

Storytelling has been a lifelong method of putting across a point in the most feasible manner. And to improve your public speaking skills you have to be if not the best than a good storyteller. A tinge of humour here and there brings the necessary curiosity and enthusiasm in your audience. So be sure to grow that funny bone in you!

Reading from the script should be avoided   

Always remember, a good communication is that which comes laced with eye contact. So, while you completely rely on a script to address your audience, you might lose the necessary contact with the audience on an interpersonal level. Therefore reading from the script should be strictly avoided.

Instead of going through a script you should try to keep in mind the necessary outlines for your speech. Playing around these outlines will help you communicate with the audience better and be flexible to introducing at the moment changes.  

Be confident with your voice and Hands!

As is said, actions speak louder than words. Similar goes on with your gestures while communicating to your audience. Your voice as well as hand gestures are a mirror to your confidence for the crowd you are addressing.  Make sure to have the mirror portray your best interest!

Beginning and end should be able to call in people’s attention

Everyone has heard, the impression one leaves in the beginning lasts till the end itself. So, what makes you hold back from making an impression on your audience? Make sure to do that with the strong citation in the beginning of your speech. You can start with a powerful quotation, you can provide a fact that’s not easy to digest or many such surprising stats.

When you are addressing the public, you intend to convey a message. Making sure to leave with the concise message at the end of your speed is very necessary. This helps your point go through your audience.

What are the benefits of improved public speaking skills?

Some of the very evident benefits of improved public speaking skills are,

Evident Career Growth

With improved public speaking skills you will find a very evident career growth. Improving public speaking skills mostly provide a good idea of your leadership qualities, creative level, critical thinking skills, etc. to the employer. This very aspect helps them choose you over others.

Confidence soars high

Your confidence level soars high, all because of the honed public speaking skills. You are provided with a clear insight of yourself. Overcoming the fear of addressing people is very empowering. Therefore improvement in public speaking skills can be beneficial to your low level of confidence.

Enhanced Critical Thinking

Critical thinking skills need you to be great at analysing. When preparing a speech to address your audience, you are bound to prepare and analyse every aspect. You will have to make sure,

  • The quality of your speech,
  • The relatability of your speech

You will have to be a critical thinker for understanding the needs of your audience. This will all help you enhance the very appreciated skill set in every career path. That is, the critical thinking skills.

Helps improve one’s personal growth

Due to the improved public speaking, you also get to work on your communication skills. Henceforth, you grow on a personal level. This will help you grow your social circle and connections all around. growing your network can be very beneficial in various aspects of life.

Your Communication skills are enhanced

When one starts public speaking, they gradually develop communication with their audience. With this newly found communication skill, a person grows richer in the aspect of this skill set. This is very liberating especially for the people who have trouble communicating.

Helps grow in socially

Someone who is not afraid of the stage, you are more prone to make friends and grow socially. You will just be like sugar attracting people to you. A people magnet in particular! The also arises with the improved communication skills.

Self Satisfaction

Everyone has a fear of public speaking. It is kind of inbuilt with every other person experiencing it. When someone improves their public speaking skills, they are more likely to be proud of themselves. This gives way to self satisfaction. What is better than self satisfaction? Not the acronym!

Your professional connections grow

Public speaking skills, provide you confidence enough to present yourself in an event. This will bring you into the spotlight, and opens various ways. You will be prone to various business colleagues and potential employer’s. This will surely provide you with an opportunity to grow your professional connections.

Listening abilities increase

Listening today has become the most underrated of all abilities. An ability that should be cherished is today hard to find in a person. Though lost, improving public speaking skills definitely provide a boost to your listening skills. This is a result of you paying attention to various speeches presented at a conference. Therefore, listening is another ability which is enhanced in a person with improved public speaking skills.

Become more persuasive

Public speaking skills are more likely to build you into an influencer. You have the power to convince a crowd into persuading your thought process. You can be in charge of bringing in the most positive and required changes in the society.

As a public speaker you will be prone to the responsibility of influencing people into the best possible direction. Therefore, public speaking skills and improving them makes a person more persuasive.

Leadership skills get honed

Having a leader is very important. And public speaking skills help you hone your leadership skills. As a public speaker you will have the power to lead your audience to a better future. You providing your insights and speaking to your audience will help them make a perspective revolving around your speech. Therefore helping inculcate in you the leadership skills.

“You are the leader of your crowd. Lead them to where you as well as them are proud.”

Your Performance skills get better

Being a public speaker you find yourself making your performance skills better day by day. You learn to realise how much a pause amount is too much of an amount.  You will learn to use your tone and voice in the best possible manner. These performance skills learnt will be the necessary enhancements to your speech. 

Your Diction and fluency increases

When you start to interact with your audience, you will slowly start to realise the proper diction and the fluency required to address them. you will know exactly what level of diction is the required level for the audience you are addressing. Your increased diction as well as fluency levels will boost your confidence. These changes will help you be an even better public speaker than you already are. 

Your fear of public speaking gets dissolved

Another very obvious but important to mention reason for improving public speaking skills is, you suddenly outgrow your fear of public speaking. This surely is something that will help you avoid unnecessary stress. Keeping you from being stressed about something that is completely out of your control.

And this is just another very efficient use of public speaking skills. Now, you are someone who will never turn down an offer to take on the stage. Infact, you will be the one keeping company on the stage!

Conclusion: How to improve public speaking skills

Public speaking skills are appreciated all over the different career fields. They help you be persuasive. Which can be a great deal in bringing the changes in this world for better. Also public speaking skills can be improved through various methods. All the methods have been thoroughly discussed in the article above. Some can be summed up as, be welcoming to feedback, and be less of a nervous wreck! Every view on various improvement techniques is welcome in the comments below. Make sure to leave below your persuasion!

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