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What is delegation in management?

It has been brought into light that at many organisations people at managerial level are not flexible with the idea of delegation. We as humans are often in a bubble, the bubble we created and are a prisoner of now. Similar can be the bubble for the managers at an organisation. They cannot seem to realise that doing everything individually can be extremely daunting to the quality of work. If you are one of those managers, then you found yourself the perfect article. We will hereby be focusing on what is delegation in management? Following it, will be the importance. The article will not leave untouched the reasons for not wanting to delegate either. 

What is Delegation in Management?

People ever so often find it difficult to be a leader. Being a leader is a very big responsibility. You are in charge of delivering a final project with utmost chances of success. But, as a leader, delivering results is the only responsibility of yours? Absolutely not, as a  leader you should be very well equipped with the ability to delegate.

Deciding what NOT to do is as important as deciding what to do – Jessica Jackley

Lacking the quality of delegation in the field of Management, can be a setback for you as well as your complete team. You need to be able to access and analyse various areas of a project in the keenest manner possible.

As a team leader you have the responsibility to look into the below mentioned areas,
  • Proper management, including, management of the project, keeping check of and managing your stakeholders.
  • You are responsible for keeping in check the product quality.
  • To help your team be motivated and the lead towards success.
  • You have to trust and keep delegation your option. This will shift your focus on tasks of more importance. Also, helps assign people best at a certain task to it. The person you delegate to is highly motivated to provide the best results.

By ensuring delegation in your management process, you will earn yourself time which can be utilised efficiently. This will help you be focused on work that is of higher priority and needs more of your attention. A person chosen by you to delegate a certain task, will be enthusiastic to work and confident enough to provide the best possible outcomes.

There have been many issues, why people at the managerial level believe that the delegation might bring down the quality of their work. This thought process needs to be processed! Regarding delegation, people at managerial level, have to analyse and list their priorities. This will help them think at a broader level and will help them be more creative as well as flexible.

As a team leader, it is your responsibility to entrust your team members with work they are best at. This delegation process is the work you need to focus on. This helps you fish out the best suitable candidate for a certain work. This makes things not only easy but also way better.

What reasons hold back the leaders from effective delegation?

The inability to delegate is one of the biggest problems I see with managers at all level

– Eli Broad

As discussed earlier, they can be some hold backs for the leaders or managers. These factors can greatly affect the teamwork and productivity of a particular team. 

Therefore, it happens to be very important to bring in light, what can be the reason that might hold back the leaders from effective delegation.  Here below are some of the mentioned hold bags or difficulties at effective delegation,

Being Egoistic

At many levels, the Ego, of the person at the spot of a leader or manager, can prove to be fatal for effective delegation. This is because people with egoistic tendencies, do not consider anyone equal to themselves.

This can be the exact reason for them to think that delegating a team member with a certain work can cost them quality. Why? Because these people are of the thought that they can do better, no matter what.

Time is money

A lot of people have a tendency not to waste time. They are of the thought that time is of essence. This very thought makes them avoid explaining something and wasting time on it.

They manage to overlook the probable high quality outcome from delegating. Instead they believe, why waste time on something that can be done by them individually. Although a nice thought to save time, this work culture does not promote growth.

Fear of being Accountable

Effective delegation can mean trusting someone other than you. This process of trusting someone else, proves to be more difficult when you will be the one held accountable for the good or bad quality of work.

This fear of having to take responsibility for something that’s not your fault, inclines leaders to take it on them to personally carry out various tasks regarding the project. This helps them be sure of taking responsibility whether it goes right or wrong.

Lacking skills

The leader might be skeptical of delegating tasks to the team workers. Reason behind it can be the member is lacking skills to perform those specific tasks. This can be out of genuine concern for the end result. Not having the required skills, can be a total bummer when it comes to delegating a certain task to a team member. Therefore the leaders take it on themselves to provide you with the best product possible.

This actually might be a good example, seeing as the leader is looking out for his team members. But, it still stands as a hold back for effective delegation. This one though, inclines on the workers are more than the leader.

Challenged authority

Some of the people might look at delegation as a challenge to their authority. It might appear to be a threat to their control. And thus a fear of losing control may lead them to not show effective delegation.

This can be because of lack of confidence in self as well as their team. This quality in a leader is enough to bring down the team with him. Thus such quirks in a people makes them not eligible to lead a team towards success.

How to be Effective at Delegation in Management?

The first rule of effective management is delegation. Don’t try and do everything yourself because you can’t.

Following are some of the methods to be effective at delegation in management,

Ensure delegation of complete roles:

You as a manager can start by delegating specific and complete roles to your team members. Some of the roles that can be delegated are,

  • Delegating the managerial duties for testing
  • Duties for implementation of work
  • Delegating duties to conduct thorough analysis

These are some small tasks that can be performed by you on your own in small projects. But, for big projects, these small tasks can be a good role to analyse your team and test the waters.

Keep challenging

It is very important for you to analyse the task being assigned to a particular team member. The task being assigned should not only benefit the work. They should also help the individual grow new and more enhanced skills. Always make sure to find the benefit of both the work and the worker, in the process of delegation.

Keep analysis of competence levels

It is very important for you to keep the check of someone’s competence before allotting aur delegating a certain work. The level of competence of the specific person, will help you understand his compatibility with the work being delegated. Also, you will get a hunt of administration the person would require on that work.

Make time and delegate tasks

It is very important to take time and analyse the delegation process. This will help you understand what results you are aiming for. And also, how will you achieve them? To get a successful end result by delegating your work, it is very necessary for you to keep in check the performance levels of your workers.

Analysing the performance levels, will help you assign the befitting task to every individual in your team. This process will provide you relief from any excessive burdens. It also provides you with exactly the result you estimated.

The Importance of Delegating

There are many ways, delegation and management can prove to be important in. Some of the important ones are,

Maintains efficiency

Delegation is basically the process of assigning tasks to individuals who will perform then better. Better than anyone in the team. Example for delegation can be given as a principal at school, the principal at school teaching students is a very rare incident. Because, the principal is responsible to guide the teachers. Teachers intern are responsible for providing the best possible education to the children.

Thus, this chain of work makes things more efficient. it would not make sense for a principal to cover all the classes in the school. Therefore, making the work done more efficiently and with less stress.

Helps in betterment and growth

For instance, if a team member with little to no knowledge about the work is assigned that work. The individual is more likely to try and understand the work. This enthusiasm is motivated by the trust shown in the member. It might sound a little bit risky. But, it will prove to be helpful in the betterment and growth of that individual. This is proved to be one of the best ways used to help people enhance their skills.

Benefits of Delegating in management

Delegation of tasks in management can come with various benefits regarding any project. Some of the benefits that are readily offered by delegation in management are, 

  • Provides you as a leader, to invest your time as well as brains into a more productive and a task at higher priority.
  • As a leader, inculcating effective delegation, you provide to your team. Your team learns to grow and prosper while developing new skills at every instant. This is all because of a leader flexible enough to delegate the work effectively.
  • Communication is the key to various locks. And when it comes to delivering a quality product, effective communication and developing trust among coworkers  is always appreciated. This can be a byproduct of delegation in management. Therefore still benefiting the final cause. The final cause being submission of the project.
  • Effective delegation during project management, results in various enhanced aspects at work, some being,
  • the work efficiency is increased,
  • the productivity levels at work soar high,
  • and even the time is overvalued as well as managed to the best of one’s abilities.

This is all achieved, by the manager being immensely talented at delegating and trusting one’s team.


The article focuses on, what is the delegation in management. The above article will help clear your mind about the importance of delegation in management. It will also accompany every detail regarding setbacks to delegation in management. How to conduct an effective delegation has also been covered quite fondly in the article. To sum up the article,

“Delegation will bring results that an individual alone can never construct!”

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