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Presenting Skills

What are Presenting Skills?

Presenting skills means the way and ability to express your feelings and your thoughts to others. The presentation can be in any different modes like speech, expression, gestures, etc. Presentation is the process of getting your message across to your audience. However, many people have stage fear and are not able to convey their message properly. But through this article, we will learn presenting skills to express and present our feelings. Presentation skills can be either professional presentation or personal presentation. Let’s learn some tips on presenting skills. The main role of the presenter is to make the audience understand the message so, it is a very important and responsible role of the presenter.

Do you know that each presentation has 3 stages: Prepare, Design & Deliver. Presenting skills helps you to deliver your presentation. Learn more about the other 2 stages in Presentation Skills to enhance your presentation delivery with below presenting skills.

How to develop your Presenting Skills

Be Confident

The first and the most important rule of presentation is self-confidence. One should have confidence in themselves, if you are not confident enough then you are not giving your 100% in achieving what you want and you will always be a discouragement. If you are confident enough your actions will give you the best shot and you will easily handle the situation you are in. So, never lose hope and be confident enough and present yourself. This is the most important presenting skill that one has to keep in mind and should work on it. Right preparation with self belief helps you to be more confident.



Be sure that you use the words or speech that your audience can understand and respond to you. It should not be one-way traffic that only you are speaking and the audience is not able to cope up with your speech if that is the case then they will not connect with you and won’t be able to have the dual conversation. Use words that are simple and easy to understand so, that the audience are fully involved in you and your speech.

Secondly, you should have command of your language, whether it is a Global language or a local language. It should be utmost without grammatical mistake, clear and loud. You should have a good command of the vocabulary and pronunciation. You should never use offensive words. Though different countries or regions have a different pronunciation for the same words but you have to learn about your audience and be prepared for the ascent you will use for the presentation and give your best.

Attend others Presentations

It is always a good idea to attend or see others doing the same job like you, maybe you can learn from others some good tips and also you learn from failures. There can be endless possibilities that you will surely learn after attending their presentation like communication, their postures there way of handling the audience, etc., etc. Because confidence and experience only come from practice. So, it is always a good idea to learn from others through videos, attending presentations, attending seminars, etc.

Everyone knows something important that you may not know”

Always have Good Posture

One should always stand erect while standing or sitting and having a talk. With such posture, the one with whom you are talking(audience) will always think that you are attentive and you are interested in the topic and you want to have a good positive talk with them. On the other side if you are standing with your hunk back like a camel it is no longer considered as a positive response and the one with whom you are taking will not like to be engaged with you for the future talk and will try to get away or stop by making some excuses.

Greet and Gestures

Always shake your hand or Namaste whenever you are in the meeting with the addressing line “Good to See You” or “Nice Meeting You” with a beautiful smile on your face. Your Beautiful Smile will take it all positively on you. Our grandpa and Grandma still say that “Smile is the best ornament one should wear” and that is very true, just wear it and see the magic.

Interactive Session

In our day-to-day life when we are talking to someone, we want to have 2 ways conversation, we always want the other party to react or talk with us and get involved and if they are doing so it feels like they are not at all interested in our talk and don’t want to carry on with the conversation. Similarly, when someone is talking with us and only, they are speaking and not allowing us to say at that scenario you will try to avoid that person saying they will only speak what they want and don’t listen so I don’t want to waste my time talking with home.

Similarly, when we are presenting some important topic or message to the audience, we should have interactive sessions so that the audience is equally involved and enjoying, they are trying to understand the concept. Because their involvement will give you a positive response that you are doing good work and your self-esteem and self-confidence will increase. But if you are boring and just trying to finish up your presentation then no one will like it.

 Hands and Eyes Movement

Always look at your hand’s movement. You have to remember that your touch should be very generous, affectionate, and gives a belief of safety but not an inappropriate handshake.

You should lay your hands properly on your sides or in the front of your abdomen. The best position is either your hand should be directed towards your presentation or folded in front of your abdomen.

Your eye contact should look very decent and presentable. It is not at all appropriate to roam your eyes in all directions and that may lead to negative remarks. Eye contact position matters a lot when you are presenting audience from nearby.

Make attractive Slides

If you are presenting for professional use to sell something try to make your slides attractive. Because the audience will try to imagine and think about you from the slides as they will surely be reading it though you are giving the speech. So, it is very necessary to make slides that have all the key and important points.

It is important, that the start of the presentation is attractive and forces the audience to think about the topic. Asking a couple of questions to the audience during the first 2 slides, allows the audience to think about a topic, get more involved and be more attentive during the presentation. It is important we do not write big sentences or paragraphs in the ppt. The ppt should only highlight important topics/points and as a presenter, we have to convey the message from those points. We should not be blindly reading the complete paragraphs from the ppt.

Don’t go unprepared/without practice

Whether you are a student, interviewer, officers, etc never be over confident for any presentation, always be prepared for the same. Prepare yourself before presenting yourself and be prepared for each and every minute details. Once you are prepared you will be confident enough to face the situation which will reflect your body in the presentable form.


Have positivity in your speech. You should have the talent of turning and saying negative points or lines in the most positive way. You should turn negativity into positivity, which can be done with speech, smile, and body movements. If you have positivity in you, then you will automatically reflect positive actions.

Use proper props

It is important to use proper props during presentation. Using flipcharts, whiteboards, markers is important. For longer presentations and trainings, using only one method like ppt can be boring and the audience could start to lose interest. For this, it is important that we use different props and make slow movements around the room, which will help people to retain interest and focus. Trying to add some activity during the presentations, keep light humor can also be helpful. It is important to keep the props required for the activity ready. If we expect the audience to write/note something, making sure that the audience already receives a pen, notepad, stationary, etc in advance of the presentation is a good idea.

Presentation skill in Children’s

Now a day competition has increased to a very high level that kids have to learn and have confidence in too many things. Children are growing way too smart and intellectual these days. They are always confident and never shy to represent in front of everyone. But we have to work more on children presenting skills in children to make them more confident enough.

Tips for presentation skills in children’s

  1. Enrol your child in different activities
  2. Let your child participate
  3. Let your child speak
  4. Help reducing child anxiety

Enrol your child in Different Activities

It is important for child’s growth to have them enrolled in extracurricular activities. Such activities play a very important role in child upbringing. It can be any class whether it is drawing, dances, sports, music, etc. Make your child learn new things so that they can be fresh and enjoy things other than studies. Extra activities give them confidence and they will learn to make new friends and they be extrovert.

Let your child participate

Let your kids take part in all the competitions and the events occurring in the school. Through this child will grow in all the area, their stage fear will decrease and they will always learn new things. They will gain confidence in themselves as they will win sometimes and sometimes, they will lose. They Will also learn to cope with the failures and next time they will try to not repeat the mistake and try to win.

Let your child speak

Allow your child get involved in the conversations, and give their thoughts importance. Let them speak freely and listen to them, don’t stop them in the middle or argue. Let them first express their thoughts and feelings, and then try to explain to them if their thinking is going in the wrong direction. If they are comfortable speaking openly, they will not feel any fear in the future and they will strongly keep their opinion.

Help reducing Child Anxiety

Your child can feel anxiety when they have their important days like exams, speech, participation in competition and they may be in fear because of that. Try to boost their energy and give them confidence that they will do their best and if they are not winning then next time they will try again.


Presenting skill is the way to present yourself to others in form of speech, gestures, or thoughts. Presenting speech can be of main 2 modes of presentation i.e. Direct or Indirect. Now a day in this Deadly pandemic going on we have shifted from a Direct to Indirect mode of presentation that is through skypes, Teams, etc. The presentation can be Professional or Personal. Professional presenting skills are different and used in general meetings, Training, promoting, etc. whereas personal Presentation can be Wedding Speech, Event speech, or day-to-day speech. Approaches from both the section can change as per the audience., But presenting skills will definitely bring Confidence, Growth Opportunity, and Public Handling, etc.


Recommended books for Presenting skills

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