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Good Team Member Qualities

To understand good team member qualities, lets start with an example, the alphabets. They make little to no sense when looked at individually. But, what happens when these alphabets work as an integral member of a word, a sentence? It plays out the magic that is communication, and education.

One such entwinement of these letters in a beautiful sentence, making everyone smile is, “ I Love You.” Do you agree? or not?

Exactly like alphabets put together. Forming a team of words, eventually into beautiful and meaningful sentences.

The good team members are like pearls in a necklace working together to bring out the beauty of the necklace or the team.

Team is found to be the most productive and innovative when the members are brimming with good team work qualities.

Good team member qualities can bring both the organisation as well as the members success at a much greater rate.

Will you as an employer want to lack the qualities in your employees that can bring you success? You sure won’t. So, isn’t it necessary for you to give the necessary heed to good team member qualities. If it is, and you are willing to acknowledge their necessity, you have found the right article.

The article will dive into the various good team member qualities and how they prove to be important. This little tour into this vast domain will be very enlightening and helpful.

What does one gather by the words good team member?

A deep dive into the water with a great depth needs estimation and anticipation. Both carefully balanced. Similarly are the team members. A perfect balance of them makes a successful team. The question that arises next is:

What is a good team member?

A good team member is someone,

  • Capable of keeping together the team
  • Someone who knows how to work in mutual respect as well as alignment
  • Someone who knows how to appreciate

A good team member is basically an individual not acting as an entity but as a member of a much larger group.

A good team member is just like the Hydrogen and Oxygen atom in the molecule of water. Having individual existence but recognising themselves as water.

In similar fashion, a good team member recognises self as the team and not an individual.

What are the various qualities of being a good team member?

On having a clear idea of, what is a good team member. The necessity of acknowledging various qualities of a good team member comes to light. In the forthcoming part of this article, this necessity will be properly acknowledged.

The points that are mentioned below will definitely help enlighten you on Qualities of a Good Team Member. 

Quality of being Self-Aware

First quality of a good team member is none other than introspection. As an integral part of the team, you should remember to make a note of both your weaknesses and assets.

Being aware of self, helps you to think more in the benefit of the team. As you know, one can own both the microwave and an oven. But, they perform their best in certain fields only.

Similarly, every member in a team can be a disaster at some work and the best at another. Therefore having the required self awareness, is very necessary. This will bring a tremendous rise in the productivity of a team’s work.

Every team member with good teamwork quality, needs to know when to motivate someone else for the work. The work that you can never do better than them. This is thus one of the best attributes of a good team member. Remember to choose THE BEST for the quality work.

Always appreciate Mastery

When you start to be satisfied with the quality of your work. The stagnant nature of it slowly starts to crawl up. Declining the graph of your performance. Therefore the need or craving for being a master at what you do is necessary.

In the age we are surviving, opposing changes (bringing necessary development) will make you into the trees that fall off in the storm. Therefore being flexible and accepting the changes wholeheartedly is necessary. Mastery in skills is necessary. But, with change in time, the way to master things will change too. The change which made us come a long way. From stone age to today.

Thus mastering skills is as necessary as keeping the pace at par with the world. Some was a good team member can exhibit it is by,

  • giving way to new ideas
  • appreciating other team members for their unique ways
  • taking in account, reviewing your old ways, leading a path to mastery

Should be Self Motivated

Many people might have provided you with the advice, being motivated for money is not bad. But to what extent should the money motivate you? Is money your only motivation for a certain job? Ask yourself. Note down the results. Analyse. Is money all you need? Is financial growth all you need? There will be time consumed. But, eventually, the answer will bring to you,

  • your need for the job
  • your financial dependance on the job

This will help you understand. Being motivated for money has helped die down your inner motivation to self growth. This dead person, with nothing to achieve but work tirelessly for money? Is NOT a good team member. Therefore, another important quality in a team member is self motivation.

A self motivated team member will,

  • Help himself grow the quality of work
  • Be enthusiastic to learn and improve
  • Will be willing to take a gamble, when it comes to new ideas
  • Help motivate other team members to work hard and smart
  • Eventually the team will benefit with the necessary productivity.

If you are a leader of the team, here is how you can play role in Motivating a Team.

You should scream reliability

Reliability is no doubt one of the most important qualities in a team worker. But, is only a member of the team responsible for maintaining reliability? That’s where reliability gets tricky.

Reliability is mostly a skill or quality in a good team member which believes in reciprocation. Therefore reliability in an employee should be appreciated in each team member by other members and the leader himself. 

A work environment lacking appreciation for the deserving candidate is no good. It will slowly make the reliable person lose enthusiasm. Making him less reliable than before.

Therefore promoting the best work environment and through it reliability in members is necessary. A necessary skill in every team member. 

Honesty is another attribute of a good team member

Honesty is one attribute that really doesn’t need any big description to mark its importance. Teamwork and Honesty are  just like salt and food. It will not have the taste, till there is the tinge of the other. Therefore for the team to work efficiently and produce flawless work, appreciating honesty is very much necessary. Honesty at workplace or in team members will bring,

  • realisation of self potential in members of a team
  • helps them in improving for betterment
  • helps talent be appreciated
  • Maintaining good and positive work environment
  • good relationships among the team members; promotes work that’s better in both quality and quantity

The above points are enough for honesty being an important quality in a good team member. Therefore honesty should be provided importance in a team.

Positivity is a Quality of a good team member

A good team worker ensures positivity in the work environment. Positivity does not have to mean for you to take a 180 degree shift in your nature. Positivity will just stand for you to be very positive about your work. Your belief and dedication towards your work should be flashed through you and your optimism.

A positive team worker can help a great deal in increasing company reliability. Similarly a positive team leader or manager, promotes a friendly and desired work environment. Thus rubbing in the positive attitude to the employees, in turn the clients.

Quality to empathise

Empathy is another very important quality that is a necessity in good team workers. Empathy provides you the tools for understanding your colleagues and acting accordingly. You will better understand that not every day is the best day. One can even be sure of it with personal experiences.

Try to provide equal space and respect to your coworkers as you do to yourself. This makes for a better work environment. Providing the necessary comfort to your colleague will make you reachable. This helps people prioritise you when it comes to teamwork. 

Having possession of good communication skills

Having good communication skills is also a quality of a good team member. This skill helps you to bring together your team and put across your views to people in the easiest manner. Your ability to communicate with people will help you achieve your goals much easier. This is because good communication can be of great importance. Many times not being able to communicate is the reason for the failure of a team’s work. 

As a team member, it is important to have both, formal and informal communication with other team members. Both communication types has its own advantage and disadvantages and can be used wisely as per the need.

Here is more about how to improve communication skills.

Higher Confidence level

A good team member possesses a higher confidence level. This is the reason for the boost in your enthusiasm and quality of work. Someone who is confident about their work will not be prone to pessimism. This makes them confident of many people at the workplace. Their credibility also increases with them being positive about themselves and other people.

A self confident person will be more likely to impart knowledge and wisdom instead of jealousy and pessimism. Also a person who is confident is very welcoming to constructive criticism and remarks. This quality in our team members from rubs on other members of the team. Making the team more productive and innovative.

Dependence and trust on employees

Many of the managers or leaders of a team tend to micromanage their team. This is a more or less their approach to self satisfaction. Micromanaging employees has never provided good results. In the sense, by exercising micro control you are ultimately the one doing the work. This will stunt the growth of your employees.

No company can grow with employees that are not independent. It is sometimes easier and a better way to let them be their own person. This helps promote unique thinking as well as independence in the employees. And this sense of responsibility brings in a very good quality result.

This is beneficial for the organisation as a whole because, the employees are dependable and thus will help the organisation grow. A good team member will motivate other team members to grow and learn in the process.

Micromanaging and not being dependable on your employees, are qualities that are not appreciated in a good team member. What is appreciated is,

  • Dependability on your team members
  • Growing trust on your team members

Ability to adapt

With time changing constantly, you can never be sure of what changes you will be met with the next day. Similar happens within organisations or teams. Overnight there might be a very Revolutionary Idea and all over orientation of the organisation or team will be completely shifted.

Here a good team member will showcase the quality of adaptability. Being able to adapt fast helps you as a team member be helpful to the organisation in the best way possible. This is what helps you mark your words in the organisation or team you belong to.

The important points you need to have in mind is you are a part of the team and you are not the team. Thus adapting for the greater benefit of the organisation is very necessary.

Your adaptive nature can also be seen when,

  • As an introverted team member you have to deal and interact with extroverted ones
  • As an extroverted team member you have to deal with the introverted members
  • You have to adapt according to our team member who works from home or remotely

Good understanding of the field of work.

There is a constant shift in the market these days . Thus only technical understanding will not take you as far as you want . What will help you more than the technicalities is having a proper knowledge of the field you are involved with . Keeping check of the ongoing trends in the field will help you put in your two cents. This might count to be very helpful.

Keeping a regular check of the markets and analysing it to your benefit is necessary. By being up to date you will not only benefit yourself but your organisation. This will help increase your credibility at work.

Being Persistent

Sometimes persistence can be judged. But, not all the time! Persistence by many great people is considered important. A method or paved way to success even being met by various setbacks and failures.

One very good example of persistent nature leading to success is Thomas Alva Edison. His infamous quote is timeless,

“I have not failed. I have just found 10000 ways that won’t work.”

Edison’s persistence led him to the invention of light bulbs. A distant and dreamy invention till the time of its discovery.

Similarly, the quality of being persistent is necessary in a team worker. This provides the team and themselves the motivation to move ahead with lessons learnt. Most importantly, giving up? Is checked out of their list. Therefore a good team worker harbours Persistence.


The article will make sure to cover all the necessary good teamwork qualities. Also, the qualities like, confidence level, persistent behaviour, increased dependency, account of details, and adaptability etc. are all mentioned in detail. The article will manage to help satisfy all your curiosities regarding the good teamwork skills and underlying benefits.

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