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How to Build Self Confidence

Self confidence is the positive attitude towards self. It is the belief that you have the capability and ability to complete any task or handle any situation. Self confidence which in simple words means “TRUST IN YOU”. There can be many levels of confidence but choosing the right one in a different scenario is confidence. There can be situations or reasons in which we may have lost our self confidence and belief in that case we have to learn how to be build self confidence again.

When you work to build your self confidence, first think to note that its all about you. How do you look up to your self. Not about others point of view for yourself.

Self Confidence is not “they will like me”. Self Confidence is “I will be find if they don’t”

Powerful ways to Build Self Confidence

Be Proud on Your Progresses

First step to build your self confidence is to acknowledge your progresses you made till now. Rewarding yourselves in simple achievements will boost you up with confidence. Always appreciate yourself for trying or doing any small achievements. Because your reward will be the most satisfying gift to you than any other appreciation as we always listen to ourselves. So, let your self-belief and self-confidence be proud of yourself for the achievement. You can be proud of yourself that you are no less than anyone and you can achieve what you want.

Think about Yourself

Always give time to know about yourself and to know what you want, never try to do things under pressure, as Pressurize things will always lead to failure as you will do it in fear and not in happiness. Always do what you want from yourself, everyone has that conscience that wants something from our self, so listen to it and achieve it. You will the happiest when you are doing what you want and your confidence will automatically increase.

Learn from mistakes

Like you acknowledge and reward yourself for your progress. It is equally important to acknowledge and learn from mistakes to build your self confidence. Human beings are born to make mistakes but we are the most powerful because we have the capabilities to learn from our mistakes. We should always admit the mistake and try not to repeat it.  Committing mistakes is not an offense, but it is very important in our life because it teaches us a lot more good things in our life.  Those who are not learning from the mistake and making the same mistake, again and again, are really on the verge of downfall. So always learn from your, mistake and you will be confident enough not to commit the same mistake again


Get involved

It is very important to participate in the things and activities going around you. Participate in the variety of activities going on whether it is in your society, kids’ schools, or in offices. Let you be known to everyone. You will feel joy and confidence enough when you are known and people will greet and loves to talk with you. Enjoy all the things going nearby you and have involvement and you will feel the change and the confidence.

Take Risk

Risking in life is something that is a very difficult task to perform, although everyone doesn’t dare to take risks in their life and they want to live a happy and peaceful life. But some are confident enough to take risks in their life and try to do something better. although they may succeed or fail, they grow up in confidence in their journey as they learn many things through success and failures.

Try something New

It is very important in this era to learn something new every time as we humans are developing so fast technically, medically, etc in all the streams.  Trying something new is not always regarding studies or something serious but you can try something fun, dance, music, etc. Try to get involved in the activities going on in the world through social media, newspapers, articles, etc. When you are trying new you may have success or failure but you will always learn a lesson. So, it is very important to go as per the flow and progress.

You are no less

Never underestimate yourself. Everyone has the abilities and capabilities to do something in life. It just a matter of time and the realization that you can do what you want. So, never try to degrade you from the feeling that others are performing better than you and you are not able to do anything. Your time will come and you will perform with great enthusiasm. So have confidence in yourself and boost yourself up to get engaged in different things.

Maintain health

Maintaining health is very important for everyone of all ages. Though maintain health in this section means that have a good physique, do regular exercises and have a good and tone body. Our good-looking appearances also boost our confidence to a great level. When our physique is good everyone appreciates us and the clothes, we wear look nice and beautiful on us. That is indirectly reflecting our personality which will directly increase our confidence level.

Go out

It is very important to have a break from your routine or schedule. Always take a break and go for a vacation. Go to new places, Visits will always help you learn many things for sure. So always have time for your vacation or my time and enjoy your life.


Always have a smile on your face. Because people always love and appreciate people with a smile, they would like to talk to you. The biggest achievement to show that you are confident enough and you can handle the situation at ease is your smile. Smile is the best ornament one can wear.



Spend time and money on your appearances. Your appearances play a very important role in boosting up your confidence. Always wear clothes according to the occasion. E.g., if it is a religious ceremony and you are wearing fashionable short clothes or when it is a party and you are wearing ethnic clothes in both the scenario you are going to lose your confidence as your appearance will not be complimenting the event. So, it is very important to work on your appearances and dressing sense.

Think Positive about You

We know better yourself than anyone else for sure. So always take yourself towards the positive side. We may sometimes feel negative or be dull but we must think positively and take our thinking in a positive direction. Our positivity will reflect our confidence and if we are staying negative for a long time, we will lose all the confidence in all the areas.

 Work on your weakness

It is very important to look towards our strengths and weakness. We should always boost our strength and never let it go and on the other hand, we should always work on our weaknesses and try to overcome them. Our weaknesses can lead us to failure if we are not working on them.  Never let your weakness grow or else they will overcome all the strength and positivity in you.


Find someone to motivate you

Everyone needs motivation at some point in life, so always find your motivation. You can have motivational friends and colleagues who will motivate and encourage you always in your good and positive thoughts. When you are motivated in the positive direction you have the belief that whatever you are doing is correct and you are going in the right direction. Somehow if you are not able to achieve anything in life do not lose hope and confidence but always try to find out someone who can motivate you to move forward.

Use Communication to build your self confidence

Work to improve your communication skills. Have a good command of your language. Whether you are using any type of language it can be regional or global language but always have command on it. Try to use simple and impressive words, don’t uses words for which you are not confident enough. Whenever you are interacting with someone know your audience and try to use language as per their understanding, so they can enjoy and would like to talk with you.


Pay Attention to Your Body and Verbal Language

Our attention towards our body is very important to gain our confidence. For e.g. In our daily life when we wear clothes that are not suiting our body and are not complementing our looks then we will lose our confidence at the very first step. We will not be confident enough to face someone or talk with someone as our whole concentration will be stocking in our appearance. And hence we will always lose our confidence.

Secondly, always give importance to your verbal language, always use good and proper words that are decent and meaningful. Do not use abusive, Offensive languages and never have useless discussions.

Gestures and Greet

Gestures and greet play a very important role to make yourself look confident enough. Always Greet your audience with full confidence as we all know the saying “The FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE LAST IMPRESSION”, So always show confidence in your meetings,

Always use proper gestures. Your confidence can be raised by the proper gestures, the way you talk, the way you sit, stand everything matters a lot to show how confident you are.

This is a very important point to show how confident you are and it is for sure will be useful during the interviews.

Eye Moment

Always have Eye to Eye contact with the person you are speaking with. Never let your eye move here and there. Your eye moments show how confident you are, if you are not confident enough your eyes will for sure rotate everywhere except at the audience’s eye. So, practice having proper eye contact and be confident.

Stand Confident

Always be Confident in every way. Stand confident in front of the audience, never lose faith and hope in yourself. Always have the attitude that you are doing best and you are progressing. Have Self Belief in yourself and think positively about yourself. Your positive reaction will lead you to success and confidence.

How to Speak with Self Confidence


We know the saying that “THE PRACTICE MAKES MAN PERFECT” and the saying is right to much extent. We should practice and work on our weak points. Learn and practice speaking with confidence with everyone.

Speak slowly and clearly

Always have command of your speech. It is always advisable to not speak too fast as the audience may not understand what you are saying, so always speak slowly, gently, and clearly. This habit will be appreciated by everyone and it will directly show how confident and elegant you are.

Don’t go loud

It is always a good practice to work on your pitch when you are having good healthy communication with someone. When you are going loud it seems to be an indication of being rude and disrespectful to others. Always have confidence in your pronunciation and speak softly and slowly.

Speak Without Tension

When you are Speaking try to keep all the tensions aside, because hindrance can always make you speak improperly way, so always have spoken with full confidence and without tension.

Breathe in between and stay hydrated

Whenever you are presenting always take a pause.  Always positively take your pause, take a short break, and short breathe between the sentences. Other than that, always stay hydrated, take a sip of water in between your session to make your presentation flow smoothly and confidently.

Conclusion: How to Build Self Confidence

Confidence is very important in one’s life. Right from taking to standing or achieving anything in life one needs to be confident enough. One should be confident enough about themselves that they too have the capabilities and abilities to achieve anything in life. Have Self-belief in you and your confidence will automatically be boosting and you will always be giving your best every time.

Always be confident and take risks in life to achieve and reach the successes that you are waiting for.


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