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How to Avoid Distractions

Distractions have continually managed to hold the place for stunting an individual’s growth. Growth needs a person to focus and work towards growing. Distractions on the other hand manage to make realistic the completely opposite. So, How to avoid distractions?

First of all, acknowledging being distracted itself can be tough. And even tougher is, avoiding getting distracted. That’s why the question, How to avoid distractions? A very important one.

The article will manage to provide you, easily applicable guidance towards avoiding distractions. Benefits of avoiding distractions will also be elaborated.

What are distractions?

Definition for distraction can be,

The External as well as internal factors that are very sufficient as well as capable in putting off your attention from the work at hand. Thus hindering the task being performed in the best way possible.

On the basis of their definition above. Distractions again can be of two types,

External Distractions

As the name is suggestive of, the distractions that are a result of factors specifically from the outside environment are called external distractions. These distractions can be self created (not often) or you might not be a part of them at all. Some examples for external distractions can be,

  • Noises from the nearby environment
  • A place with temperature not at par with body standards

These are some of the common examples for external distractions. They are capable of distracting you on a much higher rate. Especially because they are mostly out of your hands. External distractions can also be a helping hand in inducing internal distractions.

Internal Distractions

Internal distractions can be considered as distractions that generate from within. A person himself is responsible for inculcating these distractions. For instance some of the internal distractions can be,

  • The body fatigue. This is a very serious distraction if not a health emergency.
  • Ruminating can also be a reason for Internal distractions.
  • A person being stressed is no less a cause for one to get distracted. 

Above are some of the widely known examples of internal distraction. The internal distractions need for you to fight against them. They usually can be overcome by a person himself. Being motivated to let go of them, with discipline incorporated, is the only way to fight them off!

How to know if you are distracted?

As easy as the above question sounds, equally important it is. It is very necessary to diagnose a person for a disease to be able to provide necessary treatment. Similarly, it is very important to understand if someone is distracted to improve the condition. Some of the indicators of distractions are,

Mind wanders off

A person having little to no control over thoughts. Someone who has no restricting to the horses in his mind. This is a clear sign of lost focus. This individual is more likely to have lost focus and so, befriended distraction.

For Example on a working day a distracted person is more likely to be focused on something to do with leisure. This person is less likely to pay attention to the work.

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Continuously being met with accidents

This is yet another sign of a distracted individual. The person who has lost sense of focus, is more likely to be met with minimalistic accidents every now and then. This is again an indicative of a distracted mind.

For Example you started from home to get a toothpaste. Reaching the market, you completely lose sense of what you actually needed. Ended up bringing home some snacks. Mum won’t be happy now, would she?! This small accident can cause serious damage. Best of luck to you!

Attention towards detailing is hard to acquire

Details and paying attention to them gets harder every time. But, we also understand the importance of details. So, not paying attention to details is no way to progress. Therefore, again, not paying attention to details becomes a very obvious example of someone being distracted. 

For Example there are many instances when people tend to forget details. One is someone putting across the question, “ So, what were you saying about the place where you live. Repeat the name again, will you?” This is a perfect example of not paying attention to details. Therefore, making missing details an indication of being distracted.

Feeling out of the Zone

Zoning out is one of the most common examples or indications of an individual being distracted. At times, it becomes the most obvious form of indicator. It can help make you the laughing stock of the gathering. It can result in losing your much needed focus during a presentation. One very important for your career growth.

For Example imagine you are in a lecture and suddenly you zone out of there. Thinking more about what’s for lunch and less about what’s being taught. This is exactly what distraction is all about.

Trouble having a deep and meaningful conversation

For being able to continue with a deep and meaningful conversation focus is important. When you have the ability to understand and analyze the points others have laid forth, you can make a clear view on it. This helps in continuation of the conversation towards the much deeper end. Thus, not being able to continue a conversation further is a sign. Sign of lacking focus.

For Example you keep jumping topics. Cannot keep focusing on one. For example in the middle of talking about a business idea, suddenly talking about the newly released gaming setup. This behaviour of yours is a give away of your distracted self.

Not being able to keep track of your conversations

You simply cannot remember back a conversation you had some while back. This is also a sign of being distracted.

For Example a colleague or a friend comes up to you saying,

“Hey! So where will you be meeting me today?” and you being completely lost ask, “What?” This conversation explains completely how problematic it is for you to remember things. Indicating being distracted at the time of conversation, for your memory to even take account of it.

Difficulty performing tasks with sustained mental effort

There are tasks that people find difficulty in accomplishing. A task that needs a complete involvement of sustained mental effort, is especially very difficult for people to go on with. It is because of the inability to maintain that focus on a certain task. Especially for a longer period of time. This is one common symptom a distracted individual experiences.

For Example one example of this is children studying. You will often find them playing with the book pages more instead of trying to focus. This is the clear example of distraction. swaying away from the important task at hand.

Restlessness is now more a friend than enemy

Restlessness seems like a twin. A conjoint one at that. Never leaves you alone. This again is a very obvious reason for distraction. A restless body or mind means, lack of peace and calm. The two very important features for being able to concentrate. Therefore, a person who finds himself restless at every other instant is more likely to inculcate distractions.

For Example the minimalist way to define it can be: You were once sitting on a chair in the drawing room, after a while you find yourself lying down on the couch. Or better yet, finding something to eat in the kitchen. All this is indicating towards a distracted individual.

How to avoid distractions ?

There are always distractions if you allow them – Tony La Russa

Best way to avoid distractions in the first place is not to allow them. If you still feel distracted, below are effective ways to avoid distractions.

Evaluate self

The first ever step to avoid distractions is to self evaluate. As discussed earlier. evaluating and recognising a problem is very necessary. This is the rightful step towards solving it. So, sit down and think. Give every necessary thought to come at a conclusion. Grab “your” distractions out. And manage them. Face and fight. A fight towards your own growth.

Recognise the cause

Managing and recognising distractions is important. What is more important? To find the exact causes behind these distractions. It is important that you start by evaluating every aspect. And finally come to a conclusion.

Conclusion best fit for dealing with your problems. During this process, remember not to be biased. Being biased will only feed those distractions. Harming your way to avoidance.

Prepare Yourself

Next step is preparation. Preparation for this battle of wits, with your own distracted self. It is important here to note down your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing the strengths will give you an upper hand. On the other hand, recognising weaknesses  will help you look out for not committing them. There should be a well managed plan in your mind. A plan to successfully avoid distractions.

Spend more time offline

Spending time offline means avoiding distractions by gadgets. Thus, remember to let go of the online world. The reason for most of the distractions.

This helps you avoid getting distracted online. Instead you can indulge offline in practices to increase your focus. Thus it is one of the crucial steps to avoid distractions.

Take a break

It is very important to address the need for rest. Hard work needs a refreshed and calmer mind. This is why giving yourself the much needed break from all the work is necessary. This will help you be less distracted. You can focus on the work more. Therefore increasing the quality and quantity of the output.

Let music heal you

Music has from time immemorial been the method for many people to avoid getting distracted. A soothing music in the background to calm your nerves is helpful in concentrating. Anytime you feel out of yourself, make sure to let music help you heel. This increases your focus and avoids getting distracted.

One step at a time

Not everyone can perform at the equal pace as the other person. Therefore it becomes necessary to not overwhelm yourself with extra work. Move with your pace. Keep in mind that, one step at a time is the best way. It helps you be motivated. Right motivation decreases the chances of distraction.

Keep eye on your goal / purpose

Your destiny is too great to get you distracted

See the larger picture. What do you want to achieve. Are you on the right track for it. Keep eye on your goals. Distractions will take you away from your path. One of the way to avoid distractions and get back to the right path is to always keep eye on your goals and remember the larger picture of your goals.

What are the benefits of not being distracted?

There are more than countable benefits of distraction. Some of those are very obvious. Some need a deeper understanding to be recognised. Here are some of the very important and worth your time benefits of distraction;

Increases you attention span

As you work on avoiding distractions, you will also learn how to gradually increase the attention span. This in turn is the direct increase of the concentration abilities of an individual. The time span of concentrations in humans has been decreasing gradually all thanks to the distractions.

This attention span can thus be brought back by strengthening oneself against distractions. A study mentioned a decrease of attention span to merely 8 sec. Making it a matter of concern. Therefore increased attention span is the greatest benefit.

Memory gets highly enhanced

The distractions being completely out of the picture, gives an individual’s memory the space to expand and grow. This enhanced memory helps us gain various new opportunities in the work.

Our memory can be very useful for us to keep track of the information. This information can be further useful for us to come with plans and ideas that will change our future. Distractions avoided give way to a healthy short term memory. Thus growing the long term memory more stronger.

The IQ level of an individual increases

An individual IQ level is very important. The IQ level can be increased by timely enhancing  the cognitive capacity of a person. The cognitive capacity can be interrupted by the various distractions to the conscious mind.

Most of these distractions include mobile phones. Especially mobile phones in your nearest vicinity. Therefore avoiding distractions like mobile phones can help you increase your productivity. In return you will find your IQ levels getting honed and increased. Thus avoiding distractions can be very helpful to one’s IQ.

Stress levels die down

Distractions are known to wear down our productivity levels. This causes an individual to not accomplish self satisfactory work. Therefore giving way to increased stress levels. But, avoiding distractions helps in avoiding this stress too. Therefore increasing the productivity levels. This helps everyone see a good amount of decline in stress levels.

Conclusion: How to avoid distractions

Avoid distractions, It’s a trap to keep you away from success.

Distractions are a way to demolish the growth of an individual. Both internal and external features can be responsible for distractions. Some of the very important signs of distraction being a part of your life are covered in the above article. What is also covered in the article is how to avoid distractions and various of its benefits.

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