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How to Stay Positive in Negative Situation

Are you caught up in a negative situation? There are ways to break the shell and stay positive in negative situation.

Positivity is not just about being happy, even in negative situations we can remain positive. Staying positive will make you and your peer group cheerful. The biggest benefit of staying positive even in negative situation is:

Positive attitude lets you see the opportunities and not the obstacles.

Studies show that even when you are sad or tackling a difficult situation you can choose to be positive, you have the capability to ignore the negativity or pull yourself together and handle things in a more optimistic way.

How to stay positive in a negative situation?

Know who you are

It is important to understand yourself and accept your inner abilities. Start the change within you, knowing that you have negative thoughts and when you start responding to them differently is a good change and the process begins here. Having negative thoughts doesn’t make you a negative person, it is just a feeling and you can overcome this feeling when you show more positive approach towards the situation.

Focus on your goal

Walk towards your goal, this purpose will make you confident and strong. Positive attitude automatically develops within yourself; and thus your positive attitude will keep you focused and help you reach your goal much faster. Make your goals more personalized, so that you are responsible for your actions and the outcome.

Practice self discipline

Rising early, practicing yoga or meditation, following a healthy diet and time management are some of the aspects of self discipline. When you follow this you tend to have a more positive approach towards life. Research says that people who practice self discipline are happier and more successful. If you don’t have these habits, incorporate them and make it as your habits for success.

Rethink your attitude

This could be very effective in building a positive attitude. Think about the negativity that you have faced and what your reaction was? If you were pessimistic over the incident in the past, rethink of how you could have handled it better. Write down the points and use them next time when you are caught up in the same situation.

For e.g. you have been body shamed by your friends and you have showed them your frustration and anger, thereby you have not just lost your cool but also have showed them your weakness. Now you can rethink about your attitude and see how you can handle the situation in a more optimistic way. You could have just smiled and walked away or you could have directly said to them that it is your body and love the way it is. This approach will be more beneficial and make you a more self-assured person.

Be thankful for the things that you have

Accept your life and appreciate all the small things that you have. This acceptance will give you satisfaction. When you are satisfied with your life, you are the happiest person in the universe. However this satisfaction doesn’t come easily; experience, knowledge and practice will help you achieve this.

Have big dreams

When I said, be happy with what you have; it doesn’t mean that you have to stop dreaming. Keep dreaming and your dreams will help you build a positive attitude. Your dreams are your motivation and driving force. A person without a dream is full of uncertainty and ends up as a loser.

Accept failure

Just like how you celebrate success learn to celebrate your failures. After all failure is the stepping stone to success. Trust me your failure will make you stronger and forceful. It is completely about how to take things when it gets wrong, try to learn from the mistake and make it work the next time. This attitude is what you call a positive one.

Be responsible for your actions

It is easy to blame on others when things go wrong. Stop doing this, if you are not taking the responsibility then you are not just being negative to yourself but you are also being negative to your peer group. Work as a team and see how you can fix it. Motivate others to complete the task and make things work.

Never give up

You could be stressed and confused after facing several failures, but don’t give up easily. Develop that fighting spirit; don’t rest until you reach your goal. Plan things and seek help from experts, do your research. Planning and gaining knowledge will make you more positive and successful.

Positivity is not about perfection

Some people will not be satisfied till they get that 100%, this is totally a wrong thought. In fact when you think everything should be perfect, then it adds more stress and makes you more negative. You just have to go with the flow and enjoy the process. Don’t expect things to be perfect all the time.

Let’s see how we can cultivate positive behaviour

Start your day with positive thinking

Your day is set based on how you start your day. Make it a happy start by doing the special things that you like. Say a prayer, be thankful for your life, get some fresh air, take a walk and listen to your favourite music.

Plan things ahead

Planning things will make you more efficient and reduce the work load by half. When you already know the things that you are going to be handling makes your life easier. In this case you save time and work better. When things go wrong you will definitely have time to look for other options.

Be cheerful

Give and receive compliments, be that person whom people are looking up to. Greet your fellow members with a genuine smile, appreciate wholeheartedly and share your thoughts and knowledge with others. Even a gloomy day becomes brighter when you follow these simple yet effective tips.

Lend a helpful hand

Be supportive and motivate people around you. Be it family or your colleagues. Listen to their ideas and guide them. If you can be helpful in any way, like finance or moral support then don’t hesitate to offer that. Sometimes just being there and listening will make them pleased.

Spend time with children

This is therapeutic, children are the healers. They make you forget all the problems and worries. Studies show that spending time with kids is a stress buster and will help you overcome the anxiety. The positive attitude from the little ones is instantly transferred to you. Next time when you are stressed, go back home and spend some quality time with your children.

Be humorous

Be humorous in all situations, even when you are not in a mood be open to humor. Laughing is a good medicine to relive you from stress and anxiety. Watch a comedy show, think of a hilarious incident from the past and talk to a person who has good humor sense. These things will develop positivity.

Give self care

Spend time and groom yourself, not just the outlook but also your soul. Yes, you need to analyse yourself and see if you are really happy. Question your ability, seek answers from within. Do your favourite things that you have wanted for so long. Spend money for yourself; buy clothes or your favourite books. Give a makeover and admire the change.

What are the benefits of being a positive person?

A recent study followed 70,000 women from 2004 to 2012 and found that those who were optimistic had a significantly lower risk of dying from several major causes of death, including:

Heart diseases such as stroke, depression, allergies, various infections, cancer and other stress related diseases.

The other benefits include

More Successful

Positivity is the key to success. When you are positive towards your goal you never give up that easily. Your optimistic nature inspires you to work hard and makes you a successful person. Your positive nature helps you to cope with the day to day life, positivity brings peace and prosperity and therefore success accompanies with the rest.

Good health

Positive people are blessed with good health and happy life. We cannot deny the fact that living healthy and happy is the whole purpose of the existence of human life.

In a research of 7000 adults who were found to be positive are 33% more healthy and active. Also in the same study of 700 adults who were less positive were 47% with sleeping disorders and had health issues.

Being happy and positive boosts our immune system. Studies even show that it helps in reducing cold and other common infections. People with more negative thoughts are three times more likely to catch cold and infection. This is also because positive people prefer a healthy life style and are more physically active rather than the negative minded people.

Long life

Many research shows that positive people have a longer life span. Think about our ancestors who lived longer and healthier, positive thinking is the main the reason for their well-being. A study conducted in 2019 shows that positive attitude people live 11-15% longer.

Also positive people don’t worry about aging; they show a positive outlook towards growing old and enjoy every moment of life. This helps in increasing their life span.

We all face tragic situations like death and other major problems but when you have the will power to overcome the situation and handle things the right way then this is called positive thinking. If you can stay positive in a negative then you are a winner

Most powerful tool to change the negative situation is your positive attitude.

Learn more about Positive Attitude at work to get positive outcomes and success.

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