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Self Talk

What is Self Talk?

Self talk is the way of talking with your inner subconscious mind.  It is the natural habit or tendency of everyone to talk to their inner soul.  Self talk is the way brain and soul co-relate on certain things to give you direction. It is directly related to your mental strength. Self talk can be negative or positive that can lead to a happy or distressing situation.

It is the inner voice in your mind that guide you to take certain steps or action for a particular situation. Self talk is the inner talk that will provide us genuine opinions for a satisfactory life. Whether we are satisfied with the current situation or do we need to work more for it.

Types of Self Talk

  • Positive Self Talk
  • Negative Self Talk

Let’s read through in detail and understand the both types.

What is Positive Self Talk?

Positive self talk is the inner good talk with your subconscious that makes you happy and satisfied with the particular situation or your life. It is the most powerful mechanism to increase self confidence, Self esteem, and the fight against negative emotions. Positive self talk will always help you to find the most beneficial and happy scenario for you to deal with in life, it can also enhance your performance and your capabilities and abilities to achieve success in life.

Benefits of Positive Self talk

  1. Reduce Depression Rate
  2. Boost you
  3. Encourages you to achieve certain goals
  4. Maintain your mental Health
  5. Help you to be resilient
  6. Keep you happy
  7. Improved immunity
  8. Satisfaction rate increases

Let’s go through in details:

Reduce Depression Rate

We as human beings tend to feel low or depress in every situation, can be it be because of anxiety, fear, stress, etc but we anyhow can feel negative at any point in time and in any situation. During that situation our inner Positive Self Talk will help us to bring us out from the situation., When we are thinking positively, we feel motivated and we are encouraged to live certain negative situations and work hard to change the situation and bring happiness. Hence Positive talk reduces depression rates.

Boost you

Positive Self talk will always increase your self confidence and self belief that you can achieve whatever you want to. It will always energize or boost you with the positive feeling to achieve or try to change a certain negative situation to a happy situation. Your inner voice is the one that will always boost you up and it will never let you down.

Encourage you to Achieve Goals

Positive Self talk will always help you chase your dreams. It will always let you help learn from the mistakes and guide you on the way to success. Positive talk can help you find out the lesson from your mistake and not repeat them and guide you towards the way of success.

Maintain Mental Health

Positive Self talk has a great positive impact on our mental health. If we are happy and satisfied, we are automatically living a peaceful life. Peaceful life leads to good mental health as you are satisfied with life. Good mental health is very important for overall wellbeing. So always encourage yourself to the positive talk to lead to good mental health.

Help you to be resilient

The main important way to be resilient is having a good positive thought and talk that will help you be resilient. Resilient itself means the mental capacity to deal with a certain bad situation in our life. Positive Self talk helps a lot as it will always take to the positive way of approach and help us guide through the way from negativity to positivity.

Keep you Cheerful

Positive talk helps us to be positive and help us to see all the things with utmost positivity hence it makes us full of satisfaction. Once we are satisfied, we are automatically leading to the way of a happy and successful life. We will be always happy in any situation and try to give our best for the same.

Improved Immunity

Studies show that positive and good mental health is directly affecting our immunity system. If we have good mental health, we are living with good physical health too. When we are not feeling good and suffering from certain health issue we are going through a lot of negative thoughts and self talk and that can make our immune system weaker and we are not being able to be resilient. But if we are going through positive talk then we are easily helping our body to be more immune and fight the situation. So positive and stress-free mental health always leads to Improve immune system


Satisfaction rate increases

Positive self talk will always enhance your satisfaction level as you will be looking at the situation in a more satisfied manner and with positivity. Satisfaction will lead you to way of happiness and you will always be thankful and cherish the present/ current situation.


Improve confidence and Performance

When you have negative thoughts, you will mostly don’t feel that you are capable enough to perform a certain task, but if you are having positive thoughts and positive self talk then it can help you perform your performance better and with confidence.

Improve relationships

Your relationships are likely to get improved with everyone surrounding you. As you will not allow negativity to come across your way you take the situation with positivity and always you will be happy with it the and your relationship problem will be less.

Negative Self Talk

Negative Self Talk is the way our inner conscious and our thoughts are going in a negative direction. It will always lead us to negativity, it will always make us feel that the current situation or the things going in our life is not satisfactory and we are not happy with it, it will always make us sad and depressed in our whole journey of Life. Negative Self Talk is the most difficult situation one may face and it can take great courage to deal with and come out from it.

Negative Talk will give you a sense of fear, stress, and anxiety which can be harmful to an individual.

Don’t be a victim of negative self talk, remember you are listening – Bob Proctor

Type of Negative Talk

  1. Blaming Yourself
  2. looking at the situation from in negative perspective
  3. thinking for the worst.

Blaming Yourself

There can be certain situations that can lead you in a bad direction and ruin the situation but if you are not thinking wisely and taking the blame on yourself then you are excepting the situation and you won’t be able to deal with the situation and come out from it. So, we should stop blaming ourselves and think about how to handle the situation in the positive manner.

Looking at the situation from the negative perspective

Many people have the habit of looking at the situation in a negative way. People may not be able to find the goodness and positive in the situation but rather being positive, they tend to take the things towards negativity and creating chaos in their own life and other people’s life.

Thinking for the worst

There can be a certain situation in life that can lead to the worst thoughts, but we should always have faith in God and think for positivity, if we are thinking worst for the situation, we are in more stress and we are handling the situation in the most impractical way that can further lead to the big problem. So always have faith in God and pray to God not to turn the situation into the worst scenario and help you think positive.

How to learn Positive Self talk

Do meditation and yoga

Practicing the art of mindfulness help a lot in bringing positivity.  Do regular yoga and meditation to make your soul and mind calm. A calm and peaceful mind will always help you to think positively and constructive. 

Spare time on your wellness rather than on illness”

Listen to Soft Calming Music

Soft music or listening to soft meditating music can make you calm and relax. Practicing to make the mind relax is very important nowadays. If your mind is relaxed you are out of stress and you are happy. Listening to soft music can reflect positive vibration in your body which will help you in your positive Self Talk.

Avoid Negativity When you are in Pain

When we are in a bad situation or we are in trouble we are not happy and we want to have a positive opportunity to come out of the situation, but if we are in negative surroundings, we are more tend to degrade and lose the hope of positivity. Our mind, soul all will start thinking only about negativity which will automatically take us from positive to Negative Self talk, and as a result, we may take some wrong direction. Learn more about how to stay positive in negative situation.

Give Positive energy to yourself

Positive self talk can be learned when we are thinking positively about ourselves. Always boost yourself up and have Self confidence and self belief that yes you can do it or you can easily handle this situation. All the positivity in your body is connected so when the mind is going negative have positive self talk. It will make your thoughts positive. Use sentences as I can do it, I will do it.

Stay Hopeful, as you don’t know what tomorrow have for you.

When to Raise Alarm?

When you are not able to think positive and when you have too many negative thoughts and your self talk is giving you all the negative advice to deal with the scenario and it is next to impossible to think Positive and you are taking wrong steps or going in the extreme wrong direction that is the point when you have to seek psychiatrists help. At that point, they will help you to deal with the negative thoughts and how to encourage your positive thoughts and change the way of living.


Your self talk is a conversation with the universe.

Self talk is the way of getting the sign from your inner subconscious mind, self talk helps us to improve the situation when something is done wrong our self talk helps us to identify whether we did good or bad and accordingly help us to react to the situation. If we are wrong, we should be sorry and we should not repeat the mistake again but if we are right, we should bring it into practice and keep on following it. This way Self Talk is beneficial and important to everyone.

Self positive talk is the most powerful mechanism to increase self confidence and self belief it is also very important to fight against negative emotions. We should try to stop the negative self talk and always replace it with positive cherished self talk.

You are always stronger than you think

Article Credit

This article is contributed by Ms. Pragya Delhiwala. Experienced as a quality engineer after completing her education: 2nd rank BE in Electronics & Communications; 1st rank MBA in TQM. She is passionate about management, writing and painting.

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