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Art of Taking Action

We all have a dream and we are always working toward it. Although to chase our dreams and to achieve them, we have to spend a lot of time understanding and putting our thoughts into actions. The art of taking action is a very important in whatever you are trying to achieve. You always have a bunch of thoughts in your mind it can be regarding any criteria and you always think about how to complete those tasks and how to take action. So, let’s read some tips about how to develop the art of taking action.

Tips to develop an art of taking action

1) Pay attention

Pay attention to your inner subconsciousness and try to act accordingly. Always have good positive thoughts so that you can put them in the actions. Always look forwards to the positive sign your thoughts, mind and body will be providing you so, that you can take a particular action. Take actions as per the mind and never neglect your signs.

2) Take Help

It is very often in everyone’s life that they are not able to think or give their best but they still want to try hard and succeed during that scene when you don’t have any direction about how to deal with the situation then don’t be shy to take help of anyone. It is very important in life to take help or guidance. Talk with others maybe you can get some idea about how to start taking action and take it to the end.

3) Self Belief

The most and important rule to do anything in life is to have self belief and self confidence in you. You know yourself better than anyone else in life, have self-belief in your own capabilities and abilities, and accordingly take actions. You know your weak points and your strong points too so work accordingly and fulfil your task and actions.

4) Acceptance

To know how to take action it is very important to know your acceptance level. You will start to take action or react according to your acceptance. There can be many scenarios when you don’t have many options and you have to accept the situation and there can be many a time when you are not able to accept the things and so accordingly you have to work and take action. SO, taking action is fully dependent on your acceptance capabilities.

5) Purpose

While taking an action regarding anything you should know the purpose for what you are doing. Because if you are knowing your purpose you will know the priority. So, that you can take actions accordingly. The purpose for any particular task will give you strength and belief to take actions and complete it.”


6) Awareness

The art of taking an action also indirectly depends on awareness. One should be aware of what they want, how they want, what will be the scene after fulfilling, what can be done. If a person is aware of the things, then they will be able to take actions and put efforts accordingly.
“Be aware then your actions will drive you automatically”

7) Prepare yourself

In our daily day-to-day life, we are always thinking and prepare ourselves for whatever we are doing. In simple words when we are cooking some special dishes, we are always doing preplanning to gather the stocks and vegetables. Similarly, in fulfilling our dreams or any achievement, we should be fully prepared. We should always prepare ourselves; we should always think about what we want, how we want and then take actions as per your preparations.

8) Give Your Best

Think positive about yourself and give self-confidence to yourself that you can fulfil whatever you want to achieve in your life. Have faith in your abilities and capabilities and give the best shot and you will feel the action taken by you was right and you have gained the correct result from it.

9) Make to Do List

Nowadays it is very common practice to make lists and notes on our mobile phones or book to keep track of the important things we need to complete within time phrase. Similarly, to achieve something we need to make list and prepare ourselves so that accordingly we can take action. A To-do list can help you not to waste too much time and help you to stay focused on your way of taking action. There are various apps which can help you to improve your planning and organising skills to help you make and complete your To Do list.

10) Kaizen

Kaizen is the Japanese word that means “Doing the same thing but in the improvement Manner” OR “Continuous Improvement” It is a very important tool in Quality Management. If you have tried to do something or you may have failed in achieving your goal, try the Kaizen technique and then take action again in the new improved manner to achieve your goal.

11) Take a Break

It is always advisable to take a break from your routine. Because taking a break may teach you a lot of new things in life. Taking a break can make you calm and stress-free, such an attitude is a must to take action and complete your task and achieve your dreams. Break also help us to think with new ideas or help us to think differently.

12) Take action on genuine thoughts

God has blessed us with such a strong valuable part that is the brain that can think, Thoughts can be positive or negative, they can be useful or useless but it is our choice to choose which is best for us. We have to filter all the genuine and positive thoughts and prepare for them and finally take action on them.

13) Try to take actions

We have learned many stories in our childhood about trying hard and getting success, and we know that is true. We should try and try until we succeed. Important thing is to never give up, and we should never be afraid of failure but if we are thinking positively then our failure will always teach us the lesson to learn. We should always try to learn from failure and try and try to get success.

14) Don’t take things for granted

We should never consider things to be granted. Always try to work on it, take action and see if you are winning or achieving the goal or you are proving yourself as a failure. Then you can comment on the things. It can be too wrong to comment or taking things for granted before working on them.

15) Pay attention to your boredom

It can be an important sign you may get from your brain to achieve something from your boredom. Your boredom can speak too many things to you. If you utilize your boredom with proper positivity and work on it you will do something constructive.

16) Take Risk

The foremost important step for the art of taking action is taking the risk. We always have to take a risk to achieve something in life. Your risk can sometimes lead you to success or can make you a failure. But in both cases, you will learn new things and the way to lead.
“Taking Risk is the Important Art of Taking Action”

17) Have patience

You may not get your desired result as soon as you start to take action but it may certainly take time and you must be prepared to give your time and dedication for the same. Patiently wait and put in the efforts to gain your dreams.

18) Stay Focussed

Staying focused is a very important part. Throughout our journey, we can come across too many failures or we may want to leave our dream in the middle and no longer want to achieve it, but you have to be strong enough to gain what you want, be focused on your dreams, and what you want to achieve. Focussing on a target can help you take action accordingly.

Difference Between Deciding and Doing

Deciding is the way of thinking about the possibilities to complete any task.
Doing is finishing the work that you already have chosen.

Let’s make it simple with an example:
There are 5 friends, who are deciding to travel to a friend marriage. Out of them, 4 are deciding to travel through air transport and 1 is deciding to travel through train. Do you know how many will travel through road transport? The answer can be “N” number of possibilities because they are just deciding and not doing.


Importance of Art of Taking Actions

You are what you do, not what you say you will do.

1) Help to learn new things

Taking actions, in other words, can be called “TRYING”, Our actions can either be successful or can often leave us as a failure. But trying will always make you confident and help you learn new things as you will every time try in a different manner and perspective to gain success.

2) Overcome Fear

Taking Actions can help you overcome your fear, without taking actions you may never know your capabilities. Maybe there would be some fear in you and by taking actions and achieving it you will be proud and you will automatically overcome your fear. So, you should never give up and always try to take action and work on it.

3) You can be the winner

Fulfilling what we want is the biggest achievement in everyone’s life. For that, you have to try too many things and then take action. If you are succeeding in your actions, your work is fulfilled and considered, if you keep on trying and never give up one day for sure you will be the winner and you will fulfil your dreams.

4) Self confidence Increases

Trying hard and taking actions will lead you to the road to success and you will be happy from the gain. This happiness will automatically boost you up with self-confidence and self-belief and that can be considered very important for your future.

5) Learn the difference between right and wrong

Taking action and trying a new way out every time will make you learn to know the difference between what is right and what can be wrong. You will be able to identify whether you are in the right direction or the wrong direction and you will easily handle the situation accordingly.

6) You will know your capabilities

To get success or fulfil your dreams you will take actions and the output from your actions will decide how much efficient you are and will let you know your capabilities. Because taking actions leads to final output that can be a success or a failure so in both the case you will learn your capabilities.
“Our Action is the presentation of our Capabilities”


Taking action means doing what you have already thought or what you are thinking. In simple words, it is just following your thoughts and dreams. The art of taking action can be fulfilled using various sources and strategies. To gain success and fulfil our dreams we always have to plan and take actions accordingly so it is very important to work and learn about the way and art of taking actions.


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Article Credit

This article is contributed by Ms. Pragya Delhiwala. Experienced as a quality engineer after completing her education: 2nd rank BE in Electronics & Communications; 1st rank MBA in TQM. She is passionate about management, writing and painting.

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