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How To Get Out Of Comfort Zone

What is Comfort Zone?

Comfort zone means we are happy and comfortable in a particular situation or environment that is according to us. It is very easy to stay within the boundaries within which you are comfortable. Our brain is designed to adapt to our daily routine and make it as our comfort zone. It feels happy and stress-free when we are within the comfort zone. So why do you think you need to learn about how to get our of comfort zone?

To arrive at the success zone, you need to first leave your comfort zone.

In other words, a comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there. Sometimes, It become difficult or even stressful for your mind and body when you get out of comfort zone. Your brain will be in the stress and start giving you hints through negative reaction to settle down back. However, the process of getting out of comfort zone can be make smoother by making yourself ready for it. And that is the reason we should strongly practice how to control emotions. Also practices the art of Mindfulness so that we feel less anxious about the change.

In an organization, due to the division of labour, every individual is assigned a small particular task to perform. They keep on doing the same task repeatedly which can make a person come to the comfort zone. With repeat ion of a same task, they also become excellent in their particular same job. Hence some employees do not wish to change their organization for years together as they are in the comfort zone. So they don’t want to change the job and struggle against the comfortable life.

The down side of staying constantly in a comfort zone is sacrificing your growth.

Tips to Get out of the Comfort Zone

Learn something new.

When we are spending our time learning some new things, we are sure to disturb our normal daily routine. It can be anything. For example it can be just learning how to solve Rubik Cube. Learning things can make you focus on the new things. Learning new things, sometimes will make you disrupt your normal routine and learn to manage with the new changes.

Try to Adjust in New Routine

Always have the practice to adjust to any scenario that comes in front of you. Make yourself strong enough to adjust to new things.  Try adjusting from very small things and then slowly you will be able to cope up with the things with ease.

Practice Art of Meditation

Meditation has a great role in calming your body and soul and making you ready to accept the situation easily. Nowadays in such a fast-moving world with so much stress and the often-changing situation can make people breakdown and so the art of mediations, yoga, etc is globally adopted and practiced.


Bringing a positive attitude in your life is very important as it is not only related in Helping you to get out of your comfort zone but it has “N” numbers of benefits. Positivity will help you to think which situation is best for you and you can easily accept the change and you can easily get out of your comfort zone.

Face Fear

Everyone needs to live in practical life. And practically there is no day that human beings can live without fear. So have the strength and courage to face your fear. Be ready for the circumstances that you may face due to fear. The more you are thinking about your fear the more you will have to face them.  If you can face your fear, you can easily get out of your Comfort zone.

Be mentally prepared

Mental preparations play a very great role in coming out of your comfort zone. Be mentally strong to face any situation in your life.  Have mental strength and prepare mentally yourself to face the worst situation in your life.

Mental and Physical Health

Mental and physical health plays a great role in facing the discomfort created from moving out of your comfort zone. If you are mentally and physically strong you can easily adjust to the changes you are facing from moving out of your comfort zone. Follow some healthy morning routine like practicing yoga, walking, cycling, or any other activity to keep you healthy and strong.

Compare and follow the Best

When you are facing two situations in which one is from your comfort zone and the other is getting out from your comfort zone so, think about which situation is the best for you. If struggling and getting out from your comfort zone situation is best for you then try to follow that and live the changes positively.

Have strength

Having strength means believing in yourself, have self-belief and self-confidence that you can face the situation with immense courage. You will not lose hope but the strength to face the situation and getting out of your comfort zone. 

“Surround yourself by winners and the conversation will be different”

Take Risks

It can be very important to take risks in life to gain something and fulfil your dreams. Our dreams can only be fulfilled if we are getting out of our comfort zone and taking a risk to enlighten our future. Taking a risk can help you in bringing success and comfort also in the period.

“Take risks to have good comfortable life”


Participation can help you to make new friends, learning new things and your interest can increase to do something new in your life. When you are participating you are giving your time and efforts in doing those things and you are ready to spend time and resources on it, as a result, you may get out of your comfort zones. 

Take a break/Holiday

Take a break from your daily routine and travel around. Traveling around, going to different places, and trying new things can often help you to learn the way of living without comfort zones. When we are traveling, we are often disturbing our routine and hence we are getting out from comfort zone. But traveling can teach us how to enjoy and get out of comfort.

Make changes

Make changes in your daily day-to-day life. You can make changes in the way of living by makeover, refurnish your home, do renovations, etc. When you are changing things and the way of living you are getting used to new things and making them your comfort zones. So, you will learn that change is just for short time and that change will become your comfort zone after some time.

Try New Food

Trying new food is also the way of getting out of the comfort zone. You should always try new food as food changes are also least acceptable by many and they are comfortable and happy in eating only the way of food made by them.

 Try New Hobby

Always find a new way to learn something in your life. A hobby does not mean you need to learn some big things but it can be simple like learning to drive a car, learning to solve Rubik cube, etc. Because when you are involved in spending time in your hobby you leave behind all the other routine work and it may disturb your schedule but you will automatically learn to manage the things and accept the changes in your comfortable life.

Learn from Failures

Learning positively from failure is the biggest and most important positive feedback one can give to themselves. Always learn from your failures and try to adjust to the changes for a better life. Failure can teach you many positive things in life.

Don’t Make Excuses

It is a very common practice of human beings to make excuses when they are not keen to learn or do something for themselves. People tend to make excuses for the weakness they have and this way they are trying to cope up with the failures. But it is wrong, dare to accept the things and learn to change them although they are bringing you out of your comfort zone.

Have fun

Enjoy every moment in your life, have fun and try to find out happiness in all the things you are doing. Whether you are struggling hard, give time to yourself to settle down and enjoy. Things will change and the new change will be your new comfort zone.

Make changes for the good

Learn the difference between both the case and if getting out from your comfort zone brings goodness in your life then accept the change and adjust to the new change. Slowly and steadily new change will become your comfort zone. So always try first by changing for the good.

 Try to do things you are not sure about

Take voluntary participation in the things you have never tried. Try to do different things about which you are not sure. Trying new things will help you get out of your comfort zone. So, always have the habit to learn something new for your better life.

Importance of learning how to get out of Comfort Zone

  1. May Discover New things
  2. Your productivity can increase
  3. Live livelily
  4. Self-confidence improves
  5. Personal growth Increases

Discover New things

Until and unless you are not trying new things you are in your shell of abilities and you may not discover that you can do different things. You may learn that you have new talent and capabilities and that can inspire your future too.

Your productivity Increases

When you are easily getting out of your comfort zone you can easily settle down in any situation and scenario and hence you can give your best and your productivity does not suffer but instead, you are giving your best.

Live livelily

When you are happy and you are adjusting to any situation you are easily able to set in any scenario and you will be able to live a very joyful life. Joyful life can bring calmness and you will live livelily.

Self-Confidence improves

Self Confidence plays a very important role in your life and it will increase when you can cope up in any situation. You will have self-confidence when you will be able to adjust and give your best in any given situation.

Personal Growth

When you are comfortable coming out from your comfort zone you can give your best in all the situations and your self confidence and self belief increases and you are doing your best. This will surely help you in increasing your personal growth.


It can be hard to come out of your comfort zone. You may have fear and anxiousness but slowly fear will become your new habit. People having traveling jobs are more tend to be easy getting out of their comfort zone and adjusting to any situation. Getting out of my comfort zone professionally is by changing my new job. Changing to a new job can bring a lot of challenges in your life.

Always embraces the new change in your life. Changes can be difficult in life but when you will embrace them for the good then you will surely enjoy it. And new changes will be your new comfort zone.


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