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Best Morning Routine for Success

When you wake up in the morning and slide your window curtain you take a moment’s time to simply gaze at the crimson-red rising Sun, like there was no past! You are filled with hope and aspirations for a happy day and a brighter tomorrow. Why not? For there is nothing like a fresh new day for a bright new beginning! The relationship between ideal morning routine and success stories in life is not a mere coincidence. It is an often-tried formula that has stood the test of time!

Every day is indeed a gift that throws light on new possibilities. It is a time when you are ready to let go of all unpleasant memories and carry sheer experience from the past and start afresh! Morning routine is considered the most essential of all practices because this routine sets the base and pace for the rest of the day and for life as a whole!

Defining Morning Routine

A morning routine is defined as a set of actions performed in the morning, before moving on with the main activities like any work or schooling. 

A great start through a well-planned morning routine is worth the effort. Remember that once set, the routine is going to repeat every day to become your habits, and habits are what decide your values and eventually your destiny. A well-crafted morning routine not only gives one a wonderful start but also boosts to provide the standard for an entire fulfilling day.  

Why Morning Routine?

Most of the times we are asked this question: “Are you an early bird or a night owl?” While many may feel they are comfortable working during night hours, it is ideal to start your day by rising early and sleeping early too. This is because like all animals, we human beings have a built-in body clock and this rhythm functions best when we rise early. Not following our natural clock leads to a possible build-up of stress that may affect our health on the long run. We all are aware of the saying ‘Health is Wealth’. A compromise in health is seen as a downfall in work efficiency to the extent that it robs one of the abilities to achieve. Morning routine is important because it supports good health.

Success and Morning Routine

The feeling of contentment when you contribute to the world what is unique in you, such that it becomes productive to the society is called success. What has success got to do with morning routine? The famous and meaningful quote by John C. Maxwell answers this question:

You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.

Let us see how morning routine boosts success with an analogy.

Aircraft Analogy!

Imagine ‘yourself’ as an aircraft aiming to take off to the skies. The sky in our context can be visualised as ‘success’. Now, before the aircraft takes off, it has to move fast over the ground to acquire the speed required to become airborne. The stretch of ground where the aircraft moves just before take-off is called the runway.

Morning routine is like the runway!

The speed needed for take-off can be compared to the ‘hard-work’ required to achieve success. So, putting it all together, it is now clear that morning routine provides the runway to achieve success with hard-work! Morning routine is the road to success, and this is how impactful it can be in achieving success!

Planning the Morning Routine

We now come to the most important point on how to plan that perfect routine. Morning routine can never be exactly the same for all. It will definitely differ based on age, profession, or where you stay, and many other such criteria. However, an ideal routine covers all parameters of nurturing spiritual, emotional, physical, intelligence, and creative aspects of our mind to help write our success stories. We shall look into them one by one:

Nurture Spiritual Growth

Express Gratitude

Wake up with a feeling of gratitude for what life has given you. It is a wonderful feeling that fills you with positivity.

Famous American singer and dancer celebrity Julianne Hough prefers to start her day by expressing gratitude with these tips:

  • Simply make a list of at least 5 things you are grateful for, as soon as you rise.
  • You may express gratitude in the form of a prayer, or simply with a cheerful smile by looking yourself in the mirror.
  • You may set yourself small achievable goals of service that could be as simple as making someone smile.

Nurture Emotional Health


Meditation is a technique that helps tame the restless mind and promote emotional well-being. It helps to dissolve negativity. In today’s hustle and bustle of a mechanical life and in times of the prevailing pandemic, meditation serves as just the right magic potion. There are many types of meditation that you may choose from.  Note that the benefits of meditation are exactly the ingredients that lead to success:

  • Increases self-awareness and helps focus on the present
  • Increases patience/tolerance, memory and attention span
  • Helps reduce stress
  • Helps fight addictions

Connect with Nature

Spending some time in Nature will help remind us that we are very much a part of Nature! Looking at all the life around us, with the melodies of morning birds chirping can be blissful.

Freshen up and take a stroll in the early morning hours. It could be a lakeside walk, along a beach or any quiet lane. With restrictions due to the pandemic, even a relaxing walk (sometimes barefoot) on the terrace/lawn, or simply gazing outside from the comforts of your balcony with a cup of coffee works wonders!

  • It is a great way to imbibe morning sunrays for that essential dose of Vitamin D!
  • It gives you opportunity to connect with your spouse, children, or grandchildren and exchange experiences and viewpoints from each other’s lives.
  • If you are alone, consider it an excellent time for self-talk or introspection!

Nurture Physical Well-being


Most jobs these days happen without the involvement of much of physical activity. This makes exercise more than just a choice. Including an exercise regimen in the morning hours is ideal. It keeps your mind fresh throughout the day with the added benefit of pepping up your metabolism.

Hydrate yourself by drinking enough water. Start with light activity 30 minutes a day in the beginning (may be Sun salutations, brisk walking, swimming, stretches, or lifting weights), and slowly increase. You may choose from the various exercise types what suits you best.

Exercise is a miracle therapy that increases overall energy levels. Exercise ups the release of happy hormones in our body and carries a host of benefits that include:

  • Helping with weight loss
  • Reducing risk of chronic diseases
  • Improving the strength of muscles and bones
  • Boosting brain health and memory
  • Enhancing the quality of sleep

Enjoy a Healing Shower

Health and hygiene are twin requirements. Morning showers wash away toxins, improve blood circulation, and decrease stress. Including oil message or sauna in the weekend routine re-vitalises you. Self-care routine beats stress. Being well-groomed and dressing appropriately add to your confidence at work place or gatherings.

Healthy Breakfast

It is ideal to break your night-long fast with a nutritious and healthy breakfast. A healthy and balanced breakfast is a brain booster that helps you focus at work. If you enjoy cooking, then the feeling is all the more fulfilling. Remember:

  • Reserve sufficient time for breakfast. Never hurry up while eating.
  • Never watch television/gadgets while eating as it deviates your mind from the most important meal of the day.

Nurture Your Intelligence


Cultivate a healthy reading habit for a perfect morning mood.

Glance into the News Headlines

It is a good practice to start off knowing what is happening around you in various fields because:

  • Being in touch with the latest makes you confident to present your views in formal or informal discussions.
  • Reading about latest achievements in science and technology advancements, or in sports, business, and education motivates you.
  • Cultivating the habit of solving puzzles, crosswords, jumbles, or sudoku gives you that sense of satisfaction before you move on with your routine tasks.
  • Reading film reviews helps you plan on watching what’s entertaining or educational for your family at the end of the day or reserve them for the weekend.
  • You can catch up on the latest economic trend and wisely plan finances for the future.

Other Kinds of Reading

You may want to include novels, biographies, books for learning new skills or reading motivational or health blogs on websites.

If you are a student, then regular study related to academics is an excellent practice to include in your morning routine. Studying with a fresh mind after a good night’s sleep helps retain a lot of what is studied. This routine helps avoid stress that comes with last minute preparation during exams.

  • Revise what was taught the previous day at school/college or go through a topic that will be taught next.
  • Practice mathematics or any other subject that requires regular touch.
Here are few tips to start your reading:

Parallel Profession

You may be an expert at academics, art, music, dance, sport, Yoga etc., and may choose to instruct or tutor during this time of the day parallel to your routine jobs. These professions help you pursue your passion while keeping you healthy at mind and heart.

Nurture your Creativity

Develop your Hidden Talents

Some of us may wish to make use of this productive morning atmosphere to pursue our passion and nurture talents. The best part is it is never too late in life to start and is an excellent tip to prevent ageing.

  • Start practicing music (vocal/instrumental), or dance (classical/contemporary).
  • If you are a blogger, then morning hours are ideal for writing.
  • Weekend morning routine is perfect to include gardening, art-work/sketching, painting, knitting, or any other.

Practicing Morning Routine Regularly

Planning a perfect morning routine is only a job half done. Implementing what is planned on a regular basis, completes the purpose. Make sure you sleep early the previous night to get enough sleep.

Start with Small Steps

Do not let an overwhelming list of ‘to-do’ tasks dampen your enthusiasm. Begin slowly. See how small productive tasks attract more accomplishments as you move on! Start with simple tasks like making your bed, organizing your study/work table, cleaning and setting up your kitchen, or folding clothes. Then gradually, day by day, or at regular intervals, add on to the list as you learn how to accommodate more.

Try Again and Again

Initially you may find that some tasks in your list of routines are difficult to achieve or hard to stick to. But, try again and again till you become perfect and regular in performing them.

Stay Consistent

Do not discontinue mid-way after just two or three days of following your plan. Motivate yourself to be consistent until it becomes a habit and eventually you will never give up on the routine even in a hurry!

Welcome New Changes

Keep experimenting and changing the routine habits every now and then to accommodate change. This change helps you adapt with the changing world and stay in sync with it. If you cannot start alone, team up with like-minded friends online and begin.


It is often said that energy is the currency of life. Save your energy by not wasting it on negative thinking and spend it judiciously on positive activities that add meaning to your life. It ultimately takes you up that success ladder. Morning hours as we just saw give ample scope for productivity. Without a morning routine, we miss out on acquiring so many life-lessons!

What’s important to note is to never undermine morning routine as just a small 3-hour schedule that could instead be utilized sleeping. Just as drops of water make up an ocean, this routine adds up each day to bring about a sea change over the long run, and will no doubt give you the taste of the much-deserved success!

What you do today sows the seeds for a better tomorrow. So go ahead: plan and practice your routine today! Otherwise, as Karen Lamb puts it: “A year from now, you may wish you had started today”

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Article Credit: Best Morning Routine for Success

This article is contributed by Ms Preeti Tambraparni, post graduate in microbiology with a certification in clinical research. Her expertise are writing personal blog in life science related topics and health blog.

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