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What is Self Worth

There are many self-related words to describe ourselves. We can describe and relate to too many things that are related to us. Like Self Confidence, Self Esteem, Self Talk, Self Belief, and Self Worth. Let us understand What is Self Worth.

What is Self Worth?

Self worth is our inner conscience that know how much we are worthy or valued of anything. How you compare yourself to others and how you appreciate yourself in front of others. It is the way of thinking that you are the best and it is the sum of self confidence and self belief. Self worth is not related to your ability or other perception about you. It is your self that you know about yourself and your worthiness. We judge people as they are worthy of anything or not but sometimes people get what they don’t deserve and we utter the words how did they get it; they are lucky though they are not worthy of it.

Difference between Self Worth and Self Esteem

What is Self Esteem?

Self-esteem is our honest assessment of our qualities and abilities. Healthy Self Esteem can help you motivate you all through your life physically, socially, and mentally. Self-esteem is related or can be defined with many factors like self confidence, competition spirit, Security, etc.  It can impact your relationships, emotional health, relationships, etc.

“Self Esteem is defined as Appreciation, Value, and Assessment.”

“Self Worth is defined as faith and trust in how much you are worthy or valued about anything.”

What determines your Self Worth?

  1. Confidence
  2. Appearances
  3. Social activeness
  4. Achievements
  5. Way of handling situations


Confidence plays a great role in reflecting your self worth. Your confidence defines that you are worthy and should be valued. If you are not confident you will be neglected and your appearances will be mere formalities but when you are confident and believing and achieving what you are chasing you will prove that you were worthy of it.


Our appearance is just complementing our confidence and which in short is reflecting our Self worth. Appearances define our personality and decide whether we are worthy of it. Appearance not only decides whether we are worthy of clothes etc but also defines that we are capable enough and our hard work is worthy of what we spent.

Social Activities

Our self worth is not decided by our social media accounts and how many followers we have but it is defined by how socially and genuinely we are helping others. And if we are genuinely doing it at some point our hard work will be taken care and people will say that they are worthy and they should be respected. You will be respected as per your worthiness. You will help only when you feel worthy for it.


Your achievements decide whether you are worthy of it or not. Many people achieve by luck or by help but our genuine achievements show us our hard work, capabilities, and abilities. All this together with help us to lead the way of achievements.  And we will be able to achieve only those dreams about which we feel self confident, self belief, and self worth.

“Our Achievements Defines Our Self-Worthiness”

Way of Handling the Situation’

Our way of handling any situation will let us define our experience and our capabilities. When we are giving our best and handling the situation with immense courage and strength then we can handle any situation.  Next time we can realize whether we are worthy of handling any such situations.

What doesn’t determine your Self Worth

  1. Your Money
  2. Your Relationship’s
  3. People
  4. Your Age


The money you earn or get from your ancestor is not part of self worth. But In the workplace when you are giving your best and working hard for the company then you will realize that I am worthy of promotion and appraisals. That is the expectation you have from yourself that you have done the best and you are worthy of it.


Relationships won’t define self worth in any scenario. A professional or personal relationship is just a mere of social activeness informally. We can have relationships in informal communication style in the workplace too. In any relationship, we don’t think that we are worthy of this relationship it is just a bonding and connections that generate and it cannot determine.


People will always judge you from what you have and they will judge your capabilities and abilities too. That can be a different case when people have the right to judge the worthiness of someone but when it comes to “SELF WORTH” then it is we who decide our worthiness and not people.

People Are Not allowed to Judge your Self Worthiness.

Your Age

Many people gain success at a very young age but that is not because of age but because they believed, they thought that they are Self-worthy of doing great things and gain successes. So, we just have to bring out our self confidence, Capabilities and understand our self worth and we can gain success at any age.

Age Don’t Define Your Self Worthiness but Your Work Do

Self Worth can be Learned Through

  1. Understanding about self
  2. Self Confidence
  3. Think about yourself
  4. Value your Thoughts
  5. Try to fulfill your dreams
  6. Listen to your inner voice

Understanding about self

Understanding about self plays a very important role when we are talking about “SELF” though it can be regarding any topic, but when it is related with the first step, we follow Self-Understanding. Self-understanding means knowing or trying to understand what we want, how do we want what we expect, how we deal with the situation in short trying to know or understand our actions.

When we are trying to understand ourselves, we are expecting the situation and we are also learning our abilities and capabilities. Self-understanding makes us know ourselves better. We can understand and have confidence in what we can do and what we can’t.

Self Confidence

We know Self confidence is the biggest factor to boost our energy in a positive direction and help us to chase our dreams. When we are self confident, we are directly linked with the quality of self worth. E.g., when we are confident about something we are sure that we are worthy of it because you are confident that you can do it and you have experience in that job. So always be confident and you will know your value better.

“Self Confidence Bring Self Worth”

Think about yourself

Think about yourself means give time to know more about yourself. In short, understand yourself, spend time with your inner peace and listen to your thoughts and mind. Learn to have Self Talk with yourself. Your self talk suggests when you should have self worth and stand for the right and expect what you deserve.

Value your thoughts

It is very important to value what you think. Have a positive attitude towards your positive thinking and value them. Try to chase your thoughts and you will receive immense happiness when you are achieving what are your thoughts. Value your negative thoughts too by making them flow in the correct direction, do not neglect any of your thoughts.

Listen to your inner voice

Listening to our inner voice is the way of having self-talk. Our Self-talk can be negative or positive and we should act accordingly. When our self-talk is negative, we should try to make it positive. When we are doing what is right and when our inner voice is with us, we are worthy of doing that particular work.

How to Build Self Worth

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others.
  2. Try to help others
  3. Participation
  4. Do what make you happy
  5. Work on your resilient Skills

Stop Comparing Yourself to others Negatively

We human tend to compare ourself to others in whatever task we are doing. Comparing is not always bad but it can be considered motivational also if we take comparison positive. Hence, we should stop comparing ourselves to others in a discouraging manner. Always have a positive comparison so that it can make you feel that I am worthy of it. 

“No one is Perfect, so think you are doing the best”

Try to help others

When we are helping others without any benefits we are valued for that work. Helping others create a sense of self worth in your mind. You will feel happy that you are helping others in need. Helping others will not only make you feel worthy but also make you happy and satisfied.


Until and unless you don’t participate you won’t realize your talents and your abilities. So, it is very important to participate. When you are participating you know you are worthy of what. Your self talk will suggest whether you are self worth of a particular job or not. So always try to voluntarily take part.

Do What Make You Happy

When we are following our inner talk and trying to do what makes us happy, we are sure to gain success. Because we are the ones who know ourselves better than no one. When we are gaining success, we will feel that we are worthy of that success and we will be proud of us.

Work on Resilient Skills

Resilient skills are very important in everyone’s life, to be self worth, we should have the great skill of resilience. Because resilience skills help you to cope up with the worst situation in your life and that is the time you will build up your self worth abilities. Resilience will also teach you worthiness, value, and importance of each and everything in your life.

Self worth depends entirely on you

Our Self worth is entirely dependent on us. If we are capable enough and have abilities, we are the ones whose inner voice or Self-talk will give us a hint saying yes you are worthy of this and you are the one who can do it.  We know ourself better and we are the one who will think positively about our self. So, always encourage your positive self-talk and listen to your inner voice.

Only you have the right to judge your worth and work on them accordingly.



Self worth is the phycological thinking of oneself related to how much they value themselves and how much they own the value about themselves.


Low self worth will harm your overall wellbeing and you will not be able to gain success in life.

Self worth is related to all the words defining “SELF” like Self confidence, self understanding, self esteem self talk, and self belief. All together make self worth.

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