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Leading change

Change is important for productivity and progression. If we remain in the same stable position for years together, we are not progressing and we are lacking behind. Trying new things and changing bring a lot of positive resources to our life. So, we should always be ready for the change as individual. As a leader to Its important to go beyond just running your team and leading change.

“Changes are Difficult But changes are Important”

Leading Change

Apart from motivating the team to get things done and achieving the goals, Key role of a leader is leading change. Leading his/her team to change ensures growth orientation along with long term sustainability.

The workplace has to accept some changes as per the demand and for the growth of the organization. Change Management in the organization is done systematically and with a strategic approach. Workplace changes can be of different types.

Development Changes

Such types of changes are done for the growth and development of the organization. This type of change can bring financial growth to the organization and hence can be also proved as beneficial to the current employees if they are part of these developmental changes.

Transformation changes

Such changes in the organization can affect their cost and the overall economy of the organization as it is related to the change in the core process and operation. Transformational change can be challenging to the organization and the employees.

Transitional Change

Transitional changes are related to the changes required to move the organization from one place to other. It can be either change in states or Mergers etc. It is the transition from one routine to another routine and hence organization and employees have to work together.

Why change is important?

  1. Progression
  2. Opportunity
  3. Situation
  4. Improvements
  5. Success


Changes are important for the growth of an organization or an individual.  Though it can be due to many factors. Globalization is changing at a rapid pace and the things are carried out and solved digitally so, it is required to change as per the demand. Accepting the change and technologies can play a great role in the progress of an organization and the employees.


When we are thinking about the change, we are excepting the new situation and new opportunities. When we are leading for the change and are ready for the same, we can easily grab the new opportunities and the growth. The opportunity that comes on the way should be excepted without any second thoughts.

Change Bring Opportunities


Changes are important when it come out from a bad situation. Suppose we are stuck or having a bad situation then we have to accept the change for the wellbeing of ourselves and the growth. Change can help us come out of a bad situation and help us to accept new upcoming opportunities.

Change can be healing aid during bad situation


Changes are important for the improvements of an individual and the organization. Changes help us learn new things and improve our abilities and capabilities. We will always be able to learn the improved way of doing the work.  If we are changing and improving then we are progressing in our work and gaining overall growth

Change + Improvements =Progress


Change is important to gain success in life. People working with the same stability and same work are not gaining and learning any new things as a result they are always in their shell and cannot gain any further success in life. Therefore, change is a must for success in life.

How to Start Leading the Change?

Changes start with 5 visions; All 5 visions are very and equally important to lead the change in any organization or an individual.

  1. Imagine
  2. Desire
  3. Focus
  4. Flexible
  5. Plan with strategy


Leading a change start with imagination. It can be considered as a dream that you are dreaming and you are trying hard to chase your dream. Imagine the benefits and the loss you will be facing from the changes. Imagine and plan accordingly. Imagination is the way of clearing your thoughts in mind about how things should be or things can change when we are leading the change. So, imagine and be prepared and take action accordingly.


To accept the change and work for the change we require Desire. When you have a desire then only you can accept the change and work for the value addition change in your life. So, always have the desire for the new things in life and change and always be progressive. Never lose your hope and never try to be stable but desire for more.

” Desire brings out the Change in you”


Always be focused on what you want. When you are focused you can easily and smoothly complement the process of leading a change.  When we are focused, we are giving our best to achieve that and the changes that come in our life can be considered as minute things and we can easily accept the change.


Flexibility no doubt is the most important thing to help us leading the changes. Flexibility itself is changing, when we are flexible and accepting the changes in our life, we can easily accept the changes. Always try to learn Flexibility with the art of Meditation, Art of Mindfulness, etc. Try to keep your thoughts calm and accept the changes with flexibility which are good for your growth.

Plan with Strategy

Strategic planning is the most important point in change management. The change will always be led by strategic planning. Strategic planning is related to planning for the resources like finance, Cost, Time, Employees, etc.

Resources Required for leading change

When internal resources are not sufficient and possible, we should hire external sources like consultancy services, External employees, background checks agencies, etc. Make the employee aware in the organization about the change. Sensitized them about what benefits they will obtain from the change so that they are onboarded with the idea of the change.


It is not at all easy for the organization to change, however change require heavy cost, and for that, we should be well prepared and know the estimation. Cost can be also be in terms of resources, External hire, time, or money. All have to be worked out and it may take a lot of brainstorming sessions and understanding.  Change can take away all the previous profits so, lead the change with the thought.

Prepare for Cross Questioning

Many will not accept the idea of change and they will question you. So, you should be prepared for the questions and answer them positively. Change is not easily expectable by anyone. One has to always be prepared and understand the pros and cons of the changes so that they can explain to people the benefits and growth they may obtain with the changes.


It is very necessary to train the employee towards the changes to get their maximum input for the change. Proper training facilities should be provided with the proper required resources. Managers or team lead should always lead the change through training so that the employee and the organization can easily work in the new change and that scenario does not become a burden for them.

Strict Deadlines

Since we know changes are difficult so very few will be self-motivated to lead the new change as it can be difficult to get out of their comfort zones. So, it is very important that training should be provided in strict timelines.

Changes implemented to Production

Make a proper plan for the changes in the production so existing customers and services are least affected and there is minimum disruption in the outrage to business or services.

Evaluate and improve

Once changes are implemented then evaluate. Go through the reports and respective documents required for the same on daily basis to understand if the change is being excepted and carried out properly or further Improvements are required. If further requirements are required then try to work on them.

Leaders’ role in Leading the change

  • Acceptance
  • Communication
  • Recruitment


The employees need to accept the change and understand the benefits that change can bring to us. Leaders’ role is to make the employee understand the positive change and make them the important part of the change. With their acceptance and togetherness, it will be a lot easier to work for the change in the organization and it can be easily acceptable.


It is very necessary to communicate with the employees. Have transparency in your discussion when you are making them understand the benefits and the need for the change. Make them sure that they will not be suffering but they will be growing with the change in the organization. Always be vocal to them and always try to clear their doubts regarding the change.


While leading the change leaders have to finalize whether the change can be excepted with the present resources or do, they need to hire new resources. Many a time changes can be easily settled and handle with the previous employees, but sometimes the change can be so big that it may require a set of resources. So, leaders have to plan accordingly and if required they should recruit new staff for the changes.

Leading Personal Changes

The process of leading personal changes can also be equally complicated as that of the workplace but in this scenario, an individual has to deal with the situation. We need to change for better growth and productivity. There are many process or tips for leading change in personal life:

  1. Embrace the change
  2. Self-confidence
  3. Change for the best
  4. Positivity
  5. Take risks

Embrace the change

It is very important as an individual to embrace the change. Think good and positive about the change. Though for that you have to get out of the comfort zone but change can be important for personal growth and productivity.  So always accept the change with a smile and happiness and change will bring growth in your life.

Self Confidence

Have Self Confidence in yourself, when you are self-confident you can easily lead the changes and accept it. When you are self-confident you are giving your best and you will be easily leading the changes for your benefit. Self-confidence will make you think that you can easily handle the situation and the changes.

Change for the best

We have to change for the best options, always try to compare the two and find out which is best for you. Then you can easily accept the changes and work on them positively. So always choose the best out of two and the change will lead automatically.


Always try to take things positively. When we are negative, we are not able to accept the situation but when we are positive, we will always find some good things in that and accept the lead to change. So, always have appositive thoughts and work on them with positivity.

Take Risks

It is very important to take risks to achieve something in life. Risks can often bring you some good and great results. So, change can be directly related to risks in some cases.


Leading change is a very important role in an organization and for the individual. Leading the change can be a very difficult and lengthy procedure in an organization.  To lead a change in the organization, we  have to change the resources and work on them. Many factors lead to the change and we should work out many things like having a vision, communication, and acceptance. Changes are required because of the globalization of markets and competition. So, the process of leading change can be difficult but important.

Lead the Change, Lead the Growth

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This article is contributed by Ms. Pragya Delhiwala. Experienced as a quality engineer after completing her education: 2nd rank BE in Electronics & Communications; 1st rank MBA in TQM. She is passionate about management, writing and painting.

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