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What is Self Awareness

To answer what is self awareness in single sentence: Self awareness is the ability to look, understand and discover who you are. It is all about being aware about your self. Being aware about your mantle and physical strengths and weaknesses.

It is said that to bring a change, first you must be aware of yourself and accept your own self. If you can analyse yourself and come to an understanding then nothing can stop you from reaching your goal.

A study shows that only 10-15% people have a true sense of self awareness.

That’s right. Many of us have mis understanding about ourselves. And the fact is we don’t even know about it. It takes a lot of knowledge to be aware about the extent of your own ignorance about yourself. On the other hand, when you have a clear understanding of your emotional behaviour, when you know your strength and weakness and when you are capable of handling them well, you are completely aware of yourself and you also possess a good leadership skill.

Importance of self awareness

Self Awareness doesn’t stop you from making a mistake. It allows you to learn form them.

It helps in self development

For the betterment of your development and to enhance your leadership skills, you need to practice self awareness. When you know your worth, belief, character, requirements, routine, emotions your likes & dislikes this means you are truly aware of yourself and this helps to manage your task better and it is easier to handle the stressful situation. Also self awareness helps in decision-making and helps you to motivate and lead others. In short, self awareness makes you a better person.

It brings self control

When you are aware of your own faults then is it easier to have control over them. You need to have control over your emotions, your behaviour, your course of action and reaction. For instance if you think you are spending a lot of time on your gadgets, and now that you are aware of this you need to have control by reducing the duration spent on gadgets. Instead of scrolling unwanted news feed, learn to use it in a beneficial way. This awareness lets you have control over your actions.

It helps to build self confidence

When you know your thought process and behavior you can deal with a lot of other things quite well and this makes you a more confident person. Self awareness helps you to deal with your own problems and from our experience you also guide the other person. This ability builds confidence and makes you a skill full person.  

What makes us less self aware?

There are 3 major reasons

  1. Work on automatic methods
  2. Don’t enjoy the process
  3. Often worried about others

Work on automatic methods

Our mind and body is tuned in such a way that we really don’t pay much attention to whatever we do in our day to day activities. Most of us do things just for the sake of doing it. For example, you may be growing some beautiful plants at home, when you are watering them on a daily basis have you really paid attention as to how they look and what sort of pleasantness they bring to the ambiance. When was last you took time and admired its beauty? You are just keen on finishing watering them as soon as possible, because you have other things to do. This is how we are working on auto pilot mode.

Don’t enjoy the process

When we are actually not aware of what we are doing, how can we enjoy the process? Even though the things that we are doing are monotonous, we can actually find ways to make it more interesting. Say that your routine is to wake up and go for a walk in the morning to lose weight, eventually you get bored and stop going for walk. This is because you never enjoy the process and you look for an instant result. Now think of ways to make it more fun, choose different locations to walk, admire the little things that you see around, enjoy some soulful music or just find a partner who would motivate and accompany you.

Often worried about others

We pay too much heed to others and their opinions. When you like something and want to pursue it, let no one stop you. Listening to others all the time makes us less self-aware and therefore you become less independent in terms of decision-making, executing or even initializing the most basic things. Also stop interfering in other business when you lack the ability to find out what you truly deserve. Be conscious of your interest, decisions and actions. This awareness will help you gain immense experience and then you can guide others when they seek for help.

What are the benefits of self awareness?

Effective communication

It is said that people who lack self awareness are the ones who have poor communication. When you are not sure of your interest, ideas, action, goals you end up becoming less confident. This lack of confidence leads to poor communication. This just doesn’t affect you but also people who are working with you. Increasing your awareness allows you to communicate more effectively which is also beneficial for your company.

Strong leadership skills

If you want to possess a good leadership skill then you have be more self-aware. Becoming aware of your interests, needs, values and emotions will help you understand your actions better. Also this will help you escort others in a wide path. A good leader is one who is well aware of himself and he knows what he wants and what his goals are.

Better relationship

What happens when you lack self awareness in a relationship? This often leads to a bitter relationship. Self awareness is the essence to self-confidence; self-confidence is the essence to a good relationship. When you are not aware of yourself, you fail to accept your mistakes and often end up blaming your partner. However if you are keen on establishing a strong relationship then it is important to work on yourself awareness.

Become more successful

The reason many are unsuccessful in life is because we fail to look into our flaws. This makes us many steps back. When you realize your mistake it is easier not to repeat it next time. Also when you know your capabilities and work towards your passion, success easily falls on your lap.

Satisfied in your career

Self awareness makes you handle stress with ease. A study was conducted to understand the relationship between self awareness and job satisfaction. The questionnaire was based on self awareness among individuals related to their job satisfaction. The results confirmed that the higher the self awareness, the more the job satisfaction.

Much happier in life

When you are aware of yourself, you are much happier and also healthy. Happiness is something that we choose on our own. When you know who you are and what you really want then you only travel in that particular direction where your happiness lies. This clarity makes you a positive person and thus happiness is all yours.

Two types of self awareness

Internal self awareness

Internal self awareness is to know yourself, understand your values, desires, interests and passion so on. This clearly represents your capability to analyze yourself; you become conscious of your every action and reaction.

External self awareness

External awareness is how much others know about you. In what aspect they look at you; how much they are aware about your interest, passion and values.

6 ways to improve your self awareness skills

Do not Self Judge

Sounds strange buy true. Self awareness is different form self judgement. It is observing and discovering who you really are with your actions and with other’s feedback about you. It is also about monitoring consequences of your actions and words. So the first step to achieve self awareness is to cross out your self judgement.

Practice meditation

Spend quality time with yourself, practicing yoga or meditation which calms you down and helps in self realization. These practices open your mind and make you aware of yourself in a better way.

Watch out your strength and weakness

This awareness helps you to reach your goal faster. Working on your strength and weaknesses lets you decide getting assistance where you lack the ability and also lets you work on your own where you can showcase your talent. This practice will make you a successful person.

Self discipline is an essential aspect

Practice self-discipline throughout your life, this is one of the strongest pillars of a successful person. Self-discipline is achieved through self awareness.

Receive feedback

Be open to feedback, this helps in external self awareness. Get honest feedback from family, friends and colleagues. This sort of assessment will help you improve your ability to fine tune your mistakes.

Be consistent

Plan your schedule and stay focused, don’t get deviated. When you realize social media is your hindrance and it stops you from following your routine, limit yourself. Prepare a timetable and work accordingly.

Self awareness has many benefits and helps you in many aspects. When you are aware of yourself, you become a strong individual with good leadership quality. This in turn makes you a better and a happier person.

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