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How to Appreciate Someone

How to appreciate Someone?

The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated.

– William James

A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected out of him. If you are the head of the team and if you want your employees to work hard and achieve things, then go ahead and show them the appreciation for all their efforts even if you haven’t seen the result. Your pleasing words will boost up their energy and it also encourages them to strive hard till they get the best outcome.

Everyone expects to get recognition for their hard work, if their work goes unnoticed he or she will get de-motivated. Lack of recognition will also make them a failure in the future. It is important that as a leader you need to be active and constantly motivate your team.

Creative ways to appreciate someone

Plan a team outing

What is better than a treat? The team will love this sort of recognition and every member in the team will want to achieve something and earn an appreciation from the management. This can be planned during the weekend or even on a day when you don’t have much to do.

Recognize his/her work on social media

Now this is trending. Each of us want to become popular and attain a certain status. Social media is the best platform to create hype and glorify success. The success story can be put on whatsapp, insta or face book status or just create a post, where other team members can also leave a word of appreciation.  

Plan a celebration

Plan a celebration party among the colleagues, play some good music with snacks and drinks. The party may not be grand, simple arrangements with decent decorations can be put up. You can also ask a particular team member to speak a few words and encourage others to create the same aura. You as a boss can say a few words in order to appreciate the good work.

It is important to use the right words when you want to appreciate your team members. Here are a few examples of appreciating:

  • This success is because of your dedication and hard work. Keep going!
  • It’s time to reward your efforts, good job!
  • Thanks for all your efforts, keep inspiring us
  • I noticed your late night stay in the office. your sincerity is appreciable
  • Your innovative ideas are remarkable and outstanding.
  • You deserve a loud applause and cheers from all of us here.
  • It’s a pleasure working with you, learnt a lot of things from our previous project
  • My heartiest wishes on completing this task successfully
  • You pay immense attention to details, that’s what inspires all of us.
  • Your presence gives strength to the team. Keep up the good work.  
  • Let it be announced among the peers

When you are appreciating a team member let it not be a secret. Make it public by announcing it to other staff. Let everybody also appreciate and learn from the achiever. When you appreciate a person in a crowd, it boosts their confidence and also makes them extra responsible. This responsibility forces them to give only the best every time.

Ask the staff what he/she wants

Best is to ask the concerned person what he really wants. Maybe he/she is really tired after the long working hours and would ask you for a break. You can consider the possibilities and give a break. If he/she is keen on working on other projects with increased responsibilities so let them have it.  

Give bonus

If you ask me, bonus is the real motivation for an employee. It makes them happy and also helps them to contribute more. Employee who gets bonus is more likely to be loyal to the organization. Another aspect is that the bonus culture creates a healthy competition among the employees. This positively affects the company ensures higher productivity.

Choose employ of the month

Star employee of the month can be chosen and can be rewarded every month. Team members will look forward to this and will also work hard to become star employees. Also this recognition will create a positive strategy among the team members and make them feel valued.

Send a letter of appreciation

This is one of the best and instant ways to appreciate your team members. Some may think that it is old-fashioned, but trust me an appreciation letter has a lot of meaning. You can write down your own beautiful words to show your gratitude. Your words get registered in the employee’s mind and he/she will treasure it for a long time.

Here are a few tips that you should be mindful of when you are writing an appreciation letter

  • Have a clear understanding of the efforts that were put in
  • Do a quick background check of his/her previous works/achievements
  • Give an explanation of how it started and the progress
  • Acknowledge the benefits and the profits
  • Use genuine and honest words 
  • Awards & rewards

Customized gifts can be kept in stock to show appreciation. Pens, positive quoted mugs, a picture frame or other useful things can be planned for such occasions. You can also design certificates or trophies which would make them feel really proud. Rolling trophies are also a good idea so every month it keeps passing on.

A day off

If you ask the employee what they want as a reward, the answer will be a day off or a break. This will relax them and refresh their minds. When they come back you will find your team members to be even more energetic.

Benefits of appreciating the team members

Trade your expectations for appreciation & the world changes instantly.

Employee recognition can create a positive work culture and also assure remarkable benefits for the organization. Let’s find out the benefits of recognizing a good team member.

Increases productivity

When you have a team of motivated employees, the growth of the organization is doubled. The team contributes immensely and therefore the result will be increased productivity.  

Job satisfaction

Job satisfaction is one of the most important goals for any employee. Appreciation and motivation are two significant aspects that the team members are looking forward from the management. When the employee is appreciated he/she stays longer with an organization.

Better performance of the employees

Appreciation also boots the performance of an employee. When you give attention to your team members and praise their efforts you can get them focused on the right track. This makes the work place vibrant and active.

Builds a strong team

A strong team is built on mutual understanding between the organization and the team members. This relationship is slowly built and nurtured by sharing appreciation and motivation. However, good relationship among the team helps in building a strong team. In a team you will find people working on different levels. There might be an achiever, an average performer or a newbie who has just started his/ her career; as a leader when you show appreciation the entire team learns and benefits from each other.

Makes your employee happy

Who does not feel happy to be appreciated and motivated? If you want to see the happy faces of your employees, you as a head must spread positivity. This can be done by appreciating them honestly for all their hard work and dedication.


To gain trust you must have good relationship with others. This huge responsibility lies in your hands as an employer. You have to handle the task of appreciation with the utmost care, otherwise you will end up spending a lot of time recruiting and training the candidates. Just a simple “thank you” can also make a person’s day.

Appreciation is a wonderful thing, It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well – Voltaire

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