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How to accept and learn from failure

How did you felt when you got a failure last time? It is ok to have a filling of sadness. It might look disaster also. Key is how do you pickup yourself after this painful experience of failure. We always have two choices to make when met with any failure. First is to accept the defeat. Second is to convert this failure into your step to success. I need not tell you which one to choose from the above two choices. To convert your failure into a step towards your success, you need to learn how to accept and learn from failure.

What is Failure?

Let us go through the definition of failure:

  • Failure is the delay in your success
  • The condition when you are not meeting your desirable success and objectives
  • When we are not able to match up with the standard and the demand accepted.
  • Non-performance in achieving something.
  • An attempt which is not Complete
  • Your efforts are not adequate as per the expectations to achieve something.

Importance of failure

Failure is very important and necessary in life. Without failures, we would not understand the importance of it.

  1. Experience
  2. Understand the relationship
  3. Everything is temporary
  4. Strengthen
  5. Help to get rid of fear


Failure is on of the most unhappy scenario everyone has to face in life. Failures come to everyone. But there is much importance of failures in life. The most important is experience. Once we fail at a particular task, we have experienced that failure through the efforts we have done. Failure teaches us to try again with different methods as we have already experienced failure with the previous way of trying. So, it helps us experience the things and the importance of what we have achieved.

Understand the Relationship

Sometimes we fail in a relationship too. We don’t know the importance of the person in our life. But the importance comes only when we experience failure or loss. When we fail in certain things, we have the support of our family and hence we understand the relationship’s importance. On the other hand, we should keep aside our ego and live happily with everyone, especially with our partners. When we fail in maintaining our relationship, we understand the importance of it.

Everything is temporary

Failure helps us to give strength by the thought that everything is temporary. The hard time will come and go. Just wait and have patience. Failure helps us to fight against it because the grief from failure is for a limited time and people will try again and get succeed. So have patients and fight against failure and give your next best shot.



When we are facing failure and learning from it, we are getting stronger. Failure helps us learn to be strong and strengthen our spirit. Failure is going to happen every time in your life but you must be strong and keep on trying. When we have faced the worst thing in our life, we automatically strengthen ourselves and be courageous towards that goal. We should try again with immense strength.

Helps to get rid of fear

We fail or meet failure only when we are not courageous enough to do something or we have fear. Once we are failing in achieving particular things, we are losing all the fear of failure. And we have already experienced the failure in life that led to be free from fear of failing. And without fear, we try to work hard and try again to gain success. Because the fear of failing has already been experienced hence it gives us a motto to succeed again in life.

Accept and learn from failure

If you really want to convert your failure in to a step to success, there is a two step process. First is to accept the failure and then learn from it. Below we will see how to accept and learn from failure in detail.

Accept the Failure

Accepting failure can be very difficult and need too much courage to face it. Some people have difficulty in facing failure and they don’t have, much courage to accept it. But accepting the failure and learning from it is the very important cycle of life. Everyone has to face failures in life. So sometimes in life, it can be beneficial to accept your failures.

How to accept the failures

There are some tips to accept failure when not accepting it is bothering your life and making you unhappy.

  1. Take a break
  2. It is not the correct time
  3. There is another road
  4. Find Inspiration
  5. Find Motivation
  6. It’s O.K to Fail

Take a Break

The easiest and most joyful way of accepting failure is by taking a break. Go out for a vacation or take a break from your routine and try to explore something else. When you are doing this your mind is busy and happy with other thoughts and you can easily accept the failures. Maybe after a break, you can feel boost up and you can try again with great enthusiasm to defeat the failure and gain success. So, taking a break is always a healthy option when it comes to accepting failures.

It may not be the correct time

The second positive way of excepting the failures is by your thoughts. When you have to accept the failures try to change your thoughts saying maybe it is not the correct time and, in the meantime, prepare yourself more to gain success after the correct interval of time and prepare to give your best. Failure does not mean you have to accept and not try again. But if you have the feeling to try again try it but by giving you time to be fully prepared for the same.

Is there another road?

When we are failing at a particular task it means that the road is not for us. Whether we should leave it and try something else or try to do it differently. Try to find out the best option for you. Your failures will always give you signs. Try to understand your failures and act accordingly.  We should try to understand the failure and the message we obtain from it. If we can understand things then we are easily accepting the failure and trying a new way out for success.

Find Inspiration

When we are failing and we are not able to understand how to cope up with the failure try to get inspiration. Read inspirational quotes or books that can easily inspire you to accept failure and try again new thing with a new spirit and enthusiasm. Every one of us needs to find inspiration so that we can gain success in life and not wasting our whole; life crying for the failures we have faced.

It is OK to fail

We should sometimes accept that it can be ok to fail. We should not be stubborn every time to gain success but sometimes we should be ready to accept the failure. And positively take things. Failing is not the worst thing in our life but it is very important in our life. We should able to understand the meaning and importance of failing in life.

Learning from the failure

Failure can teach us many important things in our life. If we positively take failure, we would able to understand the lessons and the importance Failure teaches us in life. Let’s read more in details:

  1. Try something new
  2. Failure is the first step to success
  3. Don’t give up
  4. Improve your self-Worth
  5. Find positivity
  6. Knowledge
  7. Improve Resilient skills

Try something new

When we are failing in a particular task, it means that the road is not for us. We should try to achieve something else or try something new in life. Failure helps us to understand that maybe the things we are doing are not suitable to it and hence we are failing. So, we should try something new or we should try to do some things in different ways out. Maybe finding a new way of success can also lead us the success instead of failing.


Failure is the first step to success

Failure helps us to understand that it is the first step to success, without failing we won’t be able to understand the importance of success in our life. We often have to fail in life to gain success. Try and try until we succeed as the saying goes that we should never lose how but always try to gain success. So, Failure teaches us too many things in life so never lose your hope and you should always try to gain success.


Don’t Give up

Failure teaches us that when we are filing and try hard again, we are sure to gain success. Hence it teaches us the most important lesson which is not giving up.

We have heard a childhood poem of an Incy Wincy Spider who is climbing the spout but he is not able to gain success but still, it keeps on trying and trying until it gains success.

So, from our childhood, we are learning that we should not give up. When we are failing but we should always try with mire efforts to gain success in life.

Improve your Self Worth

Failure helps us understand our worthiness or value of doing something. Without failing we won’t be able to recognize our talents and our worthiness. But failure often teaches us a new way of doing things or takes us to a new road to success. Hence, we understand our self worth and our capabilities in doing things.

Find Positivity

Failure often is not a good feeling and always takes us towards negativity. But if we stop concentrating on the negative points, we will realize that failure teaches us positivity too. So, we should always take things positively and try to do new things as failure teaches us that something good is waiting for us. During such times it is important to know how to stay positive in negative situation.

Always take Failure positively


Failure helps you increase your knowledge. When we are failing, we are always trying hard and prepared to try next time. Hence, we are always updating ourselves with knowledge and trying hard, and finally, at some point, we are gaining success with the immense knowledge.  So, don’t be scared of trying again after failures because trying, again and again, will only increase your knowledge.

Improve Resilient Skills

Standing back as normal from failure is a great thing and that is the resilient skill one should have. It can be very difficult to get back to normal life after receiving failure, as failure is the worst situation in anyone’s life. But learning resilient skills is also very important. We should learn resilient skills for the betterment of our life so that we don’t sit back and be sad but instead trying hard for success.

Failures are the Pillars to Success

“Failure” is a word that no one likes to hear or appreciate. Failure creates a big fear in everyone’s life who are facing it. But to defeat the failure and gain success in life one has to be strong enough and understand that failure is the first step to success.  If we learn from failure and try hard one day failure will be converted to success and all your failure will be taken as an example. We know many well-known people who gained success because of the hard work and firm determination they had and they were never afraid of failing but they were always growing stronger each time they faced failures in their life.


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This article is contributed by Ms. Pragya Delhiwala. Experienced as a quality engineer after completing her education: 2nd rank BE in Electronics & Communications; 1st rank MBA in TQM. She is passionate about management, writing and painting.

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