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What is Open Mindedness

Without an open mindedness you cannot be successful

– Martha Stewart

What is open mindedness?

Open mindedness is the willingness to welcome, accept and explore new ideas and changes. An open minded person is not the one who depends on others ideas; he is the one, open to new concepts and is adventurous to risks.

If a person is flexible and readily accepts the negative feedback and is willing to make changes then he is known as an open minded person. He is the one who doesn’t take the criticism personally instead he tries to correct his mistake and becomes successful.

Open mindedness is a blessing. Read further to know the reasons

Benefits of open mindedness

Explore yourself

Exploring new ideas will let you explore yourself. When you are ready to break the barrier and come out of your shell, you leave your inhibitions far behind. This will help you discover yourself, you become a new person. It’s good because the change happens within you and you don’t have to look outside.

Your world expands when you find a new you. Isn’t it thrilling? Your perception changes and thus everything changes around you. This positive feeling makes you a better open minded person.

Makes you confident person

Open mindedness helps you to build self confidence. When you readily accept all the feedback be it positive or negative, you learn new things. You let out yourself; you tend to show the bolder side of you. All these days you were holding yourself back and lacking confidence. As an open minded person you gain knowledge your confidence also builds.

Makes you think out of the box

Some people finds it tough to be creative. This is because they are only beating around the bush. They are intimidated to accept new opinions; their world is limited, so are their thoughts. But when you compare them with an open minded person who is ready to take up challenges and give acceptance to new concepts are more creative, they come up with fresh thoughts.

You become a problem solver

Open mindedness is one of the definite qualities of a problem solver. When you are open minded you easily find solutions to problems. You neither worry about your ego nor that uncomfortable situation where you have to bend a little to solve the problem smoothly. Not just that open mindedness also increases your tolerance level. This tolerance also helps you with your problem solving skills.  

 You become an optimistic person

You have been admiring those cheerful people around you and have been trying to become just like them all these years. Well then you shouldn’t hold yourself back and you have to open up yourself. Open mindedness makes you an optimistic person, and such person dream about their future and visualize with high hopes.

You spread out positivity

Open mindedness makes us vibrant and fills us with positivity. You even handle the most difficult situation with ease. This positive feeling is passed on to your friends, family, colleagues and people around you. You have a tendency to shoo away the negativeness and create a pleasant ambiance. This attitude makes you live every moment.

Enhanced relationship

Living with an open minded person is a gift. You can love and be loved. Studies confirm that life is joyful when one has an open minded partner. The couples mutually share their feelings, there are no hidden thoughts. When you don’t judge your partner and accept as they are, the intimacy develops between each other.  

Learn new things

Open mindedness helps to enhance your limit. they continue learning new things. They keep widening the boundaries. This makes them highly knowledgeable and they become respectable people in society. Open minded people are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone. this creates an opportunity for them to learn new things.

They are adventurous

Have you wondered how many people are trying out their hands on so many different things? Let it be learning a new language, joining a dance class, participating in a marathon, weekend trekking or registering for an art competition. If you have an open mind then nothing can stop you.

Open mindedness contributes to your success

It is said that your success begins with your mindset; if you are prejudiced and think you know everything then it becomes all the more difficult to reach success. Open mindedness is all about honesty and being honest with yourself. If you are prepared to accept feedback from your well-wishers then you are a successful person.

How can you achieve open mindedness?

It is quite a task to convince a closed minded person to open up. They might think they are happy to live in closed surroundings and may hesitate to come out of their comfort zone. However, if they experience the benefits of open mindedness, then they will never turn back.

A mind is like a parachute, it doesn’t work if you don’t open up

– Frank Zappa

Ask yourself why you want to become an open minded person

List out the benefits of turning yourself into an open minded person. If you think the benefits that you have listed will benefit you and then just start working on becoming an open minded person.

Find out the areas to improve

You know yourself better, think and analyze the situations where you have fallen short. If you feel you need help, go for it. Ask one of your close associates to help with your short comings. Once you have a list of the areas that needs improvement you have successfully started your journey towards becoming an open minded person.

Now that you have the list, start right away by accepting simple changes.

For example: you have always wanted to change your dressing style but you didn’t make up your mind to do it yet, now is the right time. Don’t worry or be hesitant; this is your life. Tryout new clothes that you think will suit you the best. You can do this in your space first and then get opinion from your family. Walk out with a smile and carry yourself with confidence.

Change the routine

Just get a break from your 9 -5 job, household chores and other routine once in a while. Step out of your safe haven and experience the thrill of meeting new people. Accept a friend’s invitation, go for a movie on a week end and plan a trip. Keep in mind if not now then you will never get a chance.

Make new friends

New friends will change your perception of life. Observe their lifestyle and get inspired. Spend some quality time with them.

Accept challenges

Rekindle your dreams and desires; spend time for yourself. Make some time for your hobbies be it cooking, gardening, painting or reading. Spend at least one hour a day to pursue your hobbies.

Wear a smile

Last but not the least, keep smiling and focus only on the positive things. Be connected with people who are more positive.

Open mindedness v/s Close Mindedness

Have you noticed why some people are more progressing and successful while some aren’t? This is based on their mind set. People who are successful are open to ideas and eager to learn new things, whereas close minded people are more negative and worry about failures. They just cannot take failure easily and will be scared to take risks. It is important to find out your mind set and see where you stand.


However becoming an open minded person over night is highly impossible, your patience and willingness to change will decide your mindset. This can take a lot of time and effort, but trust me if you have already made up your mind to accept the change it would be one of the best decisions ever made.

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This article is contributed by Ms Sudha Suganthi. A travelling storyteller, turned to a writer. She enjoys doing both. Sudha’s therapy: travelling and meeting more people gives you more knowledge with fun.

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